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How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines
After sharing my wellness station, I got quite a few messages and emails posing a similar question. I thought it would be a good one to answer for everyone! I’m so happy so many of you reached out and I hope this post will help.

You can find details on ordering the essential oil kit I recommend or reactivating your membership here.

Reader Question: I’ve never used oils, so I’m hesitant to buy anything until I know how to use it/ apply it (i.e. I want to know exactly what I’m buying/ what in my routine will change before the investment). 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I totally get this! I didn’t have the best start with oils, so I love helping others understand what is so great about them and why getting this kit will be one of your best decisions ever.

Today let’s talk about HOW you can incorporate oils into your home and daily routine.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

Incorporating oils into our daily routines isn’t complicated at all! It shouldn’t be, anyway. Actually, I’d say how life should be with oils is quite the opposite of how most of us have lived.

We’ve inadvertently made many other things in our life far more cluttered, complicated and dare I say it…toxic.

And that way of living is actually part of the problem we are experiencing in how we feel. We need to simplify! 

People may be skeptical or confused about oils, yet continue ordering products filled with toxic ingredients without a second thought.

That’s why I say to just DIVE IN, get this kit and proceed to get rid of the junk. Please don’t use random oils you find at a store or on Amazon because you really don’t know what is in that bottle! Don’t put your family at risk.

You want to be CONFIDENT in what you are putting on your body or into your home, so that’s why I only recommend the oils I trust for my own family.

You can find details on ordering the essential oil kit we trust reactivating an old membership here.

Let me help you figure this whole oil thing out, it will all make sense to you in time, as you use them. I promise. The kit I recommend is an investment into your wellness … because inviting in more toxic products instead is definitely not good for us.

So let’s talk about how you’ll use oils, to give you a better picture of what a day with oils will be like. 

This wellness journey is about learning to SIMPLIFY, focusing our attention on the junk we can take away or easily replace with simple ingredients that will be far better for us.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

Think about oils this way. You’ll use them daily to support all the things.

Your emotions are all over the place, your skin is a mess, your tummy has troubles. Your immune system is weak or compromised. Your endocrine system is struggling. You can’t focus. Your kids can’t focus. Your sleep is choppy and your kids are bouncing off the walls. Your house needs to be clean and your dishes are piled high in the sink.

You’re understandably stressed and overwhelmed. You want to be prepared for everything you are dealing with.

But why continue to fill your cabinets and counters with toxic products and ingredients, or even stock up on what you consider remedies for occasional needs, if the ingredients in them may actually be a cause or at least contribute to the very things your body is unhappy about….

All while your oils stay in the box.

Or you put off trying them.

Maybe you haven’t tried oils because you don’t understand why you would need them. Or maybe because you think you don’t have the money (but if you are still grabbing all of the scented products this time of year and filling your home and body with harsh chemicals, maybe you DO have the money, it’s just going toward other things).

Essential oils are much like any other thing you reach for to support all the things, only so much better for you.

You can diffuse oils in a quality essential oils diffuser to breathe them in (dilute with water and consult usage labels).

You can put them on your skin (consult usage labels and dilute with carrier oils if needed).

And with Young Living’s Vitality oils only, they can be taken as a dietary supplement (consult usage labels, try under your tongue, in a capsule, or in water or food).

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

Maybe a good question to ask yourself isn’t do I really need oils, but do I even think about, know or need what I am buying and using everyday INSTEAD of oils?

Whatever it is you are buying, it is a decision you might want to consider, rethink and reprioritize in the budget so you CAN invest in your wellness. I’m not suggesting buying more junk or things you won’t ever use or need. I’m talking about simplifying what you buy to only what your body needs.

I’m talking about having oils and products that your home (and body) will actually benefit from and ditching the stuff you used to buy that was wearing you down.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

Our main goal with oils isn’t to make our house smell pretty (although, oh my, so many of them DO make our house smell wonderful!!! And some, not as much…but still oh-so-good-for-us.). Instead, the goal is to use them often to help us stay ABOVE the wellness line!

We want to strive toward living a healthy lifestyle, caring for our bodies by treating them well. Being mindful of what we eat, drink, what we put on our skin, what we breathe in, our mindsets, etc. All of our choices are important!

Having essential oils in our arsenal is one of the ways we can support our bodies. Plants are incredible protectors, defenders and promoters of health. Wellness is their job, so we use them IN PLACE OF the gross stuff. We don’t treat oils as medicines or cures because they act in our bodies in a different way. Think of them as wellness supporters. We need to focus on being proactive in preserving our wellness, rather than being reactive.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

Young Living oils meet strict standards through rigorous quality control testing. Not all essential oils are created equally, inexpensive brands you find elsewhere can be synthetic, adulterated, or unethically sourced.

