Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy RoomsBHG

I always like a cozy vibe in a home, but the transition to fall always confirms it.

When I think of the perfect fall or even winter houses, I picture a little more warmth, charm and character. Something almost huggable. A place you could curl up, nestle in and feel right at home. It might be the color palette, maybe it’s the plaid, it could even be the extra layers of rugs and throw blankets.

A fall house will always be cozy.

Perhaps you have your own idea of what would make a perfect fall house!

Even if it is still hot where you are, I hope these rooms inspire you to look forward to those crisp fall days ahead.

Which inspiration room speaks to you the most and why? Let’s chat in the comments!

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms
New England Home

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms
New England Home Magazine

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms
New England Home

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms
New England Home Magazine

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy RoomsBHG

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms
New England Home

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms
House Beautiful

Fall In Love with Charming and Cozy Rooms

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  1. Living in NW Florida by the beach, it can be a little challenging to change seasons, since Fall and Winter are basically a blur. But, simply being able to turn off the AC and opening a window can signal a relief that falls gives us.

  2. For some reason Fall brings me into full-on organization and cleaning mode! More so than spring! I love the crisp entry photo with the mix of antique jugs to warm it up! Bring on Fall :)

  3. I love the final photo because the grass cloth wallpaper and natural shades add warmth to the deep ocean blue fabrics. The brass lamp adds yet another texture and feeling of warmth.

  4. For me, the 4 major elements of fall/winter decorating are: textures, layers, candles/scents, and natural elements. Having a throw on the couch just makes you want to cuddle up in it, and textured pillows like cable knit, faux fur, etc. visually cue warmth. The scents of fall are my favorite, so I always have a pumpkin spice or apple cider candle burning, and I buy the fall scented plug-ins to make the whole house smell good as soon as I walk in. Using natural materials like pinecones, fall branches with brilliant leaves on them, bittersweet vine, dried hydrangeas, all bring in more fall color and texture at zero cost. I was at the grocery store last night and saw the first crate of pumpkins, and a section of mini-pumpkins and gourds already. my heart skipped a beat and I resisted the urge to buy them now, because it is still in the 90’s here in Maryland and southern PA. However, I will slowly be moving summery accessories to the basement and moving up the fall items very soon. Looking forward to all the nesting posts, and sharing our own on Home Love Stories!

  5. LeAnn Huntington says:

    I am crazy about the gray and orange bedroom…..fall is my absolute favorite season. I live in Ohio and we have beautiful falls here. I have been bringing out my fur pillows and throws. And like you Melissa I can never pass up a good pillow. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Unfortunately, most of my experience with the seasons as is travel for me is virtual. Living here in the desert of Sun City West, Arizona, our seasons are “living on the surface of Mars” (pretty much May through September at least) and “why we live here” (pretty much October through April). Even in Houston, Texas where I grew up, Spring and Fall were less humid and pretty pleasant, Winter was very pleasant with only 2 or 3 days of freeze once in a while and snowfall every 10 to 15 years and Summers were hot and humid. I live vicariously through all of you who have the real thing.

    As far as rooms that grab me, the kitchens with warm white cabinets and lighter natural wood and please, always, always something green, at least in plants, are my turn ons.

  7. Melinda Young says:

    As hard as it is for me to say goodbye to summer in the PNW, those cool mornings are welcoming. I love the beautiful leaf colors too.
    In the photos, I love the plaid pillows on the blue bed. A little warm red. Warm and inviting and cozy. That’s my favorite.

  8. I love the last photo – I seem to be slightly obsessed with blue bedding right now!

  9. Love the first BHG pic with the comfy couch and throw blanket and pillows. Having all the books in the backgroud makes me feel as if this is the perfect spot to curl up on a crisp Fall day and read a book and feel cozy. There is nothing better than escaping in a good book. The only thing missing is a hot cup of something delicious.

    • This is my favorite also. Plaid couch, throws and pillows and books. Makes being retired and able to “lounge” so worthwhile. I also love my little computer room/office in the fall and winter. Sitting in my ‘jammies and warm slippers wrapped in a throw and checking my favorite blogs for information and inspiration. I’m much lazier in the fall than any other time. It’s like Spring fever, only better.

  10. Diane Cummings says:

    Hi Melissa. I love the New England Home one with the huge rock fireplace and all that log cabin feel! I just wanted to jump in that picture and cozy up by that fire with some hot chocolate and a favorite book!
    Diane Cummings

  11. Mary Burchette (Bella Posto) says:

    All of the rooms shown are lovely, but the last one ~ the bedroom with blue bed linens and textured brown wall covering ~ is my favorite! ♡ It looks like the perfect spot to snuggle in bed with my sweetie and my 2 pups on a cool, fall or winter day!

  12. Kitchen pic under the mudroom. Because I love the clean but welcoming feel. Those bar chairs are begging for some family or a friend or two to sit and work on their projects or have a coffee and chat with me while I work in that lovely kitchen 💞🙋🏼
    The base of flowers. That too 🌻

  13. The BHG room in the first picture calls to me. For some reason I am being drawn back to blues and plaids and ginghams….didnt think that would happen!

  14. The two BHG room photos speak to me about fall coziness the most. The first room screams coziness with the plump sofa cushions , pretty throw pillows and ALL those BOOKS! I love the pop of color and coziness that pumpkin cable knit throw offers! In the second BHG room photo, the coziness factor comes from the casualness of the fabrics used..the grey fabric on the wing chair, and the rich color of the dark brown sofa with the soft cream fabric makes me imagine curling up with a cup of tea or soup. I love the warmth that the pops of bright red in the flowers and the throw as well. Pure yummy coziness!

  15. The first pic, the New England Home mudroom is exactly everything that I love. I love the shiplap, the soft colors and the light streaming in through the windows. Such a lovely space.

  16. I like the New England Home the best :)
    Wood and Stone… so cozy

  17. Shirley Orfanella says:

    I love the mudroom! A well organized home begins at the door and this mudroom has so much to offer…hooks and more hooks, baskets, light, a place to sit down, serviceable floor, and the full glass door. My mudroom is well-loved and well-used. Wish I had an empty shelf for beautiful decorating items like this photo shows, but mine is filled with baskets of hats, gloves, etc.

  18. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    This post makes me want to crawl back into bed and get all cozy. We have two new Adirondack chairs arriving today from LLBean. I can’t wait to put them next to our outdoor fireplace, add a throw and just kick back with a book.

    I have stripped chairs in our TV room that are in need of a refresh. Upstairs in the craft room/office I have two Crate and Barrel plaid chairs that I am thinking of lugging downstairs for a swap out. They aren’t quite as comfortable as the stripped ones, but hey…..it’s fall isn’t it? or almost anyway. K.

  19. The very first room you feature with the blue plaid couch is my favorite cozy room! Just beautiful! So excited to see your progress in your new home. Keep posting!

  20. Barbara Warga says:

    I just want to touch everything in the New England home, then cozy up on the sofa and enjoy the fire.

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