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Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

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After a very long season of transitions like moving and remodeling, I’m so excited for a new year! I don’t know about you but there will be a lot of home organization going on around my house. After you’ve lived in a house for awhile you start to see how your family lives in each space and that leads to the need for some specific organization solutions.

I started the new year out trying to find a few solutions for our bedrooms and bathroom. We have small bedrooms and an old 1950s bathroom (no luxury vanity or big closets in this house!) so we have to get creative with storage. The first step to getting organized is to make sure you’ve decluttered as much as possible. If you don’t start there, you’ll end up trying to organize stuff you don’t even have room for or trying to find room for things you really should just let go of.

I really got on a roll with organizing last week, so I’m excited to show you a few of the solutions I came up with.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

Over the holidays and while we had contractors working in our kitchen and lower level, I did a lot of stashing of stuff I didn’t know what to do with at the time, rather than decluttering and organizing. My nightstand turned into a holding place for clutter {hangs head in shame}.

I didn’t want to go into the new year with a clutter filled nightstand so it was my first project. I removed absolutely everything and only put back what I really needed. Once I decided what was going to go in the drawers, I realized it would be less likely to become cluttered if I tidied the interior of the drawers by corralling stuff in small containers, which I found at my local Ross Store. Since you can save 20%-60% at Ross on the same brands carried in department stores, it’s a perfect place to go to find great deals on cute things for your home organization projects.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

One drawer was designated as a place for things I need morning or night.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

The other drawer is designated for  jewelry.

I found a great velvety divider and a tray to keep things organized. I try to get fully dressed with simple jewelry every day, even though I work from home. If my jewelry isn’t easily accessible or in a tangled mess, I don’t wear it. So this drawer makes me happy!

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

I also found a tray at Ross for the top of my nightstand. I think putting things in a tray or basket makes everything look tidier and more intentional. I felt a million times better about my room once I got this organizing project done!

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

We had my parents staying here for a couple of weeks over the holidays. As I was making up the guest bed before they arrived I realized I really didn’t have a place in the guest room to keep extra pillows. Everyone has different bed pillow preferences, so it’s nice to offer options. Since it’s a very small room there isn’t much space leftover to have both decorative and extra bed pillows and I didn’t want them to have to toss stuff on the floor.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

As I was heading out of Ross with my drawer containers I saw this darling little upholstered storage bench! I practically jumped for joy. I love the nail head trim, too. It fits perfectly at the end of the bed and is going to be ideal for guests as a little seat but also for them to select or stash extra pillows. The bench was a big score and I’m super excited about it.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

I also found an over the door hook system that will be nice for guests to hang robes or towels. We have a lot of hooks in our house to help keep stuff off floors as well as to keep everything out of reach from curious pups :).

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

Speaking of our dogs, how adorable is this dog-bone shaped basket (also from Ross)? I couldn’t resist it for our entry. It holds dog leashes, dog sweaters, etc. It’s perfect to keep that kind of stuff away from the pups, but is convenient for storing things we need to take with us in the car.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

As you can see, Jack’s super stoked about it, too.

Bedroom & Bath Organization Solutions

Lastly on my recent organization spree, I found an adorable solution to the dreaded socks on the bathroom floor issue. While we have a handy dandy laundry chute immediately outside the bathroom door, some members of the family don’t seem to remember to use it, so they toss their laundry on the floor of the bathroom. :) Time will tell if the laundry hamper is used or if I’ll find the socks on the floor next to it. But either way, it’s a really cute hamper.

What organizing solutions have you implemented so far this year? 

The items I featured today (the drawer organizers, the tray, upholstered storage bench, the dog bone basket, the hooks and the hamper) were all found at my local Ross store last week! Check out all the latest items and budget-friendly organizational items at your local Ross store (find a Ross store near you at as well as check out their latest styles on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to make your home and life more organized this year, check out my book Make Room for What You Love!


