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Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

by | Sep 21, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Home Office, My Seattle House

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Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

I have always loved the principle of form + function in design. I find that when my useful and practical household items are attractive, I actually enjoy those every day tasks like cooking, cleaning and tidying up around the house a bit more.

When functional items are pretty enough to be out in the open and the house still looks tidy and pulled together? That’s a home decor lovers’ dream.

So as a part of my “fall nesting” rituals I start assessing ways to bring more form and function to our everyday tasks.

I’ll be honest, one of my personal pet peeves is ugly smelly sticky germ-filled trash cans. I know, ew, right? Even worse is seeing a messy trash can sitting out in an otherwise lovely space.

I don’t know about you, but I find juggling messy food, plates, and opening trash or recycling can lids to be a risky and messy situation. It just is. So what can we do about it?

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

When simplehuman contacted me about trying out one of their new sensor cans, my heart started to pitter patter. I’ve actually had simplehuman cans in our home for years (their lidded cans are perfect in our bathrooms for keeping pets out!). simplehuman is known for their high-quality design and innovated products, but they have introduced another dimension of ease and efficiency with this sensor can with voice control.

This sensor can with voice control allows users to open the can at their command, whether they’re rushing over with a dripping mess or simply tossing a paper towel from the sink. You ask it to open and it does! I am not even kidding you. Check it out for yourself in our little video demo, above.

Can you even imagine how much easier it is to open a can on command and deposit messy things inside without dripping stuff everywhere?

It also has a motion sensor with an extended range of access for quicker, effortless use, while the voice sensor adds more range and versatility.

Who knew you could fall in love with a humble trash can? This can truly is a dream for anyone who loves design and a mess-free, germ-free experience, too.

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Imagine how it could help you avoid these mess makers and other potential kitchen disasters:

Dripping coffee filters

Cracking eggs

Tossing trash from the sink

Dripping meat or food containers

        Messy hands while cooking 

I would absolutely put one of these cans in my kitchen, if I had enough space for it. In fact, honestly I would have MADE room for it had I known it existed. It’s that awesome.

But, I love having it in my office. It would be wonderful in a laundry room or bathroom, too. It’s pretty, so convenient for everyday needs and makes tidying up a breeze.

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Here are some other neat features I love:

  • I love that it has dual compartments–one for trash and one for recycling. I chose this can for that very reason! It’s so convenient to have the two separate compartments.
  • The liner pocket conveniently located inside the can makes changing the bag a breeze! It makes for quick and easy dispense when taking out the trash.
  • It’s easy to place anywhere! 6 AA batteries lasts up to 3 months, or there is an adapter for electric operation.
  • I love that this can is energy-efficient.
  • My favorite thing is when products work well and last for years! This can is engineered and tested for years of dependable use.
  • When idle, the sensor range is focused right above the lid, so it only opens when you want it to. Once activated, the sensor area expands, so the lid stays open until you are finished with your task or have walked away from the can!

Tidy & Pretty Home + A Giveaway

Want one of these beauties for your home?

Get one HERE (and see the other finishes and variations!)



Alrighty, friends. Let’s talk trash, shall we?

Comment below and tell us your dream household innovation or favorite simplehuman product to be entered for a chance to win the same trash can I have!


  1. Geri

    I love simplehuman- I am awed by my garbage can I have and it is just the simple one. When my son broke it I about freaked for 3 days till the new one came in. I would die with this hi-tech one- how cool!

  2. Nancy Marchak

    I have a foot operated Simple Human trash bin now but this one would be awesome upgrade in the kitchen. I wonder if it works as fast as I dash with the drippy sink strainer/stopper. Lol

  3. Darlene Nichols

    I’d love to have one of the single cans. How handy is the extra bag storage?!

  4. Ruby Ramirez

    That dual compartment can would be my dream garbage can. It’s funny how things like that change when I became a mom haha. Right now we have an old plastic garbage can that I have to lift the lid with my hands to open and a small bucket next to it for recyclables. I definitely need to upgrade.

  5. Natalie Lyons

    I love this new product, the sensor can with voice and motion sensor

  6. Elizabeth storms

    I would love to own one of your products. Have you ever considered making a line of cat litter boxes?

  7. Maggie

    That’s an easy one. A freaking good looking trash can! I mean really, why do they have to be so ugly?! These are beautiful (ever thought you’d say that about a trash can?) and since I do not have a trash can “cabinet” I would love to have one of these!

  8. Drusie Milford

    I just got a simplehuman trash can for my kitchen and LOVE it. At first, I was concerned because the individual cans inside seemed quite small but I think I fit more in the simplehuman trash can than I did in my previous one which was much larger! It is SOOOO great to be able to recycle as you go. I have very little “trash” and mostly recycles now. Thank you simplehuman. You are the best. I cannot wait to try some of your other products.

  9. Peg

    Love this!
    Now if they could come up with a robot to clean bathrooms, I’d love that too! :)

  10. Susan Hatcher

    My most wished for innovation is a ride on vacuum cleaner and mop for the house…like hubby has his ride on mower for the yard. In my dreams!!! Trash can looks like a winner. Thanks.

  11. Bunny

    My kitchen is 22 years old and in need of some major renovations in the near future. I’ll have to make room in the design for this waste receptacle.

  12. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    I still can’t get over the dream of having a roomba kind of vacuum cleaner! Haha I have two toddlers and a vacuumed floor doesn’t last long! :) I love the automatic trash cans – the idea of not opening a cabinet or touching anything with yuckiness on my hands is very appealing! :)

  13. the cape on the corner

    i would love a trashcan that walks itself to the curb and back, lol. thanks!

    • Ann C

      Maybe you could sit it on top of a roomba!

  14. Amy

    I can’t live without my roomba. It seriously keeps my sanity with little ones and a husband who are constantly tracking stuff in or dropping stuff on the floor. Love the trash can and it’s separate compartments. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Olivia K

    I want one of these trash cans! Our foot pedal no longer works on ours!

  16. Kathy

    I love the sensor soap pumps and with 2 dogs would love the voice activated garbage can!!!

  17. Elisabeth

    This trashcan might be my dream!!!

  18. Lisa S.

    Simplehuman has such quality products. I have my eye on a shower caddy. Thank you!

    • Lori Pritchard

      Stop it now!! My current trash can is in a closet you have to open using a door handle! Can you imagine the germs we spread daily?!! This would not only make things more sanitary … it would give me back my sanity!!!

  19. K Bartlett

    Wow. This is great and I would love one. The innovation I need is something to deal with old hardwoods floors. ?

  20. Mary

    Love Simple Human products! Would love a trash can that neutralizes odors for real!

  21. Carolyn H

    I LOVE the recycling/trash can duo!! It would be amazing for our busy kitchen!

