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Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, My Basement, My Seattle House

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Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

This post and giveaway is brought to you by FilterEasy!
The first 150 people to check them out will receive free air filters and be entered to win a $250 Amazon gift card. 

Our house is in project-mode. That makes me happy! Yay! But as I showed you the other day, project-mode also means we are in chaos-mode. Clearly Jack is a little unsettled having painters and contractors in the house, but he was thrilled when he found his way to his ottoman! It’s hard to feel settled, let alone feel comfortable without your favorite spot to sit.

Side Note: The funny thing is, if you want to sit, we have no shortage of chairs. They seem to be EVERYWHERE. I have no idea what my issue is, but chairs seem to multiply in our house. 

Besides painting, we added a new wall to create an office and removed carpet on our staircase (the rest of it will be removed soon) so the dust has been flying! Thankfully this house was clean and well-cared for before we bought it, so we will strive to keep it as healthy and clean of an environment as possible.

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

With an older house and the result of remodeling (and a brand new house being built next door), dust has been a THING to keep up with. Besides replacing carpet (we are sensitive to dust and carpet so we will be removing the old carpet to install hard surface floors), we wanted to make sure we had clean air filters in the house.

In our last house we had a filter service called FilterEasy to deliver filters to our door, so when they contacted us about our new house we remembered that we needed to replace our filters here. I love having a service that reminds me of routine stuff like this! You can try them for FREE when you sign up today! You’ll get your first set of air filters for free, including free shipping. This isn’t one of those services that you have to commit a whole year or anything, you can cancel or modify your account at anytime. See the end of this post for how to get your free trial, and how to enter their $250 Amazon gift card giveaway too!

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

The air return vent in this room looked a little rough around the edges but I was pleased that FilterEasy offers just about every possible size of filters. They can also ship custom sizes, so it all worked out fine.

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

I’m glad we ordered a filter because there was not one there previously! Yikes. Air return filters get SO DIRTY (see the horrific one from our last house, above) so it’s a really good thing we have a filter now to capture all that dust because without a filter, that dust is IN YOUR ROOM AND LUNGS! ACK! The dust also can clog and cause damage in your vents and HVAC system, resulting in pricey repairs.

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

When you sign up for their subscription service, FilterEasy will send you new quality filters as needed right to your door. You can choose a frequency of every one, two, or three months. It’s affordable (the prices have actually decreased over time due to FilterEasy’s growth and there are discounts for multi-filter homes).

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway

It is very easy to change your own filters. If I can do it as an extremely challenged non-DIY-er, you can, too. You just pop the vent off, remove the old and stick the new filter in. No fancy tools required.

Refreshing Our Rooms + A Giveaway
We will be getting a new sectional down here this summer and rearranging the furniture (don’t worry, we won’t keep all of the chairs in this room, ha). We don’t know exactly what will go where yet, but that will be the fun part. It feels great to be dealing with first things first, though.

Getting the shell of the room prepared and adding clean air filters means this room will be fresh and ready for our family movie nights!

$250 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY and FREE TRIAL DETAILS!

1. Click over to FilterEasy with this link to enter.
2. Enter your email address.
3. A free trial promo code will be automatically applied for the first 150 readers.
4. Sign up for the service and get your first order FREE! If you don’t see the filter size you need on their site, email them at [email protected] to let them assist you with your order. Your first order will still be FREE!


  1. Shea @ The Fogue Abode

    Subscription Filters, this is just brilliant. The one area I always always always forget about.

  2. Janice

    I love this idea because I ALWAYS forget! I just signed up!

  3. Kari

    I always forget too. What a great idea!

  4. Danielle

    I just signed up! This is one less thing that my husband has to worry about – thank you for the heads up!

  5. Melinda Young

    We just signed up! I am terrible at remembering to change these or keeping at least knew on hand. We set up NEST and that has reminders. However, this service is great to have the actual filter when we need it!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Elmer Anderson

    Now I really need to subscribe to that. Love your space though.

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