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Rugs to Refresh a Room

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Entry, My Seattle House

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Rugs to Refresh a RoomThis post is in partnership with World Market

Hello, lovely friends! I’m so glad you’re here. It’s been one of those weeks around here. The worst of it was that my camera died! ACK! It’s been with me through all of my book photos and now, it’s dead as a doornail (what in the world is a dead doornail, anyway?).

Who is in the mood to refresh a room? I think one of the simplest but most impactful updates anyone can make in a space has to be a RUG! Am I right? I mean, there are lots of things you can do to update a room, but a rug can make a significant difference simply by rolling it out on the floor. Easy enough, right?

This week there is a fabulous rug sale going on at World Market so I picked up two new runners for our entry. YAY! Jack approves, he’s all about the cozy factor.

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Depending what style you choose, a rug can totally change the entire mood of a room, or change up the color scheme, up the cozy factor or even just add new design interest or texture to the space. A rug can even change the feel of your existing floors, giving you a new look for way less than the cost of new flooring. You can layer rugs or use them on carpet, so the options for transformation are truly endless. I love adding a new throw rug by the door to usher in a new season, too.

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few rug updates in my house this year! At some point we will have the two rugs that my girls and I designed for Dash & Albert (that will be available to buy through retailers this fall!). Plus I already have a new rug on order for my bedroom. :)

If you want to refresh your home this week, I picked out some great rug finds from the Rug Caravan World Market sale you might love. You’ll find them in the scrolling bar, below!

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a RoomRugs to Refresh a Room

  Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Rugs to Refresh a Room

Use the arrows above to scroll through the rugs and click for the source.

Click here to check out the fabulous World Market rug sale (plus up to 50% off ALL rugs)!

World Market Sale Ending Tuesday March 6:

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30% Off $300+
25% Off $200+
20% Off $100+
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with code STOCKUP

So, which room in your house could use a new rug?


  1. Cherie

    I have just swapped my two spare bedrooms over and rediscovered my copy of ‘Love the home you have’. I am settling down to read it again this afternoon… Can’t go out as I am snowed in. I love how fresh and clean your home looks. Are you a ‘shoes off’ household?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hey Cherie, I’m so glad you rediscovered Love the Home You Have!! I hope it will spark some new inspiration for you while you’re snowed in! Thank you, we are not really a shoes off home, we feel more productive with shoes on (we all work at home!). Sometimes I think about getting “house-shoes” for our family. It’s hard though, we’re always in and out and the dogs are in and out. But our yard is pretty clean, we don’t have much to track in! And we just sweep and clean a lot hahah. :)

    • Pat M.

      It really is a waste of time and effort to be a “shoes off” home when you have dogs or if you are in and out a lot. If I didn’t have pets, my house would be so much cleaner and I might want to keep it that way with no shoes. But, until there are no dog feet, there will be reasonably clean shoes allowed.

  2. Sandy

    The rugs are a lovely addition and Jack is adorable as always. Life would be dull without the doggies to brighten things up. I am constantly rearranging mine because we have a new puppy who runs and slides on them. They catch a lot of trash and sand though, so I will keep on arranging and wait for him to look adorable.
    The hallway looks so nice though. Still love those botanicals.

    • Sandy

      Oh, and sorry to hear about your camera. That is a bummer.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Sandy! Oh yes, our dogs still tend to run and slide on rugs, ha! Congrats on the new puppy!

  3. Carroll

    Your sweet puppy is precious!

  4. Debbie - MountainMama

    I love that drape in the hallway, what a great way to add interest to that space! Jack seems to love the new rugs!!

      • Pat M.

        Did you add the drape in the hallway to designate that that is the private or “bedroom” area of the house? If so, I think that’s such a great addition. I have a small one-story 1200 sq ft home so every room seems close to every other room. My bedrooms are not in one “wing” but I’m telling you right now that if they were, I would have a tied-back drape there in the hallway, giving the impression of a less than public area. I’ve never considered this idea before now, but think it’s a good one.

  5. Linda Grubbs

    I’m heading over to the World Market site to check out the sale but just had to say how much I like your new runners! AND, that sweet boy Jack! He has some of the sweetest expressions!! Love the close up photo of him looking up into the camera ( in the doorway)
    His hair sticking up… so cute. Anyway thanks for the heads up on the rug sale. I can’t wait for your rug to go on sale this fall!

  6. Wendy Cruttenden

    Can’t wait to see your bedroom rug. I’ve been looking at the Emilie rug from World Market but not sure it would hold up with dogs in living room.

  7. Amy

    I was so mesmerized by Jack’s eyes that I didn’t even see his Alfalfa hair on top. Had to scroll back up and look again. He’s so very cute, love those perfectly round paws. Love the runners, the pattern reminds me a bit of a boho look. I have been enjoying the challenge of mixing different decorating styles since I like aspects of many different styles, but need to find a way to make it all look cohesive (to a degree). I love elements of farmhouse, rustic industrial, vintage, coastal, and boho so it’s a work in progress :)

  8. Jackie

    So talk about the curtain shown in the hallway.

    • Sharon

      Melissa, How did you hang the drape in the hallway? Cool idea. Thanks. Sharon

  9. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    Oh no!! I’m so sorry your camera gave up the ghost. (Another odd saying… yes?) I hope you can get a new one soon and survive the learning curve.
    Jack is such a handsome boy and the rug complements him wonderfully. I just wonder how many times a day you have to straighten the rugs with his antics. ;) Heehee

  10. Marilou Patricia Sande

    I love the new rug and that dutch door!

  11. Debbie

    Love the rugs, but really love Jack. He is sooooo cute. :)

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