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Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Best of the Best Kitchen Ideas, Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens, Organization

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Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: InspirationSlide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers via Heather Bullard

It’s demo day in our kitchen! Eek! After a year of dreaming and planning, the big day has finally arrived. Yesterday we set up our temporary kitchen in our laundry room downstairs and it made it feel all the more real. While the laundry room is not as ideal as a kitchen (we don’t have a sink or a dishwasher!), we do have a few available cabinets, some counter space, and as I mentioned we’ll have our electric skillet and a microwave, so I think it’s going to work quite well. Today we are moving our refrigerator downstairs, too, so we will be all set up and ready to get this show on the road!

UPDATE*** See my finished kitchen (with a slide-out pantry) here!

Even though we will still have a small kitchen after this process is complete, we will have more functional storage than we had before. I’ll show you the layout and more details about the kitchen and our cabinets in time, of course, but one of the organizational features I’m most looking forward having installed are the new slide out kitchen pantry drawers. We had slide out pantry drawers in the existing kitchen and found them to be quite handy for organizing and maximizing space!

Below you’ll find a round up of many of the slide out pantry inspiration photos and ideas we gathered during our remodeling planning phase. If you are planning your own remodel, you might also enjoy catching up with some of my other recent kitchen inspiration posts on the blog (find the links at the end of the post!).

Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks for being excited for me and following along with the remodeling process. I always LOVE reading your comments and sharing this adventure with you.

PS. Did you see I snuck in a pup-update post late last night? Little Leo is getting SO BIG!

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration
Remodelista / Photography by Matthew Williams

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: InspirationBHG

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration
Nina Hendrick

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration
The DIY Village

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration
Ikea Sekton

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration

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UPDATE*** See my finished kitchen (with a slide-out pantry) here!

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration

Slide Out Kitchen Pantry Drawers: Inspiration


  1. Penny

    Don’t forget the crockpot Melissa! You can enjoy a delicious, home cooked meal with a little planning & preparation in the am. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us. I know the results will be amazing!

  2. Jann Newton

    Melissa, I’m so excited for you, and can’t wait to see the completed kitchen. I think the slide out drawers for the pantry are going to be great. So much easier to find things in the back!

  3. Linda Stoll

    Whoever invented massive gliding drawers was a genius indeed! Can’t wait to see your work in progress, Melissa …

  4. June Pope

    Like you I had those pull out drawers, and anything that keeps you from standing on your head to find the right bowl or dish is worth having. I’m really looking forward to your makeover. We are living in DC in an aprtment these days (for my husbands government job) and I miss having a great kitchen and pretty appliances. Guess I’ll just live vicariously through you for the next little while. Good luck, I’m sure you’re custom kitchen will be amazing!

  5. Melinda Young

    Yippee!!! I am excited for you to start this phase. Kitchen downstairs sounds like a good plan since that dust travels everywhere, maybe it won’t get downstairs. :)
    I love our drawer pantry. It was the only way I could have a pantry and I feel so lucky to have it. It’s convenient and easy for myself and family small or big to find things.
    I’ll say a few prayers that all goes smoothly. Happy demo day!

  6. Patricia

    We remodeled our kitchen in 1987 and made all our base cabinets with drawers. I loved them so much I had the carpenter install pull out shelves in our upstairs bathroom linen closet. Best idea ever! Without them you can only easily access the first foot of your shelves. Now I can reach everything all the way back.

    Nearly 30 years later, I’m still happy we did it (both the kitchen and the bathroom conversion).

  7. sandyc

    No pantry drawers for me but my 30-year-old kitchen does have mostly lower cabinet drawers along with a super heavy-duty lazy susan in the corner so lots of storage for other things. However, I did find an old country armoire/cabinet with glass front doors that serve my pantry needs quite well.

    I am so excited about your kitchen reno. I saw such potential in that “small” kitchen the first day you posted a tour of your house and I’m thrilled that you saw the potential too and are about to actualize it. I know it’s going to end up being a tremendous favorite.

  8. Jo Jo

    Great inspiration photos. All my lower cabinets and island have the pullout shelves and it is a life saver for my back and it’s fantastic for storage. Nothing gets lost in the back corners anymore. They are absolutely essential, in my opinion, for every kitchen, no matter the size! I am so excited for you that it’s demo day and your officially on your way to your new ( and I’m sure) beautiful and wonderfully organized heart of the home! ❤️?

  9. Sue Hillier

    I have been dreaming about drawer shelves and updated storage in my kitchen for years!! Love watching yours become a reality!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Cathy

    Thank you for the kitchen inspiration, Melissa! I’ve wondered about the pull-out shelves. Would it be a nuisance to open doors and then pull out the shelves? Would I not rather just have drawers in the first place? However, I must say that your pantry photos make a very good case for incorporating the pull-out shelves within a pantry. I suppose, if I am cooking or baking, I would just leave the doors open until I have everything I need, as we are supposed to cook anyway. I see how they are definitely better than fixed shelves!

    Good luck with your temporary kitchen over the next few weeks!

