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Bedroom Refresh Challenge

by | Jul 23, 2016 | Bedrooms, Organization

Bedroom Refresh Challenge

If your bedroom is currently a dumping ground for clothes and papers, it’s a great time for a bedroom refresh. Maybe you could start this weekend! Today I’m sharing a seven steps to a more serene bedroom on The Decluttered Home.

Come on over!

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. Michelle Mortensen

    The bedroom should be a haven – but it’s very difficult sometimes. I have a family of 5 in a small, 1500 sq foot beach cottage. Storage is always an issue – but I’m going to follow your advice and get the papers under control! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  2. Jenny

    I love having a tidy and decluttered bedroom, so much more relaxing than a messy bedroom!

  3. Karen

    Having a messy cluttered bedroom really changes my sleep pattern. I can’t relax. My room isn’t huge so I have to be clever with storage. Under bed storage is a god send.

  4. Barbara

    Great post and I love the ideas on the linked areticle. My problem is I have a very small house and my bedroom serves as my sewing and craft room too. When I’m working on projects, my room just explodes and there is stuff everywhere. Not very conducive to a calming and peaceful space. I do my best with cute baskets and containers, under bed storage, etc. but it’s still just too much. But I don’t think moving it to, say the living room, is the answer either. Any ideas?

  5. Lymari Navarro

    Some serenity in my bedroom would be great but for now my bedroom is a bit cluttered and in desperate need of a makeover. Soon and very soon I will do my own bedroom refresh:) Love your blog and all your post.

  6. Red Deer DJ

    Love the article. fun and easy to read I must say.

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