When you use your Young Living oils regularly, you’ll be more aware of the difference between how you felt with a house full of toxic products that may have been destroying your health and how you start to feel with the oils and products that you know are better for you.

That’s what this is all about.

Switching to what is better for you. It’s really that simple.

It’s about being equipped so you can make a habit of reaching for something good for you right there in your arsenal because you made a better choice with your hard-earned dollars.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

If you ordered a kit years ago and didn’t use it, let’s get you started on a better path!You can find details on ordering a new essential oil kit or reactivating an old membership here.

If you are wondering what you would even do WITH these oils, let’s look what a day in the life would look like if you had your kit:

  • When you get a Young Living starter kit and want to clean the house, you will have an amazing trusted plant-based product to use (Thieves Household Cleaner). You’ll use it for everything from countertops to carpet to windows! (You now get a FREE concentrate packet with your kit to mix with water to make TWO full spray bottles.) It works so well, smells like fall and is safe for your family. You can buy refills any time with your free wholesale membership. One bottle of concentrate makes about 29 bottles of cleaner, so it’s extremely cost effective, too.
  • When you want to relax or sleep like a baby, you’ll be able to diffuse Peace & Calming. Side benefit, your house will smell like a dream.
  • You’ll have Lemon Essential Oil to breathe in by your bedside to wake yourself up, or a put a drop of Lemon or Citrus Fresh Vitality in your glass of water for its cleansing and antioxidant properties. You’ll have peppermint in your purse to rub on your temples or over your sinuses as needed. You’ll have pure unadulterated lavender essential oil (known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils because it’s good for so many things) when you want to relax or sleep like a baby.
  • When you want to ease every day stress and feel more empowered to face the day, you’ll grab your bottle of Valor. It smells amazing, too.
  • When you want to improve your skin, you’ll have Frankincense to put on your face in the morning or before bed. (Wise men didn’t bring Frankincense to baby Jesus for nothing, it’s that good y’all. And Young Living’s Frank is incredible! You only get the best of the best).
  • When you feel a little something coming on, you’ll be able to put a drop of Thieves Vitality (Vitality oils are labeled as a dietary supplement) in a veggie capsule, under your tongue, in your water or on your feet before you head out into the world.
  • You might make a hot cup of NingXia Tea with a drop of Thieves! Thieves and NingXia is an incredible combo for people who like to stay well.
  • When you’re feeling like the stress of the day is getting to you, you’ll drop some Stress Away in your diffuser and take a deep breath. Or drop a little on your wrist as a plant-based perfume you can sniff anytime you need a little happy moment. Ahhh, so much better.
  • Instead of looking in the fridge for an energy drink in the afternoon, you can grab 2 ounces of NingXia Red to give yourself LIFE (it is an incredible antioxidant drink packed with superfoods that boost wellness and energy, a sample of which comes in your kit). I have a shot of this every afternoon.
  • You’ll have PanAway to rub on your tense shoulders with some coconut oil after a long day at the computer, or on your joints after a workout, or on your temples during times of stress.
  • You’ll be able to make a chest/throat rub by combining carrier oil and Raven, and applying it directly to the skin for a cooling sensation and a better respiratory experience. You’ll diffuse it in a stuffy environment for happier breathing.
  • When those restaurant bean tacos are feeling regrettable, DiGize and/or Peppermint mixed with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) on your belly, or a drop of either DiGize or Peppermint Vitality oil in water will never cease to amaze and remind you how grateful you are for these drops of plant-juice in your wellness toolbox.
  • You’ll have so much fun with oils, too! Oils will become a simple delight in your day you didn’t know you were missing. You can have fun with blends that will smell like a dream in the diffuser. With access to all of Young Living’s wholesale oils, you’ll enjoy having a “forest” oil to diffuse this winter, like the absolutely incredible Northern Lights Black Spruce oil.
  • You’ll enjoy making yourself a “happy roller” with an uplifting blend to roll onto your wrists! We will give you recipes that you can use.
  • You’ll be able to mix up fun blends that are ‘dupes’ of your favorite candles, you can even order other oils to make your favorites, like our group’s top secret Anthropologie Volcano Diffuser Blend (I share our perfected never-before- revealed recipe in our group, we share all kinds of great ideas and simple recipes like that in there!).
  • And once you are active in our wellness and oils education group called the Dwell Well Collective, you’ll meet the nicest people ever who will share your newfound love of oils. You’ll get excited about checking the group to find new ideas and recipes to try.
  • And this is really only the beginning of the better choices you’ll be able to turn to every day when you have oils and access to all of the wonderful wellness options from Young Living (think natural dish soap with no sulfates, phosphates, dyes, or perfumes…safe makeup and cosmetics, a totally gentle baby line, wonderful hand soap and lotions, toothpaste and shampoo, supplements and so much more!).

