Make Room on Your Christmas List

If you’re sending Santa your last minute Christmas list this week, you might want to ask him for a copy of the book Make Room for What You Love. Yes, I wrote it so I’m probably a little biased, but still, I happen to think it’s a really helpful book to have in preparation for the new year :). Everything in it helped ME and I hope it will inspire you, too.

Nearly every January I share home, business and/or life goals here on the blog. Sharing goals helps me to focus so I can start out the year with greater clarity for where I’m headed!

As a little preview of the next year, I’m super excited to be diving into the the importance of creating places of peace and order in our home, clearing out the stuff that weighs us down and making room for what inspires us.

Everything I shared in Make Room had such a big impact on my home and life and even shaped how I get through the crazy seasons of life (like we’ve experienced in our home over the past year with moving and remodeling, as well as other times of extra chaos!).

I can’t wait to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Inspired Room in January and start the new year ready for more peace, order and beauty in my home. I will so enjoy sharing some new goals and exciting projects as well as the journey with you in 2017. And of course, I will have lots and lots of updates for you on my house! :)

You can get the digital version of the book right now for just $4.99 (!) at your favorite ebook retailer, or ask Santa for a physical copy if you prefer the real deal. Maybe you could give or recommend them for friends who might appreciate working through it together and following along with us here on the blog this next year, too!

Hope your Christmas preparations are going well, friends!


  1. Lisa McCracken

    I asked for one of your books for Christmas…hope I get it! Also…anxiously looking forward to a kitchen reveal!!!!!! ;) Merry Christmas!

    • francesca gunn

      Because Melissa was very generous with gifting me some of her books, I have duplicates of a few. If you don’t get the book you want, let me know and I would be happy to give you one.

      • Lisa McCracken

        Oh gosh, wow….that is SO kind of you! Thank you so much!!!
        Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  2. Mia

    Look forward to your January post on goals. Also love the wood star in the photo–source?

  3. Diane Cummings


  4. Ardith

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Melissa. I also wish you a beautiful finished kitchen, downstairs, and landscape…plus, even more success for your business in the new year. Cheers, Ardith

  5. Mia

    I left a question in the comments section above, but with all your holiday/kitchen chaos, I think it got lost in the day :) The picture shows a wooden star ornament and I wish to know where you got it–hoping that it is not too late in the season. It seems the kind of object that could be left out year-round. Thanks Melissa

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Mia! So sorry for missing your comment. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly where I found that ornament as I probably got it a few years ago, but my best guess would be Michaels’ Craft Store! Hope you can find something similar :)

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