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Getting Settled with Shutters

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Living Room, My Seattle House | 33 comments

Getting Settled with Shutters
My Living Room

To order any window coverings from Select Blinds, be sure you use my special link HERE for the best possible discount! Plus if you also put in my code INSP1RE5 , you’ll receive an *additional* 5% off the very best price offered anywhere!

Hey friends! Are you excited about working on any projects in your home this year? I am. I have so many ideas!

One of the house projects that has been on our to-do list since we moved in (um, so yeah, over two years now) has been to finish putting up window coverings. Now I did install gorgeous woven shades in our living room and dining room that I absolutely love. That was easy and we’ve been super happy with how they turned out.

But I’ve been very very indecisive about our next window covering decision…what I was going to do for our bedroom and lower level windows.

IN MY DEFENSE, the windows in this house are different than any house I’ve ever lived in. It’s taken me awhile to make a decision because I just wanted to get the vision right, not only for the rooms themselves but for the whole vibe of what this house is going to be.

Getting Settled with Shutters
Inspiration – Liliane Hart Interiors

Besides the whole house vision situation, I needed to decide the look I wanted for each room. But then since all of our bedroom windows are across the same side of the house, the windows also needed to look uniform from the exterior. This isn’t the type of house where we can live without window coverings, so of course I also had to take into account things like privacy, light control. ALL THE THINGS.

Anyway, LOTS OF DECISIONS are not my specialty. Obviously.

While I’ve been assessing every possible option, my son has literally had to hang a SHEET to cover his window. Yes, for two years.

I KNOW! I know. I feel my head hanging low even discussing this publicly. It’s been my secret shame.

Yes, I do understand there are temporary shades I could have used in the meantime. Didn’t do that. Could’ve. Didn’t.

Yes, unfollow me for not following this advice if you must, but I would agree that if one is going to use sheets to cover any windows on the front of their home, ideally a flat white sheet would be preferable to a fitted blue one.

Anyhoo, this whole season of window indecision will soon be behind us. I have now ordered beautiful white plantation shutters!

(To order any window coverings from Select Blinds, be sure you use my special link HERE for the best possible discount! Plus if you also put in my code INSP1RE5 , you’ll receive an *additional* 5% off the very best price offered anywhere!)

I am so stoked about this decision, I think it’s really going to be an exciting new step in making this house our home!

Shutters will offer great light control and privacy, which will make a big difference in how cozy and comfortable our house feels inside. They’ll add a unified architectural statement to the interior and exterior, without being fussy or messy. They will bring character, which will really work well with the direction I’m going with our home!

I’m definitely enjoying the challenge of how to bring just the right character I want in this house, even when it’s slow going sometimes. I’ve actually always had shutters in my homes (both plantation and other styles of window shutters, like the sweet ones in the Liliane Hart Interiors image a few above) so I feel very comfortable with this direction.

Getting Settled with Shutters my previous dining room

I can’t wait for them to arrive and of course I share more details once they do.

Now that I have made the decision, I have lots more ideas swirling around in my head to keep the momentum going.

Do you have projects that you have been stalled on? Creating a home is such a personal journey, it makes sense that you want to proceed with care. But once you get unstuck, it sure feels great to finally be able to move forward with confidence in the direction you’re headed!

Getting Settled with ShuttersDomino

Getting Settled with ShuttersMy previous house

The shutters I ordered are the Designer Wood Shutters from SelectBlinds in the Winter White color.

To order any window coverings from Select Blinds, be sure you use my special link HERE for the best possible discount! Plus if you also put in my code INSP1RE5 , you’ll receive an *additional* 5% off the very best price offered anywhere!