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

The more you use your oils, the more you rid your home of toxins, the more you’ll understand how valuable these bottles of plant oils are to your health and well-being.

Oils have become just as much a part of life as any other product I used to use, except without the toxins. They are filled with wellness benefits no other product offers! You can find details on ordering an essential oil kit or reactivating your membership here.

Picture what you you use now and then see how easy it is to grab an oil.

I’ve made room sprays with oils and water in glass spray bottles.

I drop a few drops of Citrus Fresh or Lavender on wool dryer balls (instead of using toxic dryer sheets!)

I sprinkle some baking soda and 2 drops of Lemon into my garbage disposal. Then turn on the disposal while running warm water to freshen.

I put a couple drops of Citrus Fresh onto a cotton ball and place it in the bottom of my trash can to freshen it, or into my car air vents.

I rub 2 drops Raven or RC plus a carrier oil on my chest before exercise for breathing.

I combine oils and epsom salts to add to a bath. Lavender and Stress Away for a relaxing bath, or PanAway for a soothing evening.

If I was putting on a Band-Aid, I would put lavender on my skin beforehand.

I put a drop of Peace & Calming oil on my dog Jack’s bandana to help him chill out. He loves it!

I add a drop of oils to a pretty diffuser necklace; Stress Away is one of my faves.

I put 1 drop of Citrus Fresh or Purification directly into some stinky shoes.

These are SIMPLE ways to incorporate their goodness into your day.

BUT, there are SO many important life situations where you’ll be so grateful to have oils, too.

As you begin to trust how they impact your home, you’ll definitely turn to them for so many more significant needs.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

Filling your home and body with the GOOD stuff (i.e. plant-based products, healthy food, restful sleep, clean air, etc) is about fueling your body well so it can do what it was designed to do.

What we bring into our home matters to how we feel. 

How do you get into the habit of using oils? 

Even though I am available to support you, it is still up to you to develop oil habits and ditch toxins.

I began by setting my oils right out where I could see them. I put them in the logical locations so that I would use them like I would any other product. I still do that!

My oils closet has become like an oils pantry, the place I go to replenish my supply of wellness products or find something I need. But then all of the other oils and products I need are kept right where I use them.

Skincare oils go near my sink, sleep oils stay by my bed, wellness oils are in my medicine cabinet, cleaning oils/products under the sink, etc. Just like any other products you’d want to use. See? Simple!

If you toss out the junk products, you’ll find FAR more success. Why keep using something that isn’t good for us? Just let it go. Your body will thank you a million times over for that simple act of ditching the bad stuff.

Once you are accustomed to using oils regularly, you’ll realize they really aren’t weird little bottles of potions you need to be afraid of. You’ll likely be more afraid of using the other products you used to use! You will definitely be able to tell the difference when you are consistent.

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

As a regular oils user, your diffuser will be set up (or diffusers!) with your favorite oils sitting next to it. Now instead of burning fumes from a candle (which can emit hazardous chemicals like benzene and toluene) or spraying a room with a freshener filled with toxic fragrance, you will simply turn on your diffuser (filled with water and a few drops of pure essential oils) or fill a spray bottle with oils and water for a room spray.

I keep a cute little Anthro milk creamer filled with water next to my diffuser to make refilling it easier. Another thing you can do for simplicity is to pre-make your most-used oils and water diffuser solutions (like your favorite sleep blend or seasonal scent) and keep it in a glass decanter or bottle (don’t use plastic for citrus oils).

Diffusing these plant oils can promote a restful mood, or a joyful one, depending on the oil and unique needs of the person. So you want it to be a convenient and relaxing ritual to choose one that will support the mood you want. Make the scene pretty! Y’all know I’m all about the mood, so why not engage more of your senses? (The Aria diffuser can play music, the Desert Mist has a super cozy candle flicker feature!).

Some oils are diffused to help keep us above the wellness line when we need a little boost, such as diffusing Thieves. Some make your home feel festive and seasonal (like Christmas Spirit).

