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Winter Reset

Sometimes it can feel like everyone else must have it all together. They can somehow whip their whole house and life back into shape after Christmas by January 1. Not me. :) I need until at least February to feel ready for the new year. Ha! But in all seriousness, the month of January is a great time for a home reset! Don’t you think?

Winter Reset

Now that it’s already mid-January, I’m finally feeling like I’m ready to get into a winter routine! Everyone else might be on to spring by the time I am ready, but that’s OK. The house is still in somewhat of a disarray from the remodeling projects, unfortunately, but it should be pretty easy to put back together again.

I was hoping they’d be done with the kitchen a few days ago, but there were a few important things we are still waiting on (like the trim piece for the round window), or took longer than expected (paint touch-ups), or even just went amiss and something needed to be taken care of. But rest assured, I’m super excited to share the reveal of my kitchen as soon as I possibly can!

Winter Reset

The days of a house full of dust clouds and contractors will wind to a close very soon, I’m sure of that! I look forward to just flopping down on my daybed without contractors watching my every move, ha hahaha.

Winter Reset

You can see by the photo above we are getting quite accustomed to working in and around the mess and contractors, though. Honestly I work much more efficiently when the house is empty, but you do what you gotta do. :)

Winter Reset

While the project phase last year was really exciting for me (and we are so grateful that we had the opportunity) I am especially looking forward to the resulting nesting phase that will follow in this new year. We had projects on both the main floor (with the kitchen) and the lower level (the new floors and wall) for so much of last year that I’m super excited for all the settling in I will get to do this year!

Winter Reset

Believe it or not, I can’t wait to get back into my regular cleaning routines! Yes, I’m looking forward to CLEANING! I actually dream about the day our entire rooms are dusted and put back together for good.

Winter Reset

I actually love the little everyday routines, like puttering around the house, tidying up or rearranging this and that.

Winter Reset

The dogs have been so good through this whole transitional season where we were moving in and having contractors in their home. I know they’ll be just as excited as I am to roam the house freely again!

Winter Reset

It’s always the little things that matter the most, like having cozy rooms that can bring comfort and inspiration.

What are some ways you would like to reset your home for 2017? It’s therapeutic to say goodbye to what no longer serves your family or to simply rearrange spaces and breathe new life into where you live.

How are you resetting your home for the new year?

Winter Reset


  1. Cathy

    My 2017 reset will be to repaint our closets. Sometimes when I have repainted rooms, I was in a hurry and the closets didn’t get done. Now, I feel the need to paint closets, mostly because of the cleaning out, organizing, and purging that will go along with the task!

  2. Tracie

    I hope to refresh the interior of our home this year. We moved in almost five years ago and started with re painting the exterior and reviving the landscape. Now the interior needs attention: fresh paint, new carpet, and a few new light fixtures. We remodeled our former home from top to bottom, so this seems easy … but I’m tired of disrupted spaces :-)

  3. Andrea M. Schnapp

    I hope this year to completely finish a room! I get so far, then move onto another project….grr. I’ve been in my new house three years and I have a bedroom where I’ve done nothing! I have chairs needing reupholstering but they just sit…grrr. However, because I live in a somewhat rural area, shopping is done mostly on line, a task I don’t care for because I like to see and touch items. Maybe by the end of the year I can tell you that my house is done! But are our homes ever done?

  4. Cindy williams

    I so look forward to your articles and happenings at your home. I’m a nester and furniture mover and love creating new spaces. It wouldn’t be a day if I didn’t rearrange something! So thank you for your inspiration and help in my pursuit of creating my perfect world.

  5. Kay

    My post-Christmas pare down has extended to a full-house purge. Out out out! I walk past our antique postal sorter (that I love) + cringe at all the ‘stuff’ in its cubbies. Later today I shall edit, edit, edit, + I anticipate a boost to my January morale! (Will the sun ever shine again?) ;-)

  6. Lynn Wolf

    I too like to take time to get Christmas packed up and surfaces cleared and cleaned. I just finished this past weekend and even though I haven’t re-decorated yet, the house feels great. I like having a clean slate. Right now, I am deciding what to move where and getting inspired from blogs, like yours of course :). Also taking time to peruse Pinterest. I enjoy all the great pics of your home, put back together or not :). I love your plants and the colors you’ve chosen.
    Can’t wait to see the kitchen!!

  7. Karen

    Gulp…I have still have our Christmas tree up. Always hate to put away the ornaments for another year…but it’s time!!

    I’m also focusing on going through closets, cupboards and drawers and getting rid of stuff we are no longer using or wearing. Always feels good to have less stuff!

  8. Sallie

    I’m resetting for 2017 by re-reading Make Room for What You Love, and yesterday I took your suggestion of writing down the little things that frustrate me about the house. Two of them were in the laundry room, so now we’re going to redo that room before spring! We keep saying, “This is the last room we need to redo,” and then we find another one! Like Andrea said, “But are our homes ever done?” I think NOT! (But that’s what makes it fun!) By the way, Melissa, I love your photos – they really draw one into your blog. Still can’t wait to see that kitchen!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Sallie! I’m glad you enjoy the photos. And I am so happy to hear you are re-reading Make Room for What You Love and finding ideas that can inspire you to take appropriate action! :) Indeed, a home is never really done!

