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Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration | 19 comments

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

This post and $300 Amazon gift card giveaway sponsored by Weekly Tasting

A couple of years ago, I offered to host a girls’ night for some friends at my house. Everyone was looking forward to leaving their kids at home and hanging out! Since I don’t have little kids any more (we’ve moved on to puppies, ha) I was happy to host the event at my house so everyone could enjoy their evening. As we planned this fun night, I started making the shopping list. They dreamed of chocolate fountains. A coffee bar. Wine tasting. Chick flicks. Perfect girls’ night, yes? Yes, well, almost.

Here’s the thing that started stressing me out. It wasn’t the impending housecleaning, prepping the coffee bar or renting the chocolate fountain. The thing that I was most unfamiliar with was the wine! Yes, we have a wine rack in our kitchen (I just buy pretty bottles even though I have no idea what type of wine it is!).

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

I usually only order wine on special occasions or when we are out to dinner or entertaining friends. I’ve been to wineries, but mostly because I just love the ambience of the countrywide. I never feel confident of what wine I like, let alone what wine to give, buy, order or serve. I don’t like spending money on something I may not enjoy and definitely don’t want to embarrass myself by ordering or offering the wrong wine!

When I heard about a new service called Weekly Tasting, I thought it wasn’t for me. But then something dawned on me. Why not learn about wine in the comforts of my home? I could save myself some future embarrassment and maybe learn a few things! Plus, I thought it just sounded fun.

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

So here’s how Weekly Tasting works:

Sommeliers select 4 wines with a common theme. You receive an email with the weekly theme and if sounds interesting to you, you can order that box sent to your home for $69.99 plus free shipping. Weekly Tasting sends a box which includes four bottles of wine, tasting cards, recipe pairings and a 10-minute tasting video hosted by a Sommelier.

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

Both of Weekly Tasting’s Sommelier’s are well-known in the wine industry. Laura Maniec is one of only 32 female Master Sommeliers in the world. Elizabeth Schneider is a Sommelier who has spent over 10 years in the wine industry. She also hosts the Wine for Normal People podcast.

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

By watching the video and tasting the wines, you’ll learn more about what to look for, the regions, varietals, and characteristics of each of the wines, plus you’ll become more familiar with your own wine preferences. You’ll also get access to a label recognition app, a personal cellar where you can share your favorite bottles with your friends and compare notes, and so much more!

Entertaining + Wine Made Simple ($300 Giveaway)

I can’t wait to use Weekly Tasting as a fun opportunity for a girls’ night, date night or book club activity!


Weekly Tasting is giving away a $300 Amazon gift card for one lucky reader! Enter to win Below!

Must be 21+ to enter and in U.S. Not applicable to entrants in MA, UT, TX, IL, or AZ.

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  1. Buffy

    This is a fun idea. I’m excited to learn more.

  2. Kay

    Kudos for admitting that you buys wine for the pretty bottles! You’re my kind of gal! But seriously. What’s more fun than strolling the aisles of your favorite liquor store, admiring the artistic wine bottle labels? Sadly, most wines taste like Nyquil to my unsophisticated palate, so it’s not so sad I can’t enter the contest because I live in Illinois.

  3. Amy

    “Wine For Normal People”! What a great title!

  4. Shirley

    My nephew is a sommalier. He can tell you the exact vineyard anywhere in the world where the wine was produced. Amazing!

  5. Terri

    I’d love to learn more about wine!!

  6. Linda

    We enjoy wine. This sounds fun!

  7. Debbie - Mountain Mama

    What a cool idea for someone who is learning about wines! I have a nice collection of wine, I buy it online at – they have wonderful deals, and I love reading about the properties of each bottle, as well as the rating it has. I’ve yet to be disappointed!

  8. Becca P

    So fun! I like sparkling wines and not any of the ones that taste like you are licking old wood…so I supposed I am in a similar boat as you!

  9. Lura

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jo Jo

    What fun idea! I, too, am no expert on wine or wine parings other than the old adage “white w/fish, poultry and red w/ beef”. Would be great to find what we really like and fun to have tasting with friends! Thanks for sharing! ??

  11. Becky

    Very cool – I’ve looked at other mail order wine clubs, but none include a video. That’s way fun and a great girls night idea!

  12. Elle

    The video and cards of info with the wine sound the best!

  13. Nancy Schipper

    What a great concept. I have a few safe wines as my go to wines but would like to explore more and learn as I do.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Christine

    I want to know about black dress with the lovely red embroidered flowers on the sleeves!! Where did she get it??

  15. Cathy T

    Once again you have inspired me and given me a source to use. I have always enjoyed wine but have no confidence to order, purchase or discuss. Thank you!

  16. Eve

    This sounds so fun! I love hosting parties, so I am going to keep this in mind. Also, this is an unrelated request: my husband and I are hoping to start our family soon, and I would love some Inspired Room advice about nurseries and decorating for babies. Thankfully, there are plenty of sleek baby rooms on pinterest, but I just love the touch that you and your daughters put on things! I have used your “gift ideas” page for kids to find neat stuff, but I just thought I would throw out the request for a post. Thanks for your awesome blog! It is such a beautiful place of warmth, life and Jesus’s love. ❤

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much, Eve! So kind of you.

      Also, I love your suggestion, I’ll get it on our post idea list! :)

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  17. Tracey

    Sounds like a fun gift idea, one I would love to receive! And I can’t wait to check out that podcast.


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