  22. Maggie

    Love our current Simple Human, and LOVE this the most! I recently discovered the voice/sensor products and told my husband it’s happening at our house someday!

  23. stacey avelar

    I love the bag dispenser in the can, that’s genius!

  24. Talina

    I love that garbage can! But I also love their foaming hand soap dispenser….
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. Becca P

    I have a standard kitchen trash can with a lid that has a slit down the middle so stuff hits it and falls in. That thing is grody ALL. THE. TIME. It is impossible to keep clean so this would be perfect! And it would let me get rid of the big blue recycle bins I currently have to keep in the dining room! What a great product!

  26. Maria

    I think simplehuman just came up with my dream household invention ~ that recycling/trash can is awesome!

  27. Dana Sata

    I have one of their original sensor trash can and LOVE it. I got it for a Mother’s Day gift and was SO excited. I have been eyeing this new trash you posted about since they came out. I would also like to get their soup dispenser. hehe Even though they are expensive I truly feel they are worth the money because they last a long time.

  28. Janna Cassels

    Simplehuman cans are awesome! Very well designed. I’m always searching for a better method of keeping track of recycling. My problem is exaggerated by the small size of my kitchen. If I could invent a product for trash/recycling, I would design a unit for the garage. Not too large – about the size of kitchen units – and air tight to keep away critters and bugs. Since it would be for the garage, those with small kitchens like myself, could have a little easier life than the constant out to the cans in the yard approach. I’ve seen some units out there, but they don’t seem sturdy enough for the garage life.

  29. Missy

    I so need one of these for our family of seven!

  30. Mary

    Superhuman trash cans are THE BEST!!!!! Pricey, but none can compare to the quality. I cannot live without the one in my kitchen, and have given them as Christmas gifts. I would be thrilled to have this model for another room!! Enjoy yours, Melissa!

  31. Alissa Andrews

    Woohoo! What a great idea! I want one (: Christmas perhaps??

  32. Colleen Boudreau

    My favorite Simplehuman product (& one that I own!) is their sensor mirror.

  33. LYDIA

    One of these would be great for the recycling. I always end up with my hands full of stuff so opening the top is a problem.

  34. Jenny

    Wow, I think this is the most AWESOME Garbage Can I ever seen. I have seen one that you can sweep near the Garbage Can and it sucks it up, but not one that’s Voice Activated. That is so Cool!! I would love to WIN this.

  35. Nell

    I’ve got a Simplehuman trash can that’s not as elaborate as that one that I really like. I like many of the Simplehuman products.

  36. kerri

    would love to win this – and could someone please invent self washing windows?!

  37. Kelly D

    I like their 9oz sensor liquid soap pump.

  38. Debbie

    This is fantastic!! I’d have to say the dual trash/recycle bin is my favorite simply because there are so many rooms in a home where these would be useful. Brilliant and beautiful!

  39. Colleen

    I would love one like this!

  40. Libby

    I have always hated my trash cans. Having a more attractive alternative has always been a goal of mine. This one is perfect!

  41. liz

    I go through trash cans so fast. Once they get gross, I cant take it and have to get a new one. I’d love the one you highlighted.

  42. sayee

    I always keep in mind one of your sayings I read in a blog post.. “Make the everyday beautiful”. This is just that. Who would think one can be excited for a trash can! Now if only it could walk out the door and empty it by itself, that would be a dream!. Something to think about Simplehuman :)

  43. Amanda

    That is awesome. I hate having raw meat hands and having to touch stuff. I know they have foot-operated ones, but I don’t have one, so this would be great :)

  44. Jen

    Love Simple Human! Had one of their first generation trash cans in my first house and the new owners wanted it so we left it. We haven’t had a chance to get a new one so this would be great!!!

  45. Nancy

    Having a hands-free, voice activated trash can would be great to keep everything cleaner in the kitchen.

  46. Janna C

    I adore my simple human grocery bag holder. It keeps the bags tidy and accessible.

  47. Lauren

    So cool! And I agree with a previous commenter, I would love to see self-washing windows… ;)

  48. LaNae Stout

    Always looking for ways to improve and this would be a definite upgrade from our old system!

  49. latanya

    I like the sensor mirror pro

  50. Carolyn

    Wow, this is a great alternative if you don’t have built-in trash/recycling bins. The voice or motion sensors are amazing!

  51. Ginny Pantin

    I think that trash can is my dream!

  52. Kristen

    Seriously!!?! Awesome! I’ve never heard of this brand so I’ll go check them out. This would be great in a kitchen.

  53. Angie

    Any help cleaning – human or technology – is my dream. o_O

  54. Catherine Gaudette

    I would love to have this..especially for all the times I’ve had my garbage bags break after carrying bags that contain cleaned out cat litter…no more having to carry these heavy bags to have to put them down to open a lid and then pick it up to have the bag break, leaving a mess to clean up that isn’t pleasant.

    • D.

      You might want to try Pioneer Pet’s Smart Cat litter. It’s sooo light and easy to use. I never want to go back to clay!

  55. Carol

    I like the soap dispenser!

  56. Scarlette Chapman

    I love my simple human sink organizer for sponges and bottle brushes.

  57. Kathryn Carpenter

    I would love to get the dual compartment. That is a dream come true!

  58. Julie

    I wish they would invent something to prevent the people I live with from leaving their stuff everywhere

  59. Heidi

    Voice activated! Love it! And, the white finish is so fresh.

  60. Lindsay Leisner

    This trash can is a dream. Currently with our foot press trash can you have to make sure you are pressing the right side to get it to open. I love the dual side for recycling. We currently just put all our recyclables on the counter (not very attractive, I know!) But we have as much to recycle as we do trash so some days it piles up so bad ?. Would love a dual trash/recycle container!!

  61. Maree Sperle

    This trash can looks amazing! My husband thinks we are fancy with the simplehuman hand wash dispenser and has an attitude of “if it is not broken we do not need to replace” but he wanted to check this trash can out! Living in a condo I love the idea of having trash and recycle together.

  62. Kate Grady

    I love the dual compartment cans. In a small home – things like this make a big difference!

  63. Jenny rozema

    Superhuman trash can please ! I think to make our lives easier and more efficient ! I’m in!!

  64. Angie Tullis

    I have recently purchased one of these and would love a second! A small robotic machine that cleaned out my tubs and showers would be fantastic! My back would appreciate it! :)

  65. Christie otts

    I love my simple human trash can! It has held up amazing for almost 9 years!!!!!!! I’d love an upgrade! This one with recycling means no more two trash cans taking up space!

  66. Jaelyn

    I love my simple human slim trash can — but mine recently broke (over zealous 5 year old). I love the idea of not having to touch anything to open!! Would love to win!