  1. Sharon

    I’m interested to see how you like the shutters. We just took our plantation shutters out of our new house when we renovated. They were one piece that covered the whole window and I’m sure they cost a fortune. They just made the rooms so dark- even though they were white and we get tons of natural light. They also looked so heavy. My husband almost freaked out when I told him I was going to take them down but now he is happy I did. It is so much lighter and brighter in here. Anyhoo, maybe ours were just too big. I don’t know but I’m interested to see yours and hope you love them!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      They don’t work everywhere, it’s definitely got to be the right room and look for your space. I can see why you wouldn’t want them if they aren’t serving your particular space well. Also slat sizes matter in how they feel. I prefer open windows whenever possible but with bedrooms on main level street side and no view other than houses, they’ll work for me. I love that with shutters I will be able to tilt for privacy and still get light at the same time. I’ve had them in every house I’ve owned and they are so great on windows that need them!

  2. Sallie

    I LOVE plantation shutters! They have that coastal, romantic, beautiful-garden-just-outside-the-window feel. Can’t wait to see your “after” pictures!

  3. Terri

    We’ve had white plantation shutters in the whole house for about seven years and love them (SW Florida). They are super easy to clean and can be swung outward and folded to let in more light (as we do in in the winter) and shifted up or down for privacy, to let in more/less light, etc. During the hot summer months, I tilt the slats up to prevent too much hot sun from coming in. I clean mine about once a month by pulling them open and cleaning from the backside with the slats up, then down (13 windows). Quick and easy. Looking forward to seeing what you think of yours!

  4. Ellen

    Absolutely love ours! Such a classic look and flexibility in how much light you let in and privacy desired.

  5. Tracie

    Our house needed new carpeting in the living room when we moved in five years ago, and we just ordered new carpet. Yay for progress! We also need to replace the bedroom shades and a few more light fixtures. I plan to place the order today. I can hardly wait for all of it to arrive!

  6. Tracy

    I can’t wait to see the results! Our new home (2 yrs now) had white plantation shutters already on all the upstairs windows (beds and bath). I love the look of them, but admit that I sometimes feel frustrated. They were an item always on my wish list, but they have made furniture placement difficult, and I miss styling with curtains. You obviously have lots of experience with them, and I’ve been looking for good posts about using shutters, so I can’t wait to see more on this!

  7. Wendy Cruttenden

    Are they going just the windows street side or are you replacing all your window coverings to shutters?

  8. Maureen Ryan

    We have new plantation shutters in the kitchen, over the sink and kitchen table. Very stylish and practical, and insulating during these cold winter months. Pricey, but a great decision! P.S. I use curtains with them but it’s nice that they could stand alone without curtains.

  9. Linda Grubbs

    Sounds lovely! Can’t wait to see them!! ?

  10. Heidi Hutchings

    Hi Melissa,
    When we bought our home, the previous owners had every window (and I mean every window, including basement, storage room, etc. covered with plantation shutters. They must have been a fortune when they ordered them. Anyway, I LOVE my plantation shutters. The only thing I wish is I’d like to have some color on the wall with draperies, etc. and I’m not sure how to do that with shutters. Is it possible? Thanks,

  11. Haley

    Can these go on a sliding glass door? We are trying to figure out window treatments for our door and this is an interesting option I haven’t seen.

  12. Catherine

    We needed to reupholster our family room couch for at least 2 years! Just got that accomplished. Love your honesty and that I’m in good company. Love your idea of the plantation shutters.

  13. Stacey

    Where did you get your white curtains?

  14. Dianne

    Great decision! I too have those blinds on the bottom half of my bathroom windows in our newer house. It was a tough decision also cuz my master bath faces the road and is 3×5 had to be covered but I wanted lots of light. My only problem is I went with 2 side by side panels and my husband tends to close just one side when he’s in there. Drives me crazy as I’m sure it looks lopsided to the many dog walkers on the road. Could have worse problems, right?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Bwahaha! I know for a fact I’ll have that problem with my two guys. But you’re right, what can we do? Lopsided louvers aren’t the worst thing ever (blue sheets on the window was way worse, I assure you, ha!).

