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Puttering in the Living Room

While kitchen remodels and other big projects are exciting, what I love most of all is the simplicity of puttering. Puttering is easy, it doesn’t involve much money or effort. It’s rewarding to see instant changes and to have the opportunity to recharge your creativity. Puttering is not stressful or overwhelming, it’s enjoyable. I love that I can fit in some puttering time whenever I need a little pick-me-up.

Puttering in the Living RoomTrestle Coffee Table // Daybed //It Is Well Sign // Side Table // Curtains // Bamboo Shades

Puttering doesn’t involve trying to make major changes. It’s the little things. Changing pillow covers, moving a chair to a new location just to see how it feels, putting flowers in a vase, or even potting a new plant. It’s like a little session of home therapy.

Puttering in the Living RoomNavy PillowsLinen Settee // Cable Knit Rug // Lamp (mine is sold out)

If a new decorating idea comes to mind as I’m puttering, I usually just file those away for another day so I can keep on going. A puttering session is best when it ends that same day in a finished task, rather than tearing a room apart and not being able to complete it.

Puttering in the Living RoomIt Is Well Sign / Striped Pillows

It’s never about trying to make a room perfect. If I dwell on imperfections, they will derail my puttering. I don’t let that happen.

Puttering in the Living Room

Even if I have some ideas brewing in my mind ahead of time, I rarely prepare to putter. Preparing would set up expectations. And expectations are almost the opposite of puttering, so I save those for another day.

Puttering in the Living Room

Puttering is about living more fully in the moment. It’s not about searching elsewhere for ideas or trying to make your room something it isn’t. Puttering is about enjoying your own space and experiencing gratitude for what is right in front of you.

Are you a putterer, too?

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Puttering in the Living Room

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  1. Jo Jo

    I really like the results of your puttering in this post and also the idea of puttering in the first place. It is fun and does breath New life to a space. I couldn’t wait to do this in my living room this Spring! The fact that all your color choices in fabrics, pillows and accessory colors all compliment each other thru out your home really makes it easy to pull things from one spot to another or one room to another. I love that you placed your two wing chairs in front of the fireplace ( it’s spring! No need to make a hearth a focal point anymore if you don’t want to). You created a nice conversation grouping and the texture of the brick of the fireplace plays off nicely to the grey fabric on the chairs and stripped pillows and the smoothness of that lovely coffee table and lovely cream sofa! ?

  2. Bettye

    I am a putterer too and for the same reasons you mention. I find that when I don’t have time to putter in my house I get cranky and out of sorts. I just finished a puttering session in my living room. It was so satisfying!

  3. Patty

    Puttering is my favorite and usually involves either a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in hand, depending on when the mood strikes. And it feels sooooo good to step back, smile and think….yes, I love it!

  4. Sharon

    I love this post and puttering! It does drive my husband a bit crazy though. He’s a creature of habit so moving things around is hard for him. I think after twenty years of marriage, he’s finally accepted that it’s something I “need” to do. He’s happy as long as he doesn’t have to be part of the actual puttering, i.e. moving furniture. I love that you can make everything fresh again with things you already have. Great post!

  5. Karen

    I love puttering too! Because I buy and sell vintage things for a living I have the pleasure of using some of them in my decor till them sell…so I’m always switching things up and displaying different things on our mantel, coffee table and walls. I have a lot of fun with them and it keeps things fresh. :)

  6. Yvonne

    Yes! Me, too! I love that it is not planned. I can feel the excitement and creativity moving around my head as I’m moving things around.
    Definitely good for the soul. I agree with everyone. Rainy days alone, the best! In our last house, I’d stay up late and putter. Great post!

  7. Ellen

    Did you leave the brown leather couch in your living room? I also love to putter. I move things around quite frequently and love just the smallest change.

      • Pat M.

        I really do like the leather couch in the room. It tells me that although this is a decorator’s home, it is also a family home, with lots of seating for a happy group. I also like that it’s an “off” color from the blue/gray in the room but ties in with the wood and rattan accents. Your home is so comfortable looking, even when styled for photos. I’m in the middle of updating and hope to make mine express at least a bit of your welcoming comfort.

  8. Sue

    I love to putter also. It’s always fun to make simple changes around the house and enjoy a new look. I like to do it when I’m alone in the house or after my husband has gone to bed. There’s just something relaxing about it. I can’t imagine living in a house where everything stays the same all the time. It would be very boring for me.