If you have the kit and set up the oils you love to use in a convenient place so you can’t help but remember to use it daily, you will grow to LOVE diffusing every day!

So why get a Young Living starter kit and what if I already have a diffuser? You can find details on ordering an essential oil kit or reactivating your membership here.

If you are still confused about why you need a Young Living kit in order to get started, or are curious about the benefits of getting a Young Living diffuser with a kit, read on!

My feeling and the advice of MANY oil users is is that in order for oils to really change your life, you will need to change your current habits to include them throughout the day.

It’s really hard to do that with only an oil or two. You will want enough oils to get you through a day and give you all the wellness benefits, you will want a diffuser that best uses the properties of the oils to benefit your body, you will want the wholesale account (so you can have your own account, and get the best deal on anything you want now and going forward), and so you’ll have access to the community and resources (so you have support and education!). The kit is really the way to have access to the best path.

With your kit, you have a choice of a diffuser. Young Living’s diffusers are high quality and not like many cheap diffusers on the market. You want a great diffuser that will work well and efficiently so you get the MOST benefit out of your oils!

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

With the Young Living kit oils so heavily discounted, the diffuser is basically FREE! So even if you already have another diffuser, the best deal is STILL to get the kit. Any of the kit diffusers will break the essential oils down into millions of particles that waft through the air invisibly so we are getting the full benefit of the oils.

Plus, you want to be breathing in the goodness God created for our benefit….not any chemicals wafting into the air from a cheap diffuser that cannot hold up to the power of oils, not the junk found in unknown bottles labeled “oils” …. just the pure goodness found in Young Living’s pure and unadulterated plant oils.

Once you begin to trust how they support your needs, you’ll be so grateful you took the first step.’

Young Living offers much more than oils. It’s a respected wellness company! I have been able to rid my home of so much garbage over the past few years because I love their plant-based household and cleaning products, personal care items, supplements, makeup and more. You will have access to everything from Young Living at wholesale pricing when you become a member. (There are no requirements. You don’t have to buy anything ever again, but you can use your membership to buy stuff you want or need for your home or personal care. It’s like any other wholesale  membership such as Costco or Amazon, except there are no fees to be a member!).

If you’ve been waiting for the “right time” I’d say there is no better time to treat yourself right than right now.

Let’s do this together, friend! Home & wellness friends for life.


1. Grab your starter kit today and reach out to me if you are ready to reactivate your membership.
2. If you signed up with me or anyone on my team, join our group The Dwell Well Collective! We’re here to help members get the most of the kit. If you aren’t on Facebook or need help, please email me! I want to help you.
3. Practice new daily habits and routines. Follow our wellness Instagram feed and stories for a 101 class, tips and daily routine ideas  @dwellwellcollective and follow me at @theinspiredroom
4. Be on Essential Rewards to set up a monthly wellness box. This is optional, but so important to your ongoing, lifelong success. Every month you’ll get the most bang for your buck, enjoy freebies, and boost your family’s wellness while you ditch more toxins in your home! That’s a win win win win.

Find some more FAQ on using essential oils and my recommendations for oils here.

Read my post where I shared my Wellness Station!

* * * * * * * *

If you are still considering whether or not to get started now, I hope you’ll trust how simple and beneficial this decision will be and simply take a step forward every day.

* * * * ** *

How I Use Essential Oils + Daily Wellness Routines

  • Everything shared in this post is my personal opinion. I’m not a doctor. Everything shared in this post is referring to Young Living oils ONLY, this is a brand my entire family trusts and chooses to use in our home.
  • This is not your comprehensive end all be all guide to oils or health. I’m not an expert, but it’s a place to start.
  • We provide far more specific info in our group for our members and offer classes, videos and resources where you can learn to use oils effectively.
  • Other brands of oils will NOT be the same quality found in YL oils, so do not use them interchangeably or assume they are the same. Other brands labeled “essential oils” may actually have a long list of risks and dangers from products in the bottle that can include fillers (to make them cheaper), chemicals from the soil the plants were grown in, preservatives, perfumes or fragrances to alter the smell, other toxic ingredients, or they might not even contain any of the actual plant. Young Living oils are backed by their incredible Seed to Seal promise of quality. You can literally call up YL and ask to visit their farm and see their process–it’s incredible.
  • Ingesting essential oils is totally optional. But if you do, please make sure it’s only a Young Living Vitality oil, which is an oil labeled as a dietary supplement. Other brands may contain harmful perfumes, fillers or preservatives that you will NOT want in your body!
  • Consult your doctor or vet or a reference guide with any specific questions regarding health issues or particular circumstances when using oils.