  67. Janie

    I love simple human everything. Probably the squeegee is the most used in our house!!!

  68. Kathy

    I am in the process of creating my arts and craft room and would LOVE to have this in there!!!! My last daughter just got married and we now are in “empty nest” and I’ve always loved to paint but never had time. So, I’m turning my daughter’s room into “my happy place” :)

  69. Karen W.

    The 58 liter rectangular sensor in bronze will be perfect in my kitchen. Technology at its best!

  70. Patty morris

    This trash can is awesome. Would work great when you have trash and a baby in the other arm. Love the sensors.

  71. Cara steele

    I would love this trash can. There is no where in my kitchen to put a trash can except right by the island and its the first thing you see when you walk in. This trash can is beautiful and smart and will probably give anyone a dirty look if they judge my can placement!

  72. Martina Shabram

    My dream house innovation would be a trash chute. It’s the one thing I miss about apartment living!

  73. Valerie T.

    I love Simplehuman! We have several of their products, but I have been especially spoiled by the Round Sensor makeup mirror I purchased this past year! We could definitely use a new trash can!!!

  74. Claire Dressler

    We just purchased a new town home and the pantry is going to be a DREAM compared to my last one. This trash can would be perfect right under the shelves!

  75. Christina Voigt LeBlanc

    Hiding trash and recycling is always a major struggle in a tiny apartment! This is such a pretty and useful invention. I think I need one ❤️

  76. Libby B.

    I would love to not spill coffee grounds and raw meat juice all AROUND my kitchen waste can! This Simplehuman can looks awesome!

  77. Cheryl

    I would love to give this to my daughter. She has two little babies under two and it would be a huge blessing for her.

    P.S. We just redid out kitchen in our California Ranch home and your kitchen was a huge inspiration for me. Love your style

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you for the compliment, I’m glad it inspired you!

  78. Julie B. Goolsby

    Fabulous design. I would love some sort of counter liners, for when you are carving meat. The juices always drip off the cutting board and make a huge mess.

  79. Rebecca Walker

    This is my dream trash can. Our two dogs….oh, my!! A dreamy trash can like this would help my anxiety, I’m sure!

  80. Dawn Nawrocki

    I love how SimpleHuman puts so much effort into design and functionality. I have replaced all of our soap dispensers in our home with their automatic ones, since…well…im a germaphope. Loving this new trash and could certainly find a home for it in our kitchen!

  81. Gerrisa Strony

    I have had a Simplehuman can for 12 plus years that has traveled to four different homes and still going strong. Would love a new one.

  82. Laura L

    I live in a household rife with garbage collection impaired humans … simplehuman save us!! Next technology: roll that thing out to the curb every Sunday night!!

  83. Barbara

    Love this voice-activated trash can!

  84. Kelly

    A pretty trash can!? I would love to have this in my kitchen. The dual compartments are perfect. I think a dream household innovation would be something to help me fold and sort laundry. #cantkeepup

  85. Susan Elliott

    I’d love this trash can

    Amazing. ?⭐️?

  86. Debbie

    I’ve never had a simple human product, but would love this trash can, it looks great.

  87. Brooke greene

    This dual compartment trash can is on my list
    And then something that can unload the dishwasher would be awesome too

  88. Christine

    I love it!! Want one!

  89. Susan Shipe

    Love the trash can – I think I’d love to add it to our home’s decor!!! I’d like to see something like this with 3 compartments for recycling!

  90. Lisa H.

    This trash/recycling can is so good looking! I love good design. I saw a liquid soap dispenser on the simple human website that has gone onto my wish list. Thanks for introducing me to this company!

  91. Karen Jeanne

    My ideal would be a sensor and/or voice activated *corner* trash can, which I didn’t see on their website. It would be nice for those of us with tiny powder-room-style bathrooms to have a small triangular trash can that takes up very little space and can be tucked away in a corner. Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Sheri

    I LOVE this trash can! It’s almost pretty!

  93. Kailee Noland

    Dream household innovation: a machine that magically sucks all the dog hair out of every room simultaneously ? Love this trash can! With our first baby on the way, I could definitely use the cleanliness and convenience to reduce the number of messes!

  94. Alyssa Campbell

    This trash can is basically my dream household innovation. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve run to the trash can with a dripping mess!

  95. Becky

    Voice activated trash can is so smart! I can see teaching my granddaughter loving it!

  96. Gwen H.

    I’ve had the simplehuman soap dispenser for at least 8 years and keep it next to my kitchen sink. It’s motion sensor is perfect for washing hands after touching chicken or other messy foods. The garbage can would be perfect for hands free disposal since I currently have to open a cabinet. Just like you never thought you would have a garbage can giveaway I never thought I would be excited to participate in one!

  97. Sarah Mac

    The trash can is awesome, I want one so badly! Honestly I would love someone to invent a washer and dryer that was intuitive, and folded the laundry for you!

  98. Paisley Peterson

    I’m all about a smart trash can. With three kids, one of them still an infant, I’ve always got my hands full, so something that makes my life easier is a desperate need in this house!

  99. karen

    Well isn’t this fantastical! So smart , too.

  100. Susan McEwen

    This is definitely a beauty! Simple lines, but oh, so functional. It would be absolutely perfect in my kitchen! My dream product request would be a simple, weighted cookbook page holder so I can win the battle with favorite cookbooks that don’t stay open!!

  101. amber

    LOVE this trash can! No more dripping all over while I try and open it up. And, it looks nice which is a huge deal for me because our trash can has to sit out.

  102. Marcia Hodgs

    I’ve never heard of simplehuman. What a cool trash can!! I, too, don’t like to have an uncovered trash cans out in the open right where you see it (& smell it) all the time. I’ve been in my house for 7 years. When I moved in, I put a bucket with a store bag in it under the sink for lack of a better trash can. And guess what I am still using!? Yep, that little bucket! I would love to have this one in my kitchen. How handy!!

  103. Kim Fankhauser

    Looks like an amazing trash can!! Luv it!

  104. Kristen Hill

    Now if simplehuman could design something to feed pets by voice control, with the perfect amounts for the pet, in a container that you could just empty directly in…it would take care if pet food storage, and fighting over who is going to feed the dog!!!

  105. Margie Abernethy

    I love their products! And what a great idea – storage for the liners???

  106. Shawn Bartz

    I didn’t realize things like this existed until I entered our new church building’s bathroom to find two trash cans with motion sensors for opening and closing! This garbage can WAY outdoes those! I would be thrilled to have one in my kitchen! It would be a dream come true!

  107. Karen Carpenter

    I love this trash can. Winning would make my day. I am waiting, ut then again I have entered many of these and never won!

  108. Shante Bigelow

    I would love to have a trash can like this and use one half for trash and the other for compost! We have gone through so many compost locations in the kitchen, this would be perfect!