  15. Edie Walker

    We have regular, not plantation, shutters throughout our home; they totally cover our windows and the patio sliders. I would not have it any other way. I think they look classy, they are relatively easy to keep clean, and they help keep out the cold. The only downside is the cost of painting them. We just had our downstairs painted, and I switched from swiss white to a white-white on my baseboards, doors, and in the kitchen. The swiss white shutters look dirty next to the white-white items. I price compared and the best price I could find (in Southern California) is $15 a square foot for painting and some minor adjustments. I’ve had them for about 12 or 13 years and had no other maintenance costs so averaging this cost over the time period reduces it. I look forward to seeing yours when you share your pictures with us.

  16. Kay

    I love shutters + have had them in nearly all my houses! Remember the ones with open panels in which you shirred fabric panels? No? Well, I do. The fabric matched the wallpaper, which I thought was the ultimate in tasteful decorating. ;-) How seventies of me!

  17. Garden, Home and Party

    when we moved into this house we were lucky enough to have plantation shutters in every room. We love them, the clean lines, the ability to control light is wonderful! I hope you like yours, I love the way your home is taking shape. Charming and welcoming—apart from the blue fitted sheet at the window! hahaha.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ah, thanks Karen. Layer by layer I feel like I’m getting somewhere :). Can’t wait to eliminate the blue fitted sheet for the window, however. Bwahahah.

  18. Ruth Stumpf

    Hello Mellisa!

    I’ve sure been enjoying your blog and gleaning design ideas from your home. I’m especially excited to see how your new Shutters will look and, in fact, your former dining room was my inspiration for my plantation shutters I recently purchased for our new home here in Mill Creek and LOVE them. Thank you for sharing your home and being such an inspiration for mine. ?


    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Ruth! I’m so happy to hear that you feel inspired, that makes my day. And I’m glad you like your new shutters! I can’t wait to get mine, too!! So excited!

  19. Jeanne

    I love shutters. I am sure your rooms will be beautiful with them. I have so many projects in my head that never seem to happen since I get stuck. I would like to replace liv rm area rug which is just a neutral carpet remnant. I wish there was something easy to buy, but everything is sisal, sea grass, or flimsy, etc and not appealing to me to walk on. Is picking carpet at a store and ordering a bound remnant the best option? The thought of ordering a 9×12 online fromwayfair or rugs USA for delivery sight unseen sort of unnerves me. Any advice welcome. And I have huge bay window that I have never addressed other than sheer panels on each side by rod pocket. Not bad but not great either. We are in a fishbowl. But that’s another quandary. Bays are soooo hard to deal with. And possibly an expensive mistake. Would love thoughts. This is where I am stuck!!! Just trying a little liv room refresh but I can’t decide anything to save my soul!!

  20. Cindy

    Great decision Melissa!! I have plantation shutters on the bottom half of most of my windows on the ground floor and I love them for all the reasons you mention; providing light control, privacy, coziness, character and a unified architectural statement. Having said that, there is one downside for me. I love displaying candles in my windows during the holiday and winter season (very common here in New England). The way the shutters are installed in my new home does not allow room for candles on the lower half. I did find some small candles that I rest on the top half of the window, but I’m not thrilled with the outcome. Oh well, small price to pay for appreciating all the advantages of shutters. Enjoy yours!

  21. Lisa

    I have plantation shutters in every room of my house. It came that way and I have mostly enjoyed them. However they all cover the entire window, not just the bottom, and in our living room (where we have very tall windows on two sides of the room) they began to feel kind of claustrophobic. So I leave them all the way open, swung back against the wall in the place where draperies might hang. For privacy I made some sophisticated somewhat sheer cafe curtains the just cover the bottoms of the windows. It’s a nice look and the added fabric was a boon in an otherwise fairly “live” room acoustically…

  22. Dori

    I’m curious which width you chose, Melissa? 2 1/2, 3 1/2, or 4 1/2?

  23. Gana

    I just want to say thank you for making me laugh with your comment that if you are using sheets, you suggest a flat white sheet rather than a fitted blue sheet! I love shutters and if they were in the budget, I would definitely have some. I can’t wait to see the final result. I love reading your blog and watching your home come along.

  24. Christina

    My friend just bought a house with the plantain shutters and loves the look you have pictures with the navy and cream (and what looks like pineapple design) curtains! Where are these from!?


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