Young Living Essential Oils

Oil Accessories, Roller Bottles & Shelves

My Winter Wellness Station – Essential Oils Storage

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

I love decorating my home. But even more than making things look pretty, I focus more of my attention on creating a healthy and happy home. Whenever possible, I actually love to do both at the same time, ha! So, I put together a winter wellness station to be a pretty destination that inspires me, but also because it is convenient to serve my family’s daily needs.

And yes, we really do use our oils every single day! (FIND A NEW POST HERE: HOW TO USE OILS EVERY DAY!) More than ever, they are our go-to. I’ll share what we use them for and how to get them affordably, so read on! I’ll also share all the sources at the end of this post.

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

A few years ago I stopped buying products with toxic ingredients. I used to bring all kinds of products in our home to “clean” “scent” “refresh” and “fix” all the things. I literally thought I needed a product for everything. I just wanted my home clean.

So I used to put harmful chemicals on our dishes to make them sparkling clean. We put toxins on our hands to disinfect them, we sprayed them on our counters after dinner to clean up, I “shined” my sink with them. I put them in and on my body, let them waft into the air that we breathed.

Then I would either choke and cough because the fumes just about killed me dead away on the spot, or with other perfumed scented products I would think, ahhh, now it smells so good in here! Either way, I was unintentionally bringing toxins into our home.

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage
The more I learned about the negative effects these products had on our health, the more I realized I needed to make changes for the good of myself and my family. So I got rid of all of the toxic products and replaced them with truly clean plant-based products and pure essential oils.

My oils and most of my household products are all from Young Living because it’s a company I’ve grown to trust. As you might recall, I’ve been an avid essential oil lover for about five years now! After five years of using their products and learning about the company’s standards and practices, I have only become more impressed and confident that these products are good for our family. I’m still amazed by how these little bottles really have totally transformed our home and health. Young Living is so much more than oils–I get my skincare, supplements, makeup, haircare, household cleaner, and so much more.

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

Y’all know I love good smelling products, but a few years back I really started to take a long hard look at what I was bringing into my home. You know those seasonal scented products we see marketed to us over the internet and stores this time of year? The “pumpkin spice” scented candles, the holiday hand soaps, the scented lotions, the air fresheners, the scented dish soaps and cleaning products, having a signature scent perfume…ah, you guys….I LOVED ALL OF IT!

But those scents didn’t love me back. Honestly I just had no idea how those scents were impacting me or my family. I thought it was totally normal to “come down with something” several times a year and feel miserable or tired or worn out, because everyone else was feeling the same way. I didn’t know that with fairly simple changes, I could connect the dots between what I brought into my home or put into my body and how I felt.

Why I Got Rid of the Scented Products I Used to Use (click HERE)

At first I used Thieves essential oil basically just to make my home smell like Christmas, but soon after I discovered that these little bottles of plant essence (literally essential oils are plant juice!) offer so much more than I originally understood.

The more I learned and discovered, the more I started to turn to them as a solution for so many of my family’s needs. I’m never disappointed in how they well they continue to serve us!

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

What exactly do we use essential oils for?

  • for strengthening our immune systems so they can function as they should
  • for happy hormones
  • tummy soothers and for all things digestive system
  • to support healthy thyroid and endocrine systems
  • to promote solid restful sleep
  • for a calm and restful atmosphere
  • for pretty skin
  • to soothe stress and relax
  • to make things better, not worse
  • to focus
  • to make things smell good
  • to flavor foods naturally (young living has a line of safe dietary/food oils)
  • for occasional soreness
  • for boosting energy
  • for uplifting the mood
  • to clean our whole house naturally

Literally we use oils now for just about anything else you could think of. They are our first line of defense and a delightful part of our “household toolbox” that we can’t imagine being without.


My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage
Who knew I’d become such a plant lady? Not me! But these days in our home, we focus on all the ways we can be well. We try to eat well, we don’t bring junk food or junk ingredients into our home. We read labels and check out companies before we use their products. We use our oils and daily natural wellness routines to help us stay well and to support ALL THE THINGS.

I love having my wellness station centrally located in our guest room closet! It’s been therapeutic for me to have it organized, as well as practical to have it here in the center of our home. I also use the guest room as my own personal retreat/writing space, so it’s a space I use for relaxing, too.

Some evenings I’ll just come in and enjoy smelling all the bottles (it smells like a dream in here!) or I’ll come in during the day to make natural household or personal remedies, rollers, linen or room sprays. It’s fun and way more cost effective than buying all the junk I used to buy, too.

