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7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah Richardson

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration

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7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah Richardson

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah Richardson

I was doing a little late night Pinterest scrolling and discovered some lovely rooms by designer Sarah Richardson and her talented team that I hadn’t seen before (well, some I actually have seen and even featured here before, but I was just as excited to see them as I was the first time I saw them, ha). I love her work and each of these rooms are so charming.

Anyway, since it’s Monday and you may need a little fresh inspiration like I do at the start of a week, today you’ll find seven rooms I love by Sarah Richardson. (And if these aren’t enough, at the bottom of this post I’ll link to an embarrassing number of times I’ve featured Sarah in the past decade!).

Which one of these rooms is your favorite and why? Let’s chat.

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah RichardsonDesigner:Allison Willson, Sarah Richardson Design

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah RichardsonDesigner:Allison Willson, Sarah Richardson Design

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah RichardsonDesigner: Sarah Richardson and Natalie Hodgins, Sarah Richardson Design

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah RichardsonDesigner:Natalie Hodgins and Kate Stuart, Sarah Richardson Design

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah RichardsonDesigner:Sarah Richardson, Tanya Bonus, Tommy Smythe and Lindsay Mens, Sarah Richardson Design

7 Inspired Rooms: Designer Sarah RichardsonDesigner:Sarah Richardson and Natalie Hodgins, Sarah Richardson Design

See these images and more here Sarah Richardson Design via House and Home

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  1. Cathy

    I love Sarah Richardson’s work! Thank you for featuring this fellow Canadian designer here. The white, beachy look is my favourite one today. Have a great week, Melissa!


    I also happen to really love Sarah’s design aesthetic!!! Thank you for the feature and the plethora of links that followed?

  3. Kay

    LOVE Sarah Richardson + see no reason why she’s not on HGTV right now! But I digress. My favorite ‘thing’ is that vase of blue delphiniums in the blue house’s kitchen. My fave room is the sweet, little sitting area off the bedroom with the dark grass cloth walls. I adore the pair of ottomans + the window treatments, too — pretty relaxed Roman shades + drapery panels. Well done!

  4. Anne

    Picture no. 6 <3
    I love, love, love white and blue – and the light and the high ceilings and just about everything about that room :-)

  5. Rose

    Well since I am so partial to blue & white, I would have to say picture # 6 – BUT – I love how in picture number 7 you step up to the kitchen.

    Have a wonderful day
    Much love,

  6. Beth

    I love the sweet laundry room–the wall paper just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Denise

    I like how every element is timeless. They can stand alone without adornment. Each surface has a traditional bent that reads old and new. Her talent has a freshness to it . I guess I’m partial to #1 and it’s red!!

  8. Deanna Rabe

    I think Sarah is brilliant. Her rooms are warm, cozy, and timeless. I really like the first photo and the laundry room!

  9. Pat M.

    My favorite is the laundry room – probably because I’ve never in all my years (and all my children) had a laundry room so large and so convenient, as well as beautiful. Now that I’m old and don’t need a large laundry room, I still would love to wash and fold clothes in a room so beautiful.

  10. Jody Donaldson

    Sarah Richardson is fabulous! I find her largely neutral rooms with vivid pops of color brilliant. The timelessness of using both old (re-upholstered or painted) and new pieces. Haven’t we all grown so weary of the grey trend/fad that seems to overtaken every other home in North America? Her designs are elegant yet very liveable. Thanks Sarah for showing us we don’t need to follow all of the other sheep!

  11. Cindy in Oklahoma

    I love the blue and white room – so crisp and fresh but warmed by those bookend light colored beams and floor, then topped off with a chandy.

  12. Jann Newton

    Melissa, Sarah Richardson is my all-time favorite designer! I love her rooms, and that she’s not afraid to use color and pattern in her designs. Thanks for sharing these rooms, I haven’t seen some of them before either. A few years ago I attended a drapery conference and Sarah was the key-note speaker one of the days. It was such a thrill to hear her speak in person, and to meet her.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      That’s awesome, it must have been exciting to hear her in person. So talented!

  13. Adrienne

    That chandelier in #3, the dining room, is to DIE for! Gorgeous! I don’t think i’ll ever get away with a chandelier unless I have vaulted ceiling someday, as my husband is 6’4″ and runs into most ceiling lights if they dangle at all.

  14. Andrea Owens Schnapp

    I always enjoy watching any of Sarah Richardson’s show(s). She is still on HGTV in Canada I believe. My DVR has been set for years to record any of her shows, should they show up, and occasionally they do! Wish our HGTV would wake up and start carrying the shows they dropped a long time ago. I like picture #6!

  15. Anita Baxter

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for bringing up Sarah Richardson on your blog. I also love her style of decorating and have her website tagged on my favorites on Firefox. I also have your blog on my favorites and I also love your way of decorating too. Thanks for bringing me a smile today. I so appreciate receiving your emails from your blog and getting a big dose of style and different subjects of style.

  16. Sherry M

    My favorite Sarah project was the guest house she did next to her island summer house for her parents and guests. It was a lovely tiny house with all anyone might need for a retreat. I especially loved the clever use of space and the drop down table over the bed. I no longer get to see her programs as I had to eliminate the cable subscription so if she has a blog I would love to catch up.

  17. BarbV

    You’ve reminded me of one of my big gripes with HGTV. They have dropped almost all of their designer-led shows in favor of real estate shows. Sarah’s Place/House was another example of a wonderful show we all loved, now gone. How about Candace Olson? David Bromstad? Sabrina Soto? That cute blonde guy, last name Brown? Or the show where she used that color wheel to encourage couples to make daring choices for their home? I miss all those shows so much. Oh, and Curb Appeal? Where is John Giddings? Seeing all these fabulous pictures of Sarah’s work just brought it all back. Does anyone else feel this way?

    • Alice

      This is soooo true! I miss Sarah Richardson and Candace Olson and all of the good shows with good design. Really wish we could see them return.

  18. Susan Shipe

    I am always drawn to the blue and this time is no exception! Beautiful rooms.

  19. Anne Berry

    I love picture number one. A lot is actually going on in that room, but it looks calm. Love her use of fabrics…I’m definitely a fabric person! She’s my fave, but since she is “unavailable” in the states, I have turned to blogging gurus such as yourself.

  20. Roz

    The laundry room is #Everything!! The comments are spot on.

  21. Christie

    The kitchen with the exterior door is my favorite room because it is unexpected. So often a kitchen of that size would be u-shaped with the sink under a window.

  22. Lorrie

    Sarah Richardson is my all-time favourite designer. I have day dreams about her wanting to do a show in my town and having my house being chosen for a makeover. It’s hard to pick a favourite – her work is so beautiful. I really loved the Sarah’s farmhouse series she did.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I loved that farmhouse, too. The red doors and the wallpapered dining room, SIGH!

  23. Kristin

    Picture #2 I just love mix of the moody walls with white trim and warm wood elements. I also love that step up to the separate sitting room. Second favorite is the blue and white room, just so striking. I agree with another poster that her style is very refreshing with all the grey trend and over-styled mid-century modern interiors.

  24. Linda

    Thanks for sharing these. How have I missed some of them? Have a good day.

  25. franki

    This gal is SO ON target!! Every single time!!! franki

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