  1. Shannon // Style Emulator

    That’s a great idea to tidy the interior of your nightstand. I opened mine the other day and almost couldn’t close it because it was full of stuff. Of what, I’m not sure exactly so I’ll be cleaning it out soon. That bone shaped basket is so adorable! Talk about something that’s functional AND cute!

  2. Sallie

    Don’t you just LOVE it when you actually find what you need on a shopping trip!? I did that last week and came home with three major organizing items that I needed – actually found the right sizes and everything! It’s amazing how much joy some little “thing” can give when it functions exactly as you need it to and looks great at the same time! All your solutions fit the bill perfectly! Way to go!

  3. Jo Jo

    Great organizing solutions! I love to get organized too and after moving into our new home 9 months ago and initially organized this home, I found that I need to rethink how and where certain things should go to work best for us here in this home. I, too, use my nightstand ( it’s got three drawers) for my jewelry storage! I’ve 2 jewelry boxes that fit inside and have labeled my boxed jewelry so now I can see just what I have and things are in tarnish- free containers. We did put up,hooks in all the bathrooms for robes too. I had to laugh about your sock problem. My hubby likes to put his on the floor of his side of the bed. lol. I’ve got a hamper inside our closet, but…..well. He’s my work in progress. Haha. ?

  4. Melinda Young

    Love the pretty solutions. Looks lovely!!

  5. Diana

    We’re preparing our nursery for our baby girl in May, so we tackled the stuffed closet over the weekend. It felt so nice to get rid of things we never use and organize the rest elsewhere in the house. Now I just need a functional closet system before I fill it back up!

  6. Cathy

    Love your style and all of your finds…. especially love the way your bed is layered… is there a post on how you make your bed?

  7. Rachel

    Love all your cute organizing items! I have a room that I am dreading getting into, but I know it has to be done. Does everyone have a room that just gets things dumped in? Or is it just me? ? it’s probably going to take an entire day, if not longer and I don’t know where to start, but something has to be done. I may have to part with my antique bench in order to get one with some storage space inside (love the one you got!)

  8. Jenny

    Where did you get the gray bedspread in the guest bedroom pictured above? It looks lovely.

  9. Jeanette @

    All lovely storage ideas! My nightstand is next on my list…throughout December I purged our closets, and today I cleaned out my dressing room. It’s so pleasant in here now, and our master bedroom is tiny so we have to make it as efficient as possible. Love the bone shaped basket, so cute!

  10. Ms. Maggie the Elder

    PS Tuesdays are always senior club days (10%) off at all Ross stores. It helps to pay the tax… I love trays too. I have so many at both homes and some of the off designer ones from Target over the years. You can always get great vintage ones too at a great price at antique stores too. I agree, now is the time that slows socially so you can really clear out so many areas of your home.

  11. Lisa E

    I actually did it towards the end of last year but it still makes me happy. We had our kitchen remodeled in the beginning of last year and did not splurge for inside drawer dividers. I had a lot of stuff and it was a pain digging through everything to try and find something. I bought the bamboo dividers at Bed, Bath and Beyond and it forced me to fet rid of a lot that wasn’t necessary. Now you can see most at a glance and my one sister was quite happy to inherit my extras. Win win for both of us! Love an organized space! Love your finds and wish we had a Ross here in SE MI! Miss that store from when I lived out west. We do have Marshall’s and TJ Maxx but still…

  12. Diane

    This is inspiring. I need to see more of this. Look how pretty and calming your room looks. You motivated me to clear off the top of my dresser and under it and give it a good clean. Mostly I had accumulated items that needed to be carried off to a different room. So much better now.

  13. Deanna Rabe

    Great storage solutions! I’m on a tear around my house getting rid of things that are just taking up space! I love Ross, too!

  14. Janet G.

    I need to find a better way to organize my “go-to” jewelry. I usually just keep it in a shell on my nightstand, but they usually get all tangled together, and I have to fight a mess of hoops, rings, and necklaces to pick and sort them out. I guess I’d better get myself to Ross and see what I can find!

  15. Cathy Oaten

    Wow – gorgeous as usual! Makes me want to run right home and start organizing everything but first I need/want that bone basket!!

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