  109. Melissa Osigian

    I have had a simplehuman stainless steel trash can for about 10 years, and it is still going strong. I remember it seeming like such a big investment when I bought it, but it has been worth every penny!

  110. Emily

    I’d love a washer/dryer ONU Atkin that would automatically move the wet clothes the dryer!

  111. Meredith

    I wouldn’t mind this can sitting out in my kitchen. Right now my trash is hidden in the pantry. Gross I know.

  112. Rena Trepanier

    Simplehuman also sells,
    Shower caddies to hold your gels.
    I would love one for my shower,
    And hold my products in the handy tower.
    But the dual can would work real fine,
    And keep all my trash in line.
    Good luck to all!

  113. kemla williams

    What a beauty! I want it!

  114. Marilyn Holeman

    This looks amazing! It would probably be my favorite simplehuman product, although the bath shower pump looks pretty cool, too. Thanks for the give away, Melissa!

  115. Jean

    Would love to try this — never heard of it before now.

  116. Courtney F.

    This trash can would honestly be my dream come true–it would replace an ersatz recycling station we cobbled together out of desperation and a IKEA shoe organizer!

  117. Jen

    This would be an amazing addition to my new home! There are 6 people in our family, so this would really help us keep our home tidy and clean! Thanks for offering this contest! :)

  118. Lynette Lavin

    I an so excited to see the trash can! How many times my hands are full or dirty and cannot open the cabinet. It would be so easy to speak it open! I think that it would be a REAL blessing!

  119. Jordan braithwaite

    We just got a recycle can through our city and this would be a dream to have trash and a place to put the recycling BEFORE taking it out to the street can. And it’s pretty too!

  120. Jordan braithwaite

    I was just thinking of how nice this feature would be to have since we just got a recycling can at our house. This one is beautiful, definitely a favorite :)

  121. Kathy

    Would love to own one of these awesome trashcans! My dream product would be a roomba that mops and waxes hard surface floors while dusting the baseboards at the same time! Not that I want a lot! LOL

  122. Kim

    This trash can is my favorite! Awesome.

  123. Anne Marie

    Great idea! I love the superhuman basic stainless steel trash can.

  124. Laura Miller

    Looks amazing. Sounds like it is very sanitary. I may need to purchase for my new home

  125. Vickie

    Love this innovative trash can! What I’d love most is something that would dust my house – ha!

  126. Jill

    I just bought my first SimpleHuman stainless trash can for my kitchen and love it! Don’t know why I waited so long! I would love this one with the recycling option!

  127. Jennifer Anne

    Hubby bought me a simplehuman trash can for the bathroom almost a decade ago. STILL stylish, and STILL looks new!!!!

  128. Kelsey

    I believe this is my favorite concept! A beautifully designed and efficient trash can!

  129. Shirley Cox

    This is one of the neatest household items I have seen. I love it, I want it, I NEED it!

  130. Sue

    I thought long and hard and I have to say I would love a voice activated trash can. How cool is that!!

  131. Pat Shoff

    I love this innovative trash can and it’s wonderful features! An added bonus for me is that it is white and would look perfect in my kitchen!

  132. Sharon

    Ooh la la! That is one SEXY trash can! Whoa! I would dearly enjoy owning that can. :)

    I’d also like to have the sink caddy and the pull out organizer. Thanks!

  133. Margot C

    Well I love that trash station, that is sleek. I like the pet food can too. I think it would keep ants out!

  134. Kirsti

    I love simplehuman products! Their grocery sack holder makes it convenient to grab and reuse those bags. Especially with a dog. ? This garbage can would be amazing to have in our kitchen. The dual compartment design is genius!

  135. Katie C.

    I like the steel frame dish rack from simplehuman.

  136. Donnamae

    Both of my sons have SimpleHuman trash cans…and they love them. I think it’s about time I had one too! I would love to win one! ;)

  137. Deanna Rabe

    Wow! I have been looking for the right trash can for months now. Mine is in sad condition.

    This one would be amazing!

  138. Carrie

    This is SO awesome! I like all the Superhuman products, especially the automatic garbage cans. I find they are very convenient and stop messes from happening, always a good thing!

  139. Sherri whitmey

    Love love love the white! I’ve never seen that finish on simple human. (Our old trusty was stainless and just bit the dust). How about a innovative way to buzz the teenager to empty the full trash and recycle!

  140. Janet Cole

    Wow – it’s a “Jetsons” trash can! Almost science fiction but pretty enough to be out in the open…SimpleHuman is brilliant.

  141. Emma

    That trash can is pretty cool! I think that might be my favorite…

  142. Gigi Collier

    I NEED this trash can in my life!! Love it! And my favorite Simple Human product I own is the grocery bag organizer I have inside my closet door. It keeps them right where I need them – we reuse grocery bags to line our small trash cans throughout the house. :-)

  143. Bobbie R

    Whoa! Nice stuff. Love the garbage can on voice command. Also thought their toilet brush was nice idea.

  144. Melinda Young

    I’ve never seen one. That is just the coolest!! I’d want one in every room!

  145. Valentina

    I would love to own one of these trash cans!

  146. Ruth Ann Hendricks

    Wow! I never thought I would be so excited about a trash can but I would feel super human if I owned a simple human!

  147. blbc

    Simplehuman speaks to my passion for organization and “being tidy”; an entire home with their products puts the librarian in me into a catalog of HAPPINESS!

  148. Sandra Marshall

    I was just complaining today how I needed a new trash can! Since I do not have room to have one in a cabinet I think this trash can would be perfect. I am so amazed how convenient and stylish this trash can is and this is the answer to my problem?

  149. Fern Hummert

    That is one amazing trash can It would be perfect in my kitchen.

  150. Amy MacGregor

    I’ve been a simple human lover for years! The durability is awesome and the price point is a no-brainer knowing that the trash can will last. The cool part is having a trash can that fits into my farmhouse style decor so I don’t have to hide it.

  151. Melissa

    What a game changer! I LOVE the voice and motion sensor lid activation feature. It would be so helpful for keeping my 1 year old nephew safe and my dog from being tempted.
    My dream household innovation would be something to help automatically with keeping my pantry organizing. It is constantly a mess!

  152. Michelle Nelson

    I love simple human auto sensor soap dispensers. I have one in my kitchen, so when my hands are messy or I’ve been cleaning meat, I don’t get my soap dispenser all gross. ? Plus, I have one for my bathroom so you don’t spread the germs around. And that trash can looks amazing!!! ???

  153. Marlo Long McDonald

    Dream innovation: a house wide air purifying/freshening/scenting device so you start it and an hour later (or when you arrive home) carpets and upholstery smell fresh, all sweaty or dirty smells have dissipated, air is oxygenated, and a pleasant scent of choice for the day is wafting lightly.

