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Style Soul Searching

by | May 12, 2017 | Authentic Living, Decorating Inspiration

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Style Soul Searching
Style Soul Searching

Do you ever just feel like you aren’t sure what your TRUEST most AUTHENTIC style is? I’ve shared countless times over the years that I often have an identity crisis when it comes to making design commitments. I can’t always pinpoint what look I love the most and it can cause me inner confusion trying to decide which direction to go.


I just love it all. I have to say, though, I’m in love with these rooms designed by Urban Grace Interiors. I do think that the general mood and look of these rooms is one that has consistently drawn me in and made me the happiest for years. Warm woods, white paneling, neutral furniture, pops of blues and coastal colors. Sea-inspired mood. Plants. Cottage details.

There are definitely styles I love that I know I just can’t live with! I think the house itself can help to reveal the right mood and our own mood is uplifted when we are surrounded by what makes us feel most at home.

Whims can come and go and I can be so easily swayed! But I think I find my truest style when I quiet all the visual voices so I can watch and listen to what makes my own heart beat.

Style Soul Searching

Style Soul Searching

Style Soul Searching

Style Soul Searching

Style Soul Searching

Style Soul Searching

Style Soul Searching

How about you? Do you ever wrestle with style soul searching?

Top three images:
Architect Paul Geary of T.S. Adams Design Studio,
Designer Leigh Ann Harris Urban Grace Interiors
Photographer Emily Jenkins Followill

Bottom five images:
Architect: Archiscapes
Designer: Urban Grace Interiors

via House of Turquoise

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Style Soul Searching


  1. Cathy

    I feel that over the years my style has developed into a combination of personal taste, my husband’s taste, the style of the house we’re in, and what’s suitable for the location of the house. For example, I could be drawn to glitzy, shiny finishes and feminine details, but I would only use those in a major way for a city apartment. Since I live in a rural setting, I’m more drawn to rustic finishes.

  2. Karen

    Yes! I used to wrestle with this then I finally realized that my style is eclectic! Our house includes clean-lined black leather chairs, vintage quilts, ’60s art, piles of books and interesting bits. And it all works. Perhaps the only thing I don’t like are highly formal interiors, fussy touches or pastel colors. Just not me. :)

  3. Cyndie Ross

    Yes, i have struggled with this many times over the years. I finally have the home of my dreams, a small 900 square ft cabin in the foothills. While it might call for rustic, i know that i want a clean uncluttered feel, therefore have painted the old oak cabinets white & bottom cabinets dark gray. Now there is a detached garage with a 300 sq ft room, which will be my studio. That room will be vintage shabby chic CLUTTERED! And done very girly! It will be my dedicated space. But my home will definitely be different this time around.

  4. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    Oh my goodness, YES! I totally can be all over the place. I love Shaker and Scandinavian styles, rustic cabin and farmhouse, my first house was early American right down to handmade wrought iron thumb latch doors, and I love the clean lines of modern decor. Yeah… I’m all over the place. LOL Also… it would help if I could narrow down my color choices. I started out using coastal colors in their temporary spot… but have decided that since I’m always living in the woods… “greenery” is the way to go. Melissa, you may feel all over the place… but you have style and you do it so well! xo

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Aw you’re always so encouraging! Thank you, Diane! It’s hard to commit, but you just know when it feels right. <3

  5. Neelam

    Just when I think I’ve figured my esthetic out – it changes! Or perhaps I change! I definitely have a penance for traditional and classic lines, elements found in the spectacular home you shared! I just love how they incorporated the turquoise throughout.
    – Neelam

  6. Mary

    I can totally relate to this post! I love a variety of styles and colors, but like you, there are some that just don’t suit my lifestyle even though I like them. I’ve been gathering ideas for ways to update my home this year and I keep coming back to styles and colors that seem “fresh” ~ lighter, brighter, more cohesive. I want the end result to be a home that feels like a refuge from the rest of the world for my family and all who come through it’s door!

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