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On the Hunt for Green (the color!) Decorating Accessories

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Color, Decorating Inspiration

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On the Hunt for Green (the color!) Decorating Accessories
Country Living

Once upon a time I found a beautiful green garden stool at a flea market. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so excited because I had been on the hunt for what felt like ages for green decor to add a richness and “depth” to my color scheme.

On the Hunt for Green (the color!) Decorating Accessories

Well, my joy turned to sorrow because my husband accidentally broke this beloved dark green garden stool. He doesn’t often break things, but when he does…it’s usually my favorite things. Haha. I had a gorgeous turquoise textured lamp in my entry that he broke, too (you can see it on my entry table in this house tour). I’m still sad to have lost both of those favorites.

Anyway, ever since my husband accidentally smashed my green garden stool to bits leaving my heart broken (LOL) I’ve been back on the hunt for more green accessories.

It’s actually been a bit difficult to find the rich dark forest green I’m looking for! I think it’s maybe going to be a little easier now that people are getting back into green again.

Green has always been a favorite of mine. In fact, our first home had lots of green (speaking of being “on the hunt for green” who is old enough to remember the era of “hunter green” and English country style? My little cottage was definitely English country cottage and I LOVED IT! Yep, you might picture it looking like a grandma’s house, but it was adorable.).

Oh, and remember my green barn light in my old laundry room? I miss that, too. Wish I had brought it with me when we moved :(. Wow, so many decorating sorrows for a Monday!

So anyway, back to a happy part of this post. I’m on the hunt for green! When I was scrolling Pinterest for inspiration I found a room I love (it’s at the top of this post). Do you see the small touches of green in it? It’s super subtle, but there’s a green lamp on the left green birds on the coffee table, green apples, green in the artwork on the stairway gallery wall, and even a few green books on the wood table. Love it! I really like the whole vibe of the colors and textures in that room.

On the Hunt for Green (the color!) Decorating Accessories

I have found a few opportunities to bring green into my home through my botanical art (in my entry), as well as real plants everywhere. I also have these green velvet pillows and these bowls and a greenish rug I sometimes use in my kitchen.

I still want to bring in more green, but it has to be just the right things. So the hunt is continuing! You can see some of the “green accessories” I’ve found during my search in the post, below.

Do you use or want to bring more green into your home? And does anyone else have favorite decorative elements they loved but lost along the way, maybe a broken garden stool or favorite light fixture left behind? I’d love to hear your sad tales in the comments!

On the Hunt for Green (the color!) Decorating Accessories
On the Hunt for Green (the color!) Decorating Accessories

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    Green is so wide ranging in so many ways. It saturates a space. It’s the easiest of all of the colors to be seen by the human eye. I have my Nanna’s big green glass pitcher. It’s a gem. So was she.

  2. Aunt Sunshine

    Loved your green ceiling light too….understand still being sad. Where did it come from? Guess you can’t replace it. So I want an organic look with grass green (one that has a nit more yellow in it). That is REALLY hard to find. I maybe be painting furniture and whatnot…..

  3. Deanna Rabe

    I’ve always loved having deep green in my decor. I could never be a white, on grey, on cream kind of girl, though I adore white! I just have to have color, too!

  4. Karen Bunch

    My entire house used to hunter green and English country style. The funny thing is when I tired of the hunter green (which was after a good 15 years) I just couldn’t look at the color green for my home. :-) I’m still in love with my English country decor (edited) but have been with a neutral palate aside from accents of blue and white.
    Good luck finding another green garden stool. The one you had was lovely.

  5. diana

    I do understand decorating sorrows….sometimes it’s hard not to lament the passing on , breaking of , missing in shipment, of beloved and often one of a kind favorites!

  6. Kathleen Harris

    Yes—green❣️ I have a blue and natural linen color scheme. I fell deeply in love with green to add and am surprised that I love green as much as I love the blue! Like you, I’m always on the hunt for my shade of green. I have a rustic French farmhouse decor, which I transitioned from blue, red, mustard and green (traditional French colors). It’s funny how you change preferences over the years in search of your “forever” colors. I’ve now arrived at my happy place with colors and feel!