    Thank you for the giveaway. The trashcan looks lovely and functional.

  154. Judy Parkin

    Since my trash can has to be out for everyone to see, I’m constantly battling the yucky smell and the spills that invariably end up around the edges and outside the can. This would be solve so many issues!

  155. andrea d Ellis

    Oh, gosh, yes, for the resident doctor son, who needs help at home!

  156. Beth

    Your comments were right on. I have a beautiful home and a twenty year old white plastic garbage can. If I don’t win this amazing item I will replace my nasty can. Keeping my fingers crossed ?

  157. Angela Vassar

    I recently purchased the Simplehuman Pet Food Container. It holds a lot of food, keeps it fresh, and has a magnetic scoop. Also, it looks great in the kitchen!

  158. Julie L

    Oh my! Just moved out of our long time home (of 29 years) into a small condo! This would be perfect as we do not have room inside our cupboards for a can! Simplehuman might be our answer!

  159. valarie sanford

    Ohhh,ohh,ohh, my daughter-in-law needs this trash can desperately – it is awesome!

  160. Sherry

    I have never heard of this product but am hoping that my name comes up for the win.. :>))) I usually don’t win anything so if someone else does I will vicariously rejoice with you.

  161. Chris

    Well I had to laugh at first but that is a really awesome product. Thanks

  162. Dulcie

    I would love surfaces that self sanitized.

  163. Janet

    The bag dispenser in the can is such a great idea! I would love one of these trash cans!

  164. Jennifer

    This is great!! Finally someone has come up with a smart and attractive trash can! Yay!

  165. Leigh

    I absolutely LOVE the dual compartment sensor 58 liter. We recycle so much and I’d love to be able to keep it together!! Plus I am always spilling eggs on the trash lid.

  166. Sharon

    If one can be in love with a trash can, this is it! I need this in my kitchen. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  167. Avis Radford

    Having a dirty trash can in an otherwise lovely home is also a pet peeve of mine. I would love to own one of these beauties. It is the perfect answer to a potentially messy problem. ?

  168. Cynthia Pond

    I am a baker, this would be my new favorite next to my Dyson stick vacuum

  169. Marilyn Stirrett

    That would be perfect for my prep pantry where my oven, microwave, and prep surface are–just turn around and tell the lid to open while my hands may be full or dirty.

  170. Mickey Newman

    Having never had a simple human product, I would love to try one out.

  171. carol clark

    sensor mirror pro
    wide view

    now id love to geet this seems like it would be so usefull

  172. marly z.

    Love Simple Human! This can is genius.

  173. Kathleen T


  174. Susan

    Love the Simple Human dual trash/recycling can plus the voice activated. So convenient! .

  175. Riley Romatz

    I would love a Roomba! Hubby keeps looking at them and I finally jumped on the hype train too haha

  176. Ashley B

    I’ve never heard of Simple Human or a voice-activated trash can. How neat! This dual trash can would be awesome!!

  177. Katherine Lane

    This sounds great! How about a dryer that would fold laundry. That would make my life so much easier!

  178. Ann C

    Never heard of SimpleHuman but am intrigued and definitely will be checking out their website.

  179. Elizabeth Wallace

    I love this!! Simple Human trash cans are worth every penny!! I’ve had the same one for 9 years, no problems. Our other cheaper ones would break on the foot lever within months. The SH one has withstood toddlers and teenagers now!! I need this dual recycler!!

  180. Maria

    I would love that sensor can in stainless steel.

  181. Shari

    I must be living under a rock ! Never heard of Simple Human but I can tell you I am loving this trash can ,

  182. Jessica Oliver

    This trash can looks perfect! We have had a basic simple human trash can for 10 years and it has worked so well!

  183. Michelle Baker

    What a cool trash can! Whoever thought that would be a phrase someone said? lol. This would be a great household gadget to have :)

  184. ~ Jess Brubaker

    Oooh, I do like that trash can! So handy to be able to call out and have it opened ready when you get there with messy things. ? I can imagine my 1 1/2 year old would enjoy telling it to open also! ?

  185. Pam

    We all know they make the best products. When they first came out I bought one step-on can for every room and splurged Christmas money on the kitchen can that had the lid which split down the middle and opened. That’s how much of a treat I think their cans are Christmas $ :) The new can with voice control and bag storage AMAZing! I’d love to replace my classic can with that beauty! Cue firework heart and angel emojis

  186. Kate @ Teaching What Is Good

    I have just downsized (3 of our 8 children have moved on their own) and I finally got the 39 gallon yard can and 2 recycling buckets out of our kitchen and moved to a small Dollar Store bucket and tall kitchen trash can. I have never heard of Simple Human but this idea is FABULOUS!! Sounds like something I would love to add to my newly decluttered pantry/kitchen area!

  187. Christine

    My dream household innovation would be a self wringing mop. A mop you hold over the bucket and it wrings itself out. I don’t want to twist, turn, squeeze etc. Would love, love, love the sensor garbage can! Thank you!!

  188. Linda T

    I have been looking for a new garbage can and this is perfect! I would like one in every room!!

  189. Linda Salvatore

    Wow! This Simplehuman trash can is truly amazing! I would love to have one in my kitchen! Smart, pretty, AND energy efficient! I never thought I would say I LOVE a garbage can!! This is a truly must have!!!

  190. Lola

    I’m doing a home renovation and it has included a lot of ‘out with the old’. Trying not to bring much ‘new’ back in. However I’d love this trash can because it seems so handy and innovative!

  191. laura burghorn

    I would love a refrigerator that opened and shut the door on voice command! Sometimes my hands are FULL!!! I would love this trashcan, too =)!

  192. Heather Dundore

    I would LOVE to own the dual bag trashcan! We have had our ugly plastic one for 10 years…with a family of six I feel like i am continually bringing out trash! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these amazing trash cans!

  193. Sarah A Chauncey

    I would love to have this Simplehuman trash can in our school library. We like to make the library space inviting for students and staff — which also means that adults enjoy using the space for a quiet lunch. This garbage can would ensure that the walls and floor around the garbage can are not soiled. Love your beautiful and practical decorating ideas.

  194. Donna

    Hello and thanks for the blog. I enjoy reading it when I can. We would so appreciate this trash can because our feisty little yorkie named Coocha has developed a new habit of dumping our open top trash can and devouring all the little leftovers and such that we would never offer for her to eat otherwise. We think she jumps up, grabs the top of the trash bag and voila, a huge mess with all kinds of things for her to eat and even share some with her baby yorkie sister, LilyMae. If we win, I promise to tell her it’s for her birthday, September 23rd. A questionable gift I’m sure she’d remark but fingers crossed, we would treasure this lovely trash can forever.

