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Gather: Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Gather: Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Click HERE to shop for even MORE gift ideas for DAD!

Father’s day is coming right up, so we’ve rounded up some great picks to honor the dads in your life. See a sampling of gift ideas in the graphic, above, but find our FULL Father’s Day Gift Guide RIGHT HERE!

Click the gift titles below to open up the sources.

  1. You’re the Best Card.
  2. The Adventure Begins Mug.
  3. Amazon Echo. We got dad my an Echo a couple of years ago. He has a little too much fun asking Alexa to play his favorite songs, re-order things on Amazon Prime, etc. It’s a great quality speaker, too. 
  4. Map of the Constellations(You can also find star maps like this on Etsy!)
  5. Glasses Hip dads (or even not-so-hip dads) would be stylin’ in these frames, don’t you think?
  6. Blaze Smart Fitness Watch. Dads everywhere LOVE fitness watches!
  7. Brass Fish Pocket Knife. Every guy needs a handy pocket knife, but how cool is this brass fish one?
  8. Be Optimistic – Enamel Steel Sign. A good reminder to put on the wall!
  9. World’s Greatest Dad Card
  10. Camp Vibes Mug. Our family is going camping together this summer; it’s been way too long! I think my husband would love some new camping gear. Love these cute mugs!
  11. Rainstone Ultrasonic Essential Oils Diffuser + Cedarwood. This is my husband’s favorite! He was a skeptic, but Cedarwood gives us both the most deep, restful sleep ever. All guys love this scent, too. If you order a premium starter kit (comes with 11 everyday essential oils and a diffuser of your choice) with my member number and add on a bottle of Cedarwood between now and Father’s day, I will send you $25 cash back from me to you! Email me to let me know you ordered or ask for additional info at Or you can read all about these life changing oils here!
  12. To the Best Man I Know Card.
  13. Classic Dad Gifts Father’s Day Card.
  14. Portable GrillSuddenly I’m craving s’mores… :) I think all Dads should have a portable grill for impromptu BBQ nights!

Don’t miss it, you’ll find even MORE GIFTS FOR DAD in our full Father’s Day gift guide HERE (you can also shop a few of the items with the arrows below).

Gather: Gift Ideas for Father's Day

Beauty & The Mess

Beauty & The Mess

When I rearranged a few things in my dining room the other day, it led to a mess in the living room. Does that ever happen to you, where a project in one room sets off an avalanche in another? No? Well, it happens at my house all the time.

I start to get one area more pulled together, and the room next to it falls apart (at least temporarily). Messes multiply.

I don’t think home projects are as compartmentalized or neat and tidy as we might wish they were. Rooms in our home are connected to each other (and intertwined with our daily life) so a project or change in one space can throw another room into a tailspin.

But that ebb and flow between beauty and the mess are all a part of the creative process.

Tell me about the mix of beauty and mess in your house! Let’s confess what we’re dealing with here.

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