  9. Marilyn

    I am having a decorator come one Thursday to help me figure out my kitchen remodel. This has been needed for years and am excited to get started. This will re-set the whole house as the lack of storage effects everything.

  10. Linda Grubbs

    I am positive it will be worth the wait! (At least for us!) I’m excited!!

  11. Linda

    You mentioned you I were hoping to be done, but still waiting on trim, paint touch-ups, “or even just went amiss and something needed to be taken care of.” Please share all the delays and snafus, it’s so helpful and reassuring. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  12. sandyc

    Been in my house for 4 years now and waiting for a big CD to mature to help fund my new floors throughout the house. However, now that February 2017 is almost here, other unexpected events have strongly suggested that new floors are still “in the future”. Luckily, as eager as I am to complete the project and as much as I detest the 30-year-old carpet that looks great but surely harbors a scary amount of dirt and who knows what else, I’m finding that patience really is a virtue and every day, week and month that I’ve had to wait, I’ve learned so much about what I want in my house from so many sources, I’m very delighted with what I’ve accomplished so far and excited about future plans, and I have no regrets and have made no major mistakes. I owe a lot of thanks to you, Melissa, because I found your blog at just the right time to help set me on my course. I’m so excited to see your new kitchen and other changes in your house. And I hope 2017 brings us all good things on the home front.

  13. Eve

    Oh my word! These posts are so comfy, cozy, but I am going slightly cray cray waiting for your kitchen reveal. ? We have been redoing a 1970’s colonial since last November (we ripped everything out down to the studs and even took out the sub floor). We have three major projects left–the mudroom (not that big of a deal), the basement, and the master bath. Then we are going to move to the exterior by painting the brick, adding a front porch and a patio. The process is going slowly because my husband and I are doing the work ourselves (along with his father who’s a builder). However, most of my interior rooms are starting to come together and feel more homey. I am looking forward to moving all of the construction outdoors! Thanks for the encouragement!! I agree with the idea that I’m not ready to pull things together for the new year until about February. Ha!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      :) I can’t wait to show you, it sure takes a LONNNNGGGG time to do a remodel! But perseverance and patience will pay off, right? Enjoy your projects, they sound amazing!

  14. Ardith

    Your gorgeous daybed would definitely be calling to me, an oasis from the construction activity. I can only imagine the joy that awaits you in the kitchen once the final touches are done. Cheers, Ardith

  15. Sue Davies


    I know exactly how you feel with all the mess as we redid our 30 year old kitchen a year and a half ago. It was hard to deal with but so worth it in the end. I so enjoy working in there now. Hoping yours will be completed soon. I’m anxious to see the results. By the way, can you tell me where you got those cute pine trees with the little pine cones? I love them as they are something you can leave out all winter and not just for Christmas. I have a hard time parting with my Christmas decorations because everything looks so drab afterwards. These would be perfect.

    Sue in Florida

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Sue,

      I’ve been searching for an online source for the trees. I’ll post if I find it, they are just darling! And you are right, they are perfect for late fall to winter!

      Thanks :)

  16. Sharon

    This year I want to concentrate more on keeping my house clean and tidy through my routines. I have been purging stuff for some time now so I want to shift my focus off that a little bit once I get rid of all the empty plastic storage bins in our basement!

  17. Jacqueline Guinn

    I’m a new member of your blog and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline and I’m from Germany. I live in Gearhart, OR and my husband and I just bought a home. I got truly overwhelmed, since my dream home requires a lot of work. I found your book ” Love the Home you have!” on line and had to buy it. Now I’m reading it and it opened my eyes. I’m imbracing the work now and I’m thankful that God gave us the opportunity to live in a beautiful coastal community. My house is a work in progress and I enjoy making it our home. 2017 will be a great year for new inspiration, decoration and exploration. Again thank you for your Book and your blogs ” The inspired Room!”, which I’m looking forward to every week.
    Sincerely Jacquie

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      So nice to meet you, Jacquie! I love Gearhart, such a charming little town! We had a beach house near Cannon Beach for years and enjoyed visiting Gearhart. Thank you for your kind comment and introduction, I’m so glad you felt encouraged. I’m happy you are here!

  18. Jenny

    I love having a big sort out for the new year and updating our home :) x

  19. Norma | The House that Will

    I love this time of year because it feels like a good excuse for a reset. This year, on top of the usual plethora of renovation projects, I want to (a) declutter EVERYWHERE – from attic to garage and (b) detox our home by removing all chemical-based cleaners and using only natural products. I think both of these things will make a huge impact on our day-to-day living.