    • Millie Gardner

      I wondered the same thing…
      I’m sure the new kitchen will be beautiful!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Cathy, for lower cabinets I will have only drawers (not cabinets with pull outs). I know what you mean, if you can install just lower drawers in a remodel, for me that is almost always preferred to the cabinets with pull outs. Less cumbersome. But for our pantry wall, space-wise, it made sense to have the pull out pantry drawers within a cabinet rather than full drawers. It’s a small space by the door and we could fit more pantry sized drawers inside that way (you can install drawers higher up and still see the contents because the drawer pull outs are so shallow where drawers would be harder to see in. The pull outs in lower cabinets sometimes make sense if you are retrofitting a cabinet, they may be more budget friendly than drawers and might even save some space or help organize better in some cases perhaps since they are shallow. Hope that helps :)

  11. Rachel

    Happy Demo Day! Hope the process goes smoothly! So excited to see the progress!

  12. Taste of France

    My mother had slide-out drawers, hidden by a cupboard door, for canned goods. Let me tell you, when she got to be 90–even long before–they were a blessing. There was no way she was able to get down on hands and knees to see what was in the back of her cupboards.
    Design once, for life. You can always change the door fronts without having to completely gut the kitchen again.

  13. Krystal

    My father (owns his own construction company and makes stunning cabinets) added roll-out shelves, similar to the ones in the very first image, in all the lower cabinets and pantry cupboards in their kitchen remodel a few years ago. They are hands down the best things ever. My mother did find that lining them with some gripper shelf liners – not the sticky kind, just like a rug backer almost – really was necessary though to keep things from shifting around when opening and closing. As soon as I’m not renting and am in a position to be redoing a kitchen, roll out shelves are a definite must. Ooh, and soft close hinges/drawers. Off topic, but man. I go from my parent’s kitchen to anything else and suddenly I’m like slamming doors without realizing, lol. Soft close = wonderful. :)

  14. Nan V.

    I recently completely gutted my kitchen, new ceiling, floors, and everything in between. I put in almost exclusively deep drawers in place of my lower cabinets, rather than doors with drawers behind them. Added a couple of tall pantries (drawers behind doors) next to the frig and next to the wall oven. It’s so much easier to work with than the old lower cabinets where I had to get on hands and knees to find what was in the back!

    I also set up a temporary kitchen in my laundry room. But didn’t have cabinets to use there, so I set up an old ironing board, and set up the dishes on that. Used the laundry tub to wash dishes, and put a dish drainer on top of the washer. Had a microwave and crock pot for cooking — and we ate out too.

  15. Patricia

    We also hid out in the basement with a laundry tub, fridge, electric fry pan and microwave. I made a bunch of freezer meals I could pull out and nuke. We got very sick of those damn freezer meals. I wish we’d eaten out once in awhile. And we only were kitchen-less for three weeks! For a total gut job down to the studs in all six directions! No walls or plumbing moved which sped things along.
    Hope yours goes as quickly and you’re happy for as long a time as we’ve been (31 years).

  16. Tamela

    So glad that you posted this Melissa! I will be doing my kitchen remodel next spring and was looking for some organization inspiration for cabinetry. I have the “open concept” kitchen but because of it, I only have once wall of cabinetry. This is a bummer because I have tons of entertaining essentials and decor and have no place for storage. The pull out cabinetry is going to be the answer to this problem. Thanks once again for sharing your remodeling projects and I can not wait to see the reveal. Take care Melissa and be blessed!…Tamela

  17. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    Well I wish you all the best! It looks like you chose a good house to do this in for resale and wonderful times until then. That is what is important- choose wisely!!!

    I have been off the radar since we decided to sell and buy an already done kitchen instead of doing the BIG REDO!!! We got a wonderful luxury Modern Craftsman 10 year old with a warm and wonderful kitchen. We are putting in a few new fancy lights and got new furniture for the house as whole instead of getting into cabinets and pantries, oh my!!! Maybe one room needs to be painted and some outside painting too of lower shingles- yes, shingles… and eaves, pond with koi, and fountain. It has worked out for us. Before you want to do this, weigh everything everyone and not just resale. We did a balance sheet and realized that if we doubled the amount we were going to spend on a house (150 tho), we could double the worth of our house by buying and selling. And we did it in 3 weeks. Slam bam. Since we bought three weeks ago, our house has increased in value by 30 tho- the one we sold would never have done that in a million years. PS I got a better Master closet too and three fireplaces—- best “move” ever.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Your new home sounds wonderful, bravo on the idea and finding such a great house! I like the way you think, too. That is one reason we moved, we’ve potentially made more money just sitting here for a year (prior to remodeling) in this house than we made in the entire time we lived in our old house. It definitely pays to thinking through decisions, doesn’t it? Enjoy your new home!

      • Ms. Maggie the Elder

        PS I am doing roll-out adds off the KraftMaid site in wood in various forms- maybe the metal ones for recycling bins and trash; want to make sure it is quality all the way. Everyone says you have to add a layer on the metal for small things and movement.

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