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Adorable Advent Calendars – Countdown to Christmas

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Decorating Inspiration

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Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas
Advent Calendars

I know it seems like Christmas is still so far away, but it’s only a little over eight weeks from today! How? While I won’t rush through fall, I do want to savor Christmas when it arrives. I always find it helpful to prepare in advance. It’s part of my fall nesting ritual!

An advent calendar can be a great tool to help you to slow down and savor each day leading up to Christmas. As advent calendars usually begin on the first day of December, now is a good time to prepare if you want to start or continue the tradition with your family this year.

Keep your advent tradition simple or really get creative and build some quality family time and special memories into each day. You can use an advent calendar in any way that works for your family! It can be just a fun tradition to count down the days until Christmas, or as a helpful tool to focus your family on the real meaning of Christmas (through telling a part of the Christmas story each day, lighting a candle, reading a devotional together, journaling or memorizing verses). An advent calendar can inspire you to slow the whole season down as you connect with each other every day in meaningful ways.

An advent calendar can be themed or structured and generic versions can personalized to highlight your own special Christmas, faith or family traditions.

We stumbled on some really adorable advent calendars to add to our 2016 Christmas shop, so we thought it would be fun to feature them today.

You’ll find our entire Christmas decor shop here and the link to each calendar is also listed below for your convenience.

Are you planning on using an advent calendar with your family this year?
What are some of your meaningful advent traditions?

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2016 Advent Calendars

You’ll see the affiliate source is linked above the images of each featured calendar.

Source > Home Advent Calendar from Quill & Fox

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas
Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas

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Source > Paper Advent Village

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas
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Source > Birch Woodland Advent Calendar

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas
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Source > The Perfect Advent Activity Kit from Dayspring

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas
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 3D Advent Village 

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas

Adorable Advent Calendars - Countdown to Christmas



  1. Tracie

    I love Advent calendars! My mom would buy a different one each year for us, and my sisters and I anticipated opening the paper tab each morning after devotions. We also had an Advent wreath with candles. Thank you for the reminder to plan and shop early!

  2. Joni Webb

    Hi Melissa – I’m loving all the changes you have made and are making to your house! I spent the past two hours just going over your befores and afters of the new house. The white brick paint change is amazing!!!! Can’t wait for the kitchen and the basement. I know this is none of my business and you can tell me to mind my own beeswax, but I had one inspiration when seeing your before pic of your master bedroom. Have you ever thought of putting a linen curtain there instead of the mirrored closet door ? I saw Velvet & Linen’s closet and was reminded of it when I was looking at all your pics. I”m probably projecting because I wish I could do this to my bedroom!!!! You could use a matching curtain that’s on your window or use a printed one? OMG!!!! I’m such a busybody!! My apologies!!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You’re cracking me up, I don’t mind at all. Thank you for taking the time to study our progress. Ha! Everything is such a slow process for me (mostly cause of $) and it will take me years to get where I’d like it to go.

      I love to hear your ideas, not overstepping at all. You’re brilliant! Her curtains are so gorgeous, I just love what she did with her closets. I don’t love our mirrored doors so I know eventually they’ll go. I’ve often removed closet doors in favor of fabric panels so that might be an interesting solution. Although my room is so tiny and Brooke’s is so grand! But you got my wheels turning so I’ll contemplate what it might look like …. thanks, Joni!

      • Joni Webb

        omg. so glad you aren’t annoyed! i had been looking at brooke’s house and then saw your doors and a lightbulb went off in my head. btw, i have to say you are so lucky your daughters are involved in your blog. i’ve tried everything to get mine on board – even just having her start her own fashion blog. she’s just not interested, especially in the fashion blog. i keep thinking it’s leaving a good career on the floor. anyway – you are so lucky. ok. anxiously awaiting updated dutch door/window/arches photos. :)

  3. Jennifer

    Hi Melissa,
    Our Advent Calendar is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! It is a lovely red cozy-looking house with 25 doors to small compartments. I have a set of 25 tiny books that tell the Christmas story from the book of Luke. Every year I place a little book in each tiny room and then put the Advent Calendar on our mantle. Each day our children get to take the book out for that day and we read it as a family. It’s a joy to celebrate the coming of Jesus with this small, but meaningful tradition each year!

  4. Christine

    I actually buy the Jacquie Lawson advent calendar every year. It is one that you download onto your desktop and it’s animated and so much fun. It sits on your desktop in the form of a snow globe till you click onto it to enter the village. Each day there is a different activity taking place and there are interactive things like games to play, Christmas trees and wreaths to decorate and puzzles to put together. Each year she has a different theme added. I’ve had alpine villages, Victorian England, and other cute village ones. It’s set to your computer clock and nighttime descends on each village according to when it is nighttime where you live. Plus Christmas music. They only cost $4 and she gives discounts for those who order more. Some send them as gifts. I just love them. She has not come out with the 2016 one yet but you can see last year’s here: She also has the cutest animated cards for every occasion. I just love this site.

  5. Karissa

    THESE ARE ADORABLE!!!!!! Thanks for sharing, so excited about this post

  6. Lesa

    Hello Melissa,
    Thanks so much for sharing these – they are all absolutely gorgeous! I am SWOONING over the one with the little woodland animals! You have reminded me to start looking out for some little treasures to put into our Advent calendar for my son. Thanks so much for you lovely posts xxx

  7. sharon /

    I just can’t bring myself to countdown already! (She says, crocheting a Christmas gift currently…). Just darling calendars!

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