  7. Mel

    I once owned an art deco (I think) Sphinx lamp, which I think was designed to sit on top of a console TV. It was missing some parts, but I had always intended to repair it and use it in my home. Somewhere along the line, in the midst of many moves and sudden life changes in my early 20’s that lamp was lost. It definitely isn’t my style today, but I would have loved to have seen it complete and working in my home once upon a time.

  8. Francesca Gunn

    Green has always been my favorite color. Today’s post gave me ALL. THE. FEELS. I love it all and will be checking out all the goodies you spotlighted. I used to have a clear glass jar in the shape of a pear that I bought at a yard sale many, many years ago. It got broken when my toddler son and I got a little too rambunctious playing in the house. I still keep an eye out for a similar one.

  9. joan

    The color green can be perfect or, not so great. I have changed my great room walls 4 times looking for the right color. The short version is: I thought I finally found a nice pale green. Well… you know the story.. it was not even close. I call it “icky pea soup green”. I still think the store got the color wrong. Two weeks after we painted, we visited our friends who had found the PERFECT green and it spoke to me as the color for our space. Since my hubby had said “no do-overs” (afterall, 3 times should be enough to pay a painter for a very large/high space) we endured “icky pea soup green” for 5 years. . Finally, he, too, didn’t like the color and we painted it the perfect grey/green our friends used. I still love it. I did a 50% mix for the stairwell and it, too, is perfect.

    • Jenna

      What green color did you use that you liked?

      • Joan

        Sorry for the delayed reply. I bought the green paint from Hirshfields. It is called “Parsnips” from their Heritage Collection. I hope it works for you. Joan

  10. Vicki

    I have loved green since I was young, I like to think of green as my signature color since I have green eyes, a green birthstone (peridot), and am part Irish! I also went through the hunter green phase, and I still love cozy cottage style, but now prefer softer and warmer greens. I see it as one of nature’s neutrals and a color that you can never go wrong with, as long as it it not too garish. I like to use the softer and more muted shades of green in larger areas like on walls and save the brighter shades for accents.

  11. Harriet

    I have a touch of chartreuse green in every room of my otherwise gray and white house. I have a large framed photograph in my living room with black birds in shades of green water that I use as my inspiration. (Melissa, the photo was taken at Greenlake Park in Seattle and I live in Lake Oswego.) The chartreuse can be on a pillow or small bowl or a statue of Buddha – depending on the room. My use of green is not really noticeable unless you’re really looking for it, but as you said, it adds some depth and interest.

  12. Wendy Selego

    I have so much green outside my windows that I only bring it in with plants. I do love the wrought iron side table and have been eyeing up that folklore animal print.. I am stuck with my eighties blue, red, gold palette and would love to break out of that.

  13. Liz

    Oh lovely green! It makes my heart smile. We love nature and just everything outdoors so green is my favorite. What a lovely post.

  14. Cinnamon Mason

    I find it incredibly disturbing that your husband smashed your stool to bits as well as your other favorite things. How does that even happen? Psychologically, that just messes with my mind because of the underlying hostility it indicates. I couldn’t even appreciate your post.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh, that was actually just sarcastic! He was simply carrying it across the room in a bin and it accidentally broke. Definitely not intentional and no hostility there. :)

  15. Laura

    I love green! My living room walls have been green for 10 years and it still makes me happy. It is so nice to see green making a comeback.

  16. catherine

    I love green too! I have it all through my home in subtle ways. It’s my go to color. Recently found a green pillow for one of my sofas and it makes me happy everytime I pass by it. Enjoy all your posts but this one spoke to me. haha

  17. Charllotte

    I love minimal green in a wooden or beige background. It seems a little contradicts but harmonized together. Feels warm and refreshment at the same time. Like a small green vase on a dark brown wooden table.

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