  9. Melissa

    Absolutely love this post!!! We are gearing up for a total main floor remodel. Kitchen being gutted, new hardwoods. . .While I am ever grateful for all that will be getting done, like you, my happy place is beautify with what I have. Knowing everything is about to get incredibly messy and expensive, it’s looking forward to getting to putter, when it’s all done, that keeps me focused.

  10. Sallie

    Oh, yes – Puttering, Sweet Puttering! (sigh of contentment)

  11. Linda Grubbs

    I love puttering also! Thought it was just me. ? Glad to know I’m in good company!
    Your posts are always uplifting for me.

  12. Sharon

    Yes, puttering is the best! In fact, I found myself puttering in the living room this morning. It was a simple putter of just rearranging a few items but I love the results. It’s so much fun!

    I just love that little vase on your round table! It’s lovely with the pink flowers. You have the prettiest vases :)

  13. Denise

    Major renos, although satisfying, cannot compete with puttering! I could do it every day.

  14. Debbie - MountainMama

    Without a doubt, I’m a huge putterer!! I’ve written blog posts about it! I think when you are a ‘nester’ as we clearly are, puttering is part and parcel of the whole nesting process! Love your living room, it looks so cozy and ready for a wonderful spring and summer!

  15. Elizabeth Channery

    Love the sign over your fireplace…one of my personal favorites.

  16. Kay

    Yes, I putter. Yes, it’s fun + a real morale boost, too!

  17. Lynn W

    I love to putter around the house. It needs to be when I’m home alone because that’s when I’m not distracted by family members and ideas will flow more freely.
    It’s therapeutic and gives me a sense of accomplishment. The best part is later, walking around the house and taking it all in!

  18. Holly

    I WANT to be a putterer, but I’m not :( Is it something you’ve always done, or something you’ve gotten into the habit of doing over time?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Holly! I have always done it, but I think it is a habit you can easily develop. Even I find I have to remind myself to practice that habit if I haven’t for awhile! I think you could just tell yourself every Saturday morning or whatever I’m not going to get on the computer to look up ideas, I’m not going to shop, I’m not going to think about all the expensive fixes that need to happen, I’m just going to start moving things around and have fun with it! :)

  19. Sharon Forward

    So it’s not just me then lol I know exactly what you mean I find it relaxingBUT I have a dilemma I cannot get motivated to “putter” in my living room at the moment I have lots of old dark furniture inherited ie a piano, brown sofa, red carpet all totally not me so I feel deflated when trying to make it look better any ideas would be gratefully received. Although it is cozy (big woodburner with stone surround) it just is not me help?xx

  20. Natalie Fleischer

    Yes, I am a self identified proud putterer! My husband often tells people he wouldn’t be surprised if one day he came home and our bedroom was where our living is. I can sometimes day long extreme puttering sessions or more like what you are referencing here, just switch chairs in the den and guest bedroom along with swapping out a pillow from our bedroom with one in the guest bedroom and voila! Puttering is my favorite past time ?

  21. Mary Burchette (Bella Posto)

    I’m a kindred spirit, Melissa ~ I love to putter around my home! Heck, I love to putter around other people’s homes, too, lol! I’ve been a putterer (real word?) since childhood when I would find joy and satisfaction in rearranging my bedroom. A little change can make a big difference and often is free!! :)

  22. Holly C.

    I have just discovered this website and reading your blogs. I’m happy to know that there are lots of women out there who love to move things around like me. I would love to do puttering around my apartment but could not because my family have lots of stuff scattered everywhere in the apartment. I believe that there is a place for everything, and everything in its place. But my family does not share the same idea which makes me unhappy. :-(

  23. Tiffany

    I’m not a putterer as you’ve described; my accountant brain just can’t do it. If I finally get something the way I want it, I could never move things to a new place because – gah, that would MESS THINGS UP! Lol. However, in just straightening the house up, organizing, and doing little projects like hanging hooks that turn out to be super useful or finding a frame and putting it in the perfect spot, I find great joy and peace. Little things that make such a difference and keep me coming back to look at the spot because I am so happy with the result. So I can relate to that puttering feeling.

  24. sara seidman

    can you share the arm chairs in this post? we are looking for 30″ armchairs and having a tough time finding something we like.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      These ones were from World Market!! Out of stock now unfortunately but they do often have some nice smaller scale chairs!

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