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Refining Your Authentic Style

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Authentic Living, Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Refining Your Authentic Style

I love getting inspiration for my home all over the place. Sometimes when I’m taking a walk, looking through a magazine, or window shopping I’ll see something that speaks to me and know instantly it’s a vibe or a look or even a texture that I would love to have reflected in my own home (remember my decorating lessons from Anthropologie?).

This little scene inspired me while wandering around near my home in Seattle this weekend, so I snapped a quick iPhone photo before anyone noticed. I’m always trying to be stealth like that. (Disclaimer: I don’t know who that man is in my pic, but I bet he doesn’t realize he’s a feature at the top of my blog today. Hello, sir. Hope you don’t mind.).

As I was standing there enjoying this space in a store called Lucca, I noticed I really loved the textures, the colors and the quirkiness that all came together in this part of the shop. I was especially taken with it all because there were so many familiar elements in one spot that I already have in my home now or used in my last house (and will still likely incorporate here over time!).

The mix of elements like open rattan display shelves filled with visual delights, quirky animals and whales, antique lighting and chandeliers, some chippy furniture mixed in here and there, chalkboards, and navy walls aren’t just things I happen to have, but they are all things I still love. 

My new home will have unique things about it of course because it’s a different house and I’m always evolving creatively, but I am pretty sure that by the time I’ve lived here for years, it will reflect all the things I love in one way or another. When you follow your heart, you always take that with you.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, too!

It takes time to get to know your home and to get to know yourself. Don’t hesitate to incorporate the styles, colors and textures you discover along the way that make YOU happy. Refine what works, edit out what doesn’t. You’ll find a mix that inspires you.

That’s what I love about personal style, it’s a process of discovering who you are, refining what you love and then becoming more confident in what makes YOU you so you can reflect that authentically in your home.

What elements in a home make YOUR heart flutter?

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  1. Andrea M. Schnapp

    I can see why you love this store. It’s wonderful! I especially love the fish or whale print in the background. I looked through their slide presentation and just loved everything. I’m going to bookmark it so I can look back over and over. However, I couldn’t live further away and still be in the same country. :-(. Anyway I can find out about the print?

  2. Anne

    What makes my heart flutter in my home?
    Sunshine reflecting on my white walls, the combination of blue and white and gold/brass, flowers, my books, and my family :-)

    • Kathy C.

      I agree with you on the sunshine, I love a certain time every mid morning when it streams across my kitchen nook and lights up the framed art on the wall, and I love the way the sun then shade then sun streams across my flower garden in the corner of my backyard. I’m not that much into textures and themes, but the sun delights me!

  3. Colette

    I’m in love with texture and color, especially color that makes my heart skip a beat. Lately I’ve been purchasing furniture items that feature things like cane and bamboo. I also adore textiles.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m with you! Even when I see photos of a more simple design that appeals to me, my heart skips a beat when I see beautiful colors and textures.

  4. Arla

    None of these particular things reflect me and our home here in Wisconsin. But the “idea” you captured surely is and I enjoyed this posting. The photograph is inspirational and it feels unhurried and thoughtful. These are things I hope to provide to others through our home decor and atmosphere.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Unhurried and thoughtful! I love how you described it. Even if the elements change I think that’s a wonderful description of a feeling we want to create in our home.

  5. Karen

    I love this article and the inspiration behind it. I love the photo and its eclectic vibe. I don’t really decorate my home, but fill it with things I love. My decor is mismatched, a little cluttered, and definitely doesn’t conform to today’s “white washed”, Farmhouse, Mid Century Modern fad. It’s authentically me, a little eccentric. I’m on Instagram, and when a post pops up, save a handful of accounts, I can’t even tell whose house I’m looking at? They all look the same. I love the ones who are different, even if it’s not quite my cup of tea. I wish more people would follow their heart in decorating. Farmhouse is a lovely style, I just wish someone would at least put a unique spin on it.

    • Francesca Gunn

      Me, too, Karen. I love the things I love and not much of it is an actual “look”

  6. Patricia

    Lucca is such a cool little store on a street of cool little shops. Ever go there on Sunday mornings for the Sunday Farmer’s market? It’s got everything from produce to specialty meat to handmade cheeses to wonderful baked goods. And flowers of course. And along the outside of the street market are all these unique cool shops like Lucca.
    It’s a good thing. Lots of inspiration there.

  7. Cynthia

    What makes my heart flutter is a Western influence in the decor. A buffalo skull, a horseshoe or three, a lariat, a cowgirl hat and Western art. The color turquoise, pictures of Native American babies and typees. 15 years ago I started following my heart and it has been LOVE ever since.

  8. Jo Jo

    I appreciate how you express and encourage others to be authentic in creating our home environments! It’s such a cozy and inspirational message! Since reading ( and enjoying immensely!) your blog posts & reading your books, I have made a concerted effort to do just that! Gone are the days of going out and buying the “latest trendy” assecessory or rushing to fill a space. Very timely for me since we recently moved to a new home. I keep your words in my head ” live intentionally…create home that reflects our purpose and that serves our families where we are in our lives right now. Thank you, Melissa! Pssst…I did see ” you” in this inspiration photo ( beaded chandelier, Whale, painted wood pieces and rustic feel) even before I read your narrative! ???

  9. Stephanie

    Love this post and that unicorn! ?

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