  20. Michelle

    Hi Melissa! Your rooms always look so bright and stylish yet comfy and livable. How do you keep your plants looking so lush and healthy with all those gray Seattle days? Thank you!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Michelle! We’ve actually had some lovely sunny days this month, so I guess that helps! We also have a lot of windows so it’s really bright in my house even in the winter. I have never thought of myself as having a green thumb but so far the plants seem to be quite happy in this house. :)

      • Michelle

        I definitely love all your window! And, those views are divine. Thanks for replying.

  21. Deanna Rabe

    I have been moving furniture around. I love to do this to make our spaces work for the changing dynamics in our home!

  22. Peggy

    I’m resetting by doing a relentless purge and decluttering of our house. I did one two years ago that I thought was relentless at the time, but our daughter and her three children five and under are moving in with us for a year (she’ll also give birth to her fourth while she’s with us!!) while her husband is deployed, so I’m asking myself all the decluttering questions you talk about! Sometimes as I’m agonizing over an item, I get to the “Do I love it?” question, and that settles it. Out it goes!

    We don’t have a big house, but my husband and I are grateful to be able to help during this challenging time for this sweet family and are excited to spend so much time with our grandchildren. Decorating will definitely take a back seat for a year, but we’re ready to embrace the chaos! :)

    Can’t wait to see your kitchen!! The little glimpses are just lovely.

    • Sandy

      What a challenge but a blessing to you, your daughter and the kids. Good luck. Hopefully your daughter has the same cleaning/clutter standards as you do so that there will be ease at keeping everything in order. I struggle when we have our son’s family for a period of time because the daughter-in-law has much different standards and I’m always putting away clutter, clearing the table and island, sweeping up crumbs and turning on lights.

      • Peggy

        Thanks for the good wishes! Thankfully, my daughter and I are very close and share the same goals on house cleaning and clutter, although realistically this will be a season of unmet goals in that area. With so many extra little people in our house, including a new baby, I’m working on shifting my priorities to keeping everyone cared for. That will be a struggle for me, but I’m trying to remember that the opportunity is well worth the effort. :)

  23. Alissa

    Thank you very much for this post. It was exactly what I needed for the day. I have been feeling very unsettled in our house and needed to be reminded to offer myself some grace for the house right now (as I just had surgery) and hope for getting it back in order soon. And…a reminder to find a place or a moment to settle in and enjoy something now.


  24. Jo Jo

    Beginning next week I am going thru all our family photo and choosing the photos thatvInwill be having enlarged and some even ” restored” digitally so I can frame them for two gallery walls in our new home. Also going thru our framed art and deciding what we’re going to keep and hang in this home and what we’ll sell or give away or donate. We’ll be in this new home for 9 months and it’s time to warm up the walls with family photos. Melissa, love the sneak peek of your kitchen in the first Photo! Is that a marble counter I see? Gorgeous! Can’t wait for the reveal! ?❤?❤

  25. Rose

    Well I am still recovering from surgery on December 29th.
    I feel so tired all the time. The Dr said this is going to take 6 weeks.
    I just with the help of my husband took the tree down, and everything looks so bare – We rearranged the FR and it looks so pretty now.

    I still have so much to do, but I can’t until 3 more weeks. BUT – I am looking at so many pictures on Pinterest and blogs I follow.
    Until 3 weeks

  26. Sandy

    It was great to get a thorough cleaning done right after the last of the holiday company left. I had a professional come in to do that heavy duty cleaning but found it was already much improved by the work I did to make it easer for her – clearing all the clutter, putting things away, etc. It has been so much easier to keep it clean now that everything is cleared off.

  27. Nikki Merritt

    I love all of the plants and greenery you have around your home. I’m terrified to purchase any plants b/c I’m just sure that I’ll kill them. Any suggestions on a good place to start? I need containers and shade friendly plants … we don’t get a lot of direct sunlight.

  28. sharon / tpt

    remember when marisa tomei, in my cousin vinny, is stomping her boot on the porch, counting her ticking make babies clock? good! because that is me waiting impatiently for the kitchen reveal! lolololololol!!

  29. Diane

    We have rearranged some furniture which is always nice for refreshing our home.
    But what I feel excited about is resetting our routines. I’m creating a daily habit of vacuuming the floors every day for 15 minutes, upstairs one day, downstairs the next. We have a 15 minute clean-up-the-floor-so-I-can-vacuum session and while I’m vacuuming my three daughters each have a 15 minute cleaning job they do. It feels less overwhelming to them (and me) because there is a time limit, it can’t get too messy in 2 days, and things you do daily end up feeling more doable than things you do less frequently. Also, we enjoy a reward afterwards.
    Thanks for all your inspiring posts, Melissa, including the handful of homekeeping posts I just reread which inspired this change.

  30. melissa hirshburg

    loved this post! about to transition from the renovation stage to the nesting phase to!!! yay! and thankfulness!!!

  31. franki

    Oooooh, dear….I feel a pillow purchase coming on…it’s how “I deal with…” well, about everything…franki

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