  195. Joan Kane

    My simplehuman broom holder makes me smile every time I walk into my pantry. So you know I would a simplehuman trashcan with voice commands!

  196. Nancy Hrba

    I don’t even have a trash can so I can really use this hi tech one.
    Been using plastic bags.

  197. Lynn Fallows

    Now that we have retired, we don’t generate as much garbage, but “PEE…EWE”, the cans smell a bit ripe even with only a little garbage in the bag. Oh, we have tried those deodorized bags but they are too “PERF…EWE…ME! What’s a retired couple to do? I NEED this Simple Human, simply gold star trash recepticle to make my simple life…well, SIMPLE!

  198. Juli Junkersfeld

    This trash can looks amazing!! As far as dream household innovation, I would LOVE a cleaner and easier way to keep a cat litter box!!

  199. Julie

    Wow, genius invention! I will add just changed dirty diapers to that list. :) even my husband would be impressed with this garbage can. ;)

  200. Amy

    I would love an invention that miraculously loads the dishwasher and then miraculously puts away all the clean dishes… that would solve a lot of petty arguments in my house!

  201. Jane @ See Jane Learn

    I would LOVE to have the dual compartment trash and recycling can!! I’ve had my Simple Human bathroom cans for years. Fingers crossed!

  202. Kim

    My Roomba is an amazing device. With kids, pets, life-it’s amazing. Sometimes I just sit and watch it-lol!

  203. Melissa McKinstry

    My favorite simplehuman product is the fild away squeegee. Perfect for window cleaning, gets the job done well and saves so much time!

  204. Annette

    I’ve always loved their trash cans, but this sensor can is my favorite. I’d like the 58 liter.

  205. Glenda Wall

    I love this simple human trash can….I drive my kids crazy with my recycling obsession!!!
    I’m always digging stuff out if the tradh that belongs in recycling… this tradh can would be perfect for us…..thx for the chance to win one.

  206. vonda hutson

    I would love this garbage can. I need one, I need a new one. Actually been looking at them. I just found a product that I’ve been thinking about for some time. A place you could order frames and mats and them put your prints in. Or anything else! They are called frame it I ordered and got it today and love the convenience and the product too.

  207. Caroline

    I would love for recyclables to have a readable bar code and a “smart” trash can that could scan the code to determine whether or not trashed items are recyclables. This trash can looks like the next best thing, though! Would love to win it!

  208. Rana Durham

    i love the simple human touch bar trash can.

  209. Regina

    Just recently heard of this awesome trash can and would love to have one!
    (and a fridge that reminds you of leftovers to be used would be nice! ha!)

  210. Katie Self

    Love the white!!! My dream household innovation would have to be if you could press a button (or now say a command!) and right away the house would be clean, candles lit, meal in oven, lights dimmed, and music playing – my favorite kind of night! :)

  211. Cindy A.

    The sensor can is my dream household innovation. I was just complaining about how messy our recycling area is. Seriously… this trash/recycling combo would be perfect for us!

  212. Marianne rohbock

    What an awesome trash can! My biggest stressor in my kitchen is definitely the trash can. Dream innovation: a trash can that can follow me when I’m moving around but need to be throwing stuff away while cooking! From the stove, to the sink, to the cutting board. I’m usually scooting mine around with one foot while keeping my hands clean. But I would LOVE to win this one!

  213. J Schield

    This product is new to me and now I am obsessed!!

  214. Sara

    I would love a totally automated laundry system.

  215. Lori

    What a neat product. I love that it has as voice sensor. Makes cleaning up a breeze.

  216. Jayme Rudolph

    That trash can is really cool. At least now I have a hope for a trash can in my small kitchen that is functional, and clean looking. After crying today, because the guy who installed our back splash in the kitchen did a lousy job, and it will have to be ripped out, at least I can buy a nice trash can. Now to reorder $1500.00 worth of tile, and find someone better to install it.

  217. Mariel

    I’m obsessed with all things simple human. From their mirrors to their trash cans you cannot go wrong! I’ve been eyeing the rose gold trash can for awhile now, I love the feminine flare it has. After reading this post i think I’m ready to splurge! I love the sleek look!!

  218. Pilar

    My daughter got me hooked on the simple human sensor makeup mirror. I was unfimilar with the brand until I used her mirror. Now I’m obsessed! I love how the recycling and trash are both in the same bin with the trash can you have picture above

  219. Karen Questel

    Ohhhhhh I need this!!! What more can I say! Love that it has dual trash/recycle sides… No more ugly containers!

  220. Scarlett Huffman

    What a great idea! Hands free design is definitely the way to go in the kitchen. I am also really loving their mirrors and pet food cans.

  221. angie ebersole

    My first lidded can was a simplehuman – loved it! This can looks awesome. I would like a droid that washes windows.

  222. Heidi

    I would love to have a trash can like this. I feel like I wash my hands a million times when I’m working in the kitchen, so to be able to have a trash can that you don’t have to touch would be amazing!

  223. Amanda Kessler

    I have loved simple human products for years, but wow! This is amazing! It is a mom’s dream machine for every room in the home, especially the kitchen. Everything you need to keep the kitchen neat, functional, sanitary, and organized? Genius!

  224. Robin Wheatley


  225. Dixie I Noel

    That Simplehuman can looks awesome! I’m always throwing stuff away, and washing down the trash bin. And it looks like you cannot overfill it! I would love to have one! Thanks so much for the give away chance!!

  226. Diana

    This would even encourage the kids to throw their trash away, and we wouldn’t have to take our recyclables outside. I would really enjoy having an automated shower floor and tub cleaner!

  227. Safiya

    (I’m from England) and straight away saw this bin on my instagram feed. I’ve always been ready to keep my rubbish and recycling rubbish separate, but it’s such a faf and doesn’t look neat with separate bags here or two bins there. I’m the only one who thinks recycling is the most important in my house. So I would love one of those bins!!!

  228. Kerry

    That trash can looks amazing! My covered kitchen trash can recently broke, would love to have a new (and improved) one! Thanks for the give away!!

  229. Michelle

    Oh my goodness my husband has been begging me to get a can with two compartments, but I haven’t been able to find the right one. This one looks perfect!

  230. Debbie

    Wow – this is an amazing trash can! I’ve never heard of this brand, but now I think I need one!

  231. Ruthie

    Hey, Melissa – thanks for the offer! Relatively new subscriber who is trying to makeover little areas of her home piece by piece. I really need a new kitchen trash can too. The one I’ve had is years old and if I could put it through the dishwasher on SANITIZE I would! LOL
    I’d love to win your trash can — fingers crossed! Thanks for all the great content too, btw.

  232. Ruth

    I would love this! We have a dog proof simple human trash can in the laundry room and love it.