In case you’re wondering, you don’t need as many oils as I have! I can recommend a handful of oils that can be your every day go-to oils, so don’t worry. :)

Many of the oils on my shelves were actually free (I order an optional monthly wellness box and there are lots of free oils with it), some are backups (oils I don’t like to run out of, because of Young Living’s extremely high quality standards, some oils can go out of stock sometimes) and some I order to give away as gifts (there are lots of fun things you can make with oils, too! I have a private Facebook group where we share ideas and recipes, I’ll tell you more about that shortly.).

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

When I started a few years ago to focus my attention on supporting my health and boosting my immune system, paying attention to my body and giving it what it needs on an ongoing basis, I actually started to feel better than I ever have.

That doesn’t mean I won’t ever get sick or need other support (I certainly don’t have any guarantees or cures) or that my body doesn’t still suffer the results of the environment, or a lack of self care or deal with things I invited into my home and body that wore me down in the past or could impact me in the future (for example, I have Hashimoto’s, which is attributed to environmental causes) but the truth is it’s a rarity for me to feel poorly or come down with much of anything these days.

I’m grateful that I’m able to run a business, keep up with my family, and do all of the things I want to do because I feel energized to do them. I can’t say the same about how I felt years ago when I struggled to do a lot of things.

The changes I’ve personally experienced in our home have definitely inspired me to want to help others create a healthier home, too.

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

When I first got oils I had NO IDEA how to use most of them or even why I would need to make them a part of my day. In fact, even though I was a member of Young Living and had a box of the best oils on the planet (yes, the quality matters), I let my wholesale account go inactive because I really didn’t understand it all.

Instead of learning how and why to use them, I continued to buy toxic household and personal items at the store (why) and let most of my oils sit in the box where they couldn’t serve our family at all! Gah! FACE PALM!

That’s why I love to help friends get started on a better path, I can’t bear the thought of these wonderful plant oils sitting in a box ready to serve and support, while toxins are in bottles on the counter ready to make my friends feel lousy!

These oils simply make life better.

So if you are in that boat of not knowing what to do (or you are thinking I’m off my rocker for having a wellness station) DON’T WORRY. I totally get it and would be SO HAPPY to help you!

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

Just grab your beginner’s oil kit (it’s called the Starter Kit and it comes with 12 everyday oils, a high-quality diffuser, my favorite plant-based cleaner and more–my referral link and instructions are here) and we can do this together!

*Yes, you CAN reactivate an old/ inactive membership with my member number to join our groups. Just put in #3731456 when you log in and make sure The Inspired Room is your sponsor/enroller.

Get your kit HERE!

Next I will send you a video my girls made to help you get most of your new oils, plus you’ll be invited into the special online wellness community we’ve created just for you (and over 1,000 other friends who you’ll grow to love, too). In the meantime, check out this post: How to Use Essential Oils Everyday

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

Our private (and free!) group is called the Dwell Well Collective! You will be invited to join this members-only group when you use my referral link to get your starter kit. My girls and I would LOVE to have you be a part of it. It’s a no-pressure group where we offer lots of oils education, pretty albums of oil ideas and DIY recipes and toxin-free living inspiration. It’s a place where our members can ask questions, enjoy exclusive video workshops, learn to develop new daily habits, and we have giveaways galore (literally so many giveaways…we are currently giving away the coveted Aria diffuser!). 💕

Being a part of YL and this wonderful community has transformed so many areas of our lives. We are so grateful we took the leap into learning what this is all about…yes, like you, we took a chance on a “weird box of oils” that we had NO idea what we’d do with at first. And now we can’t live without ’em (the oils or the community)!

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

If you’ve been on the fence, let’s do this together!

If you already have a box of oils gathering dust, let us help you! We’re just an email, comment, DM or even a text away (yep, I even give members my text number so I can help). :)

If you’re ready to give this whole oils thing a try, thank you for trusting me on this. You need oils, I promise!

Get your kit here and I’ll email you the next steps!

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Be well, friends!

My Winter Wellness Station - Essential Oils Storage

How to Use Essential Oils Everyday


Wood House Shelf (it’s an “advent calendar house”!) OUT OF STOCK – Find similar HERE or more in our shop

Gold and Glass Drop Shelf


Clear Oils Rack

Copper Fairy Lights

White Lantern Diffuser (You can get this once you’re a Young Living member! It can flicker like a candle…so cozy!)

Dresser – RH Teen