  233. Cindy

    L O V E it!!! And it’s quite modern/stylish looking too… must have one!

  234. Sheri

    What a great invention. I love that the trashbags are conveniently in the back and you never have to go in the garage to get more. I hope I win because I need one of these so bad! #smellykitchenattimes

  235. Tonya

    I have never seen a dual-sided lidded trash cash that was nice enough to have sitting out in the open. This would be a great addition to our kitchen! Wow, Keep the dog out and hands free!

  236. Jennifer

    I have to say this is a fantastic idea. No if only for an invention to follow my little ones around and clean up the crumbs and tiny paper cuttings and bits they leave all over the house all day I would be set!

  237. Mrs Mike

    wow, this is a great idea! As a mom of four kids and three dogs, this would be SUCH a great trash can in my kitchen!!

  238. Carol Boeck

    Love this trash can. Only thing better would be if it had a small composting bin somehow attached as well. Looking at purhasing a n old farmhouse to redo and would defiantly make a spot for this trash can!

  239. Rebecca

    Would love this! Have only used the wall mount bag holder for plastic bags, but would love to try more of this brand :)

  240. Mary Spring

    I’ve never thought too much about my garbage can but now that I’ve read your post about this can that you can speak to, I’ll have to have one!!!

  241. Susan Vreeland

    A voice activated trash can, who would have thought?
    I pile my recycling on the edge of my kitchen counter waiting to be taken out to the garage, genius that it is combined with the trash.
    Love it!!

  242. Moye'

    I love this! I’m still in love with the thought of having a Roomba for my super dusty floors! I can clean them several times a day and you can’t even tell sometimes!

  243. Erin

    I love Simple Human trash cans.

  244. Elizabeth

    I have been trying to find a new trash can for my kitchen, but having a hard time finding one that would work for what I need. This is it!!!!

  245. Kelly

    Smart garbage can, what will they think of next!

  246. Jenny

    I have a foot operated simple human trash can and it works great and haven’t had any issues, but would love an upgrade to the larger one in the giveaway!

  247. Anita Hughes

    Simple Human figured it out!! Love this!

  248. Kim

    Would love that trash can. Looks amazing!

  249. Stephanie

    I have a basic simple human trash can and I love it! I got it for my birthday, and my husband really hesitated buying me a trash can for my birthday, but it’s what I really wanted! This one looks awesome, though. It might help the kids actually throw stuff away!

  250. Brenda

    I have my trash can hidden away—it would be great to have one out in sight and convenient. This one looks wonderful!!

  251. Lori

    This would be a dream in my kitchen! To have recycling right next to the garbage and easy bag storage. It would clear up the clutter of recycling in my kitchen until I get it out to the proper bin. Love this!

  252. Marcie Dockett

    I’ve never heard of Simple Human till now! This might come in handy, since we have a goat and two horses in the house! Hahahaa, ok a goat and two bullmastiffs (mini ponies)

  253. Hazel Abraham

    I would really love to renovate our kitchen. Its dark and small. And also to put simple human in it! Ive been wanting to buy but its just too expensive

  254. Terryn

    I would LOVE if someone invented a single robot that both sweeps/vacuums AND mops my floors!

  255. Lindsay

    Voice activated – you have made my dreams come true! The design is a complimentary addition to the kitchen, more as an appliance and less of a necessity!!!

  256. Linda

    I have had a Simple Human trash can for years that I have loved! They are so well made and mine is a great addition to my kitchen!

  257. Darla

    Clean and fun. Great!

  258. Donna

    Love it!

  259. Taylor First

    I recently installed a simplehuman bathroom organizer in my shower! It has been so handy for my tiny space!

  260. Stacy

    Being a single woman who works many 60 hour weeks. My Golden Retriever Nelson and I would appreciate any help that we could obtain with household chores. What a gift this would be for us!

  261. Pam Ballard

    This is amazing. Thanks for introducing me to Simplehuman. I have three dogs so the pet food can is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the chance. I have been looking for a covered garbage as from time to time my dogs like to sift through the garbage. This would be perfect.

  262. Daphne

    Semi round commercial would be great!

  263. Rachelle S.

    This trash can is amazing! One innovation I would love to see is an automatic toilet bowl scrubber!

  264. Kim R.

    This is so neat! We have an open (nasty!) trash can on the inside of the back kitchen door and a small plastic bin to throw our recyclables in outside the door. How nifty to have them both in one space! And the bag dispenser – someone should have thought of that years ago! I’d love to have this can!

  265. Mary Stewart

    Love the rustproof dish racks!

  266. Krissy

    I have a smaller simple human trash can in our bathroom and I love it! I’d love this voice activated one in our kitchen, it would save a lot of mess!


    Love this! It would save me cleaning dirty little fingerprints off the cabinet several times a day!

  268. Rachel

    I want a robotic maid. One like Rosie from the Jetsons. That would be AMAZING!!!

  269. Colleen Sauter

    Oh my goodness…I NEED this…our “no name” brand sensor can no longer senses! I want this one in white!

  270. Dale

    That’s one nifty trash can! No more coffee grounds hitting the floor! Luv that! Next innovation? A hidden but voice controlled paper towel dispenser…..

  271. mary lynch

    I too love my super human garbage pail. That nice trash can would look beautiful in my new retro travel trailer!!!?

  272. Tamara Oster

    I love my Roomba. It is nice to turn it on and let it do it’s thing. I love the trash can…voice activated, it can’t get much better than that!

  273. April Was in CA now MA

    Wow, THIS is my dream product! The lid of our can often gets stuck shut, most often when I have dirty hands and something I really need to toss and I hate that trash can so much. lol This is awesome!!

  274. Nancy

    So I have a Simple Human can and I love it. I may leave it in the main house when my in-law apt. is ready for me. The voice activated one looks fantastic!

  275. Danette Zamora-Short

    Automated toilet bowl scrubbing would’ve a dream come true…lol!

  276. Arlene

    We’d love one of those in our kitchen. We have 2 single can now and they’re always crooked and getting turned sideways. I’d love to have a single trash/recyleing spot.

  277. Susan

    I had never heard of Simple Human. Thank you for the post. This would be right up there with Roomba and coffee on my favorites list.

  278. Emily Crawford

    This trash can is my dream household innovation. I would put it on my Christmas list and not even be embarrassed about it.

  279. Courtmey

    We have a golden retriever, Bauer, and the pet food container would be amazing. Also who doesn’t want a voice activated garbage when vacuuming and dumping out all that dog hair ? This is amazing-early congratulations to the winner!

  280. Elizabeth Smillie

    Not super fancy, but I have LOVED our Simple Human grocery bag holder (do they still make it?). I registered for it for our wedding almost 10 years ago after seeing it in use at a home I was nannying in, and it has been so fantastic!

  281. Debbie

    I love this trash can. Besides the products mentioned above, what about an unload the groceries and put them away machine?

  282. Jennifer

    This. This is my dream! (Well, along with an automatic sock and shoe picker upper, but that’s more pipe dream than just dream).

  283. Janis

    This looks so clean and sleek! My stainless is about 10 years old now and it’s really starting to show the wear and tear. Plus, it’s so bulky. I’m going to check out Simple Human’s website.

  284. Sherrie Johnson

    I love this new product! Would love to have one. This company makes great trash cans!

  285. Sherrie Johnson

    This company makes great products. Would love to have one of these trash cans!


    Awesome trash can and the storage for the bags makes it so convenient. I always hate putting new bags in the trash can, but I think this would make it so easy! Hope I win!

  287. Julie P

    I agree! Simple Human products are great and this one looks so cool!

  288. Beverly

    Oh wow, This trash can is amazing! Would love to have one.

  289. Barb V.

    This can had me at TWO bins!! Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? I hate having two cans in my kitchen. This is the greatest!

  290. Deb Walker

    Love Simple Human products. Excellent quality! I still have my first one, moved it to the laundry room. Replaced it in the kitchen with a larger Simple Human model.

  291. Stephanie

    I would love the semi round sensor can!

  292. Diane

    This isn’t simple:) I have bought other stainless cans for myself and a wedding gift, but this one is something else!

  293. Patricia Cooper

    Love this! Now maybe some kind of deodorizing system inside?

  294. Danielle Lien

    Obsessed!! I love that it has both recycle and trash. I want that exact model. White and cute and ready to help out! :)

  295. Patti gerlach

    I love the butterfly one because my dog can’t get into it!

  296. Kim Washa

    I love the idea of having trash & recycling side by side. We have a split level home with trash can in the kitchen & recycling in garage so our recycling method is throwing the recycle items down the stairs to the entry to go out to garage when we walk down. Need help tidying up our process!!

  297. Sonia S

    I love simple human. I love this new design. Thanks for sharing with us.

  298. Jennifer Baker

    Ohmygosh – this trash can looks amazing!! With four kids this would be incredibly helpful in our busy household. A plus for recycling component! ?❤️?

  299. Wendy

    I would adore this can for my husbands office. Now that he works from home (therefore eating and drinking in his office more) he needs both recycling and trash can in his office. This 2 for 1 would be perfect. Now if they could invent one that empties itself! LOVE

  300. Shannon

    I would love an invention that would compel children to use said garbage can instead of throwing on counter tops and ground! Maybe the voice activated feature would be just the trick to get them to use:)

  301. Heather S

    Oooh LA LA that garbage can is fantastic! As a nursing student I’ve been looking for a quality hand soap pump and theirs looks like a winner! Thanks for hosting such a FUN and GENEROUS giveaway! Cheers! :)

  302. Ashley C

    I have a hard time finding skinny trash cans for my bathroom!


  303. Mandy B

    My favorite Simplehuman product is definitely the automatic sensor trash cans. I would love one in my kitchen!

  304. Julie Lizzi

    I would love to get this for my 91 year old dad. His old step on can is gross . Plus this would be such a great conversation topic for his company. Thx.

  305. Luisa

    Simple Human creates the greatest products for the home! My favorite products are the trash can with the locking lid (it keeps our dog out of the trash) and their dish rack.

  306. Bernie

    I’d love one of these…but….$250 for a garbage can? My hubby will think I’ve lost my mind….and he’d be right.

  307. Bernie

    Ooops forgot to say my dream product would be a “telepathouse”. You just think of a chore, and the house telepathically understands, and performs the task. You know instead of ” open the pod doors, Hal” a la 2001: A Space Odyssey….You could just think “clean the bathroom, Hal.” and it would be done.

  308. Sarah S

    I love my simple human kitchen trashcan – we’ve had it for 10 years!! love the bag storage – if only it could take itself out!

  309. Linda

    I quite like the tension caddy for the shower.

  310. Anna Pry

    I love the simplehuman trash can I had for my first apartment. It was probably their smallest size and I could use grocery bags in it instead of buying trash bags. It had the foot lever to open the lid and worked great for my kitchen. Now we’re a family of 7 and need two kitchen trash cans to keep up!

  311. Melissa L Glorioso

    I’d love to have this trashcan in my kitchen. Another one for compost would be amazing!

  312. Heinrich Tammy

    I haven’t been lucky enough to own one of these beautiful super useful trash cans. I have however owned a few of their shower caddies and they are wonderful. Super sturdy and more importantly rust-free!!! Fingers crossed for this beautiful trash can in my kitchen

  313. Tara Cox

    My dream innovation, for my home, would be a hidden electric dustpan in every room. Maybe even a small one that looks modern and stylish and can just be emptied as needed. My entire downstairs is planked flooring and I hate dragging the vacuum from room to room.

  314. Michelle

    I love my Simplehuman automatic hand soap dispenser. With all the hands around here, it keeps things nice & sanitary ?

  315. Carolsue

    My favorite item there is the sensor mirror pro wide view

  316. Jaclyn Reynolds

    The tension caddy looks amazing!!

  317. Haley Hopperstad

    My favorite simplehuman product is the toilet brush and plunger!

  318. Luba Zygarewicz

    This would be so helpful at home since I have kids who somehow miss part of the bag and things drip onto the trashcan…imagine the smell :( I am wondering… does this trashcan let you know it is full and needs to be emptied out? It is my son’s chore to take out the trash, but he always seems to forget or not notice that it is overflowing. Just a thought for this wonderful company :)

  319. lisa

    Of course I’d love to have this trash/recycle can. And I’d love to talk to it.
    Now when family asks who I’m talking to, I can honestly say, the, trash!
    Oh yes!!!!!

  320. Debbie Lesley

    Would be nice to have a nice looking trash can especially one that opens at my command.

  321. Kelly M.

    I love the simplehuman toilet brush!

  322. Tim

    My dream household invention be be something that automatically cleans the tub and shower. We haven’t reached the level of robot butlers, so I am stuck with the chore for now.

  323. melanie huttner

    I think their touch free foam soap system is awesome!!!

  324. Tracie Cooper

    I love the sensor trash can, the less germy items I have to touch the better!

  325. Amy C

    I love their pet food cans! I currently use cleaned kitty litter buckets and must say that they do nothing for my decor. :)

  326. Dana Middlebrooks

    I love the small but open floorplan of our apartment. I don’t love that the only place for trash and recycling is close to the table where we eat! This double trash can is neater and sturdy that it wouldn’t be obvious as a trash can!And you can talk to it PLEASE I want one! I’d like to have a kitchen faucet that would turn on with a voice,so the handles would stay clean….

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