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House Beautiful Fire Pit Inspiration

Sometimes I think I might enjoy gardening more than I like decorating. Anyone else? I really love puttering around our yard.

Our home really is in the city of Seattle (I know a lot of people say they live “in Seattle” but actually live hours away in neighboring town). But just because we live within the city doesn’t mean it feels like we live in a city. We are far enough from downtown that it is quite peaceful here!

We have quiet streets, no traffic, views of the water, mountains, and beautiful sunsets, plus plenty of room to enjoy all the gardening our heart desires.

Since we moved in we’ve added a beautiful deck, steps up to a brand new side patio where we enjoy our morning coffee to the sound of birds chirping, a sweet fragrant garden we call “Lily’s garden” and lots of container gardens. Our neighbors recently installed a fountain or water feature in their yard that we can hear from ours!

We have fixed up our yard to the point now that I’m starting to dream about what’s next! I’m already picturing pea gravel pathways surrounding new vegetable garden boxes. Flower gardens bordering our white painted shed. The list of ideas goes on!

I feel like if we are able to stay here forever I’ll never run out of projects for this place! For now, that’s exactly what we have decided to do. Stay put and continue to put down roots as we make this our home.

One thing I have missed from our old house is a fire pit. Remember the DIY fire pit we had? While we still have our “fire fountain” I would still love to create another gathering spot further out into the center of our back yard (beyond our Trex deck) complete with a circle of Adirondack chairs and a real fire pit.

Even though our kids will have all flown from the nest by this fall, maybe we can lure them back for an evening of roasting marshmallows and making S’mores. :)

Here are some inspiration photos I’ve saved of charming backyard fire pits!

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House Beautiful
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House and Home
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Better Homes and Gardens
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    Hi Melissa!! So glad to hear that you’ve decided to stay in this home!!! This is my favorite home of yours. I’ve loved all your projects. You have turned this home into such a beautiful sanctuary!! Can’t wait to see all your new upcoming outdoor projects. Have a great weekend🌞

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    We have a gas firepit on the deck at our new house and it doesn’t put out as much heat as I had hoped. It provides great ambiance, but nothing beats the true warmth of a real wood fire. We are considering adding a wood firepit and seating area to the concrete pad of our walkout basement, but I am not convinced it would get much use as people would have to go inside and back up the stairs to use the bathroom or grab drink refills. That could get old over the course of the evening. The gas firepit is very convenient to the kitchen and bathrooms. At our previous house, we tore out an old above ground pool and made a firepit area with flagstones filled in with pea gravel. That turned out really nice and we used it alot, way more than we ever used the pool!!

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    It’s that ” cave man” mentality…LOVE AN OPEN FIRE!! We SO enjoy ours. REALLY nice you’ve decided to plant roots in Seattle. franki

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    Fire pits seem to be the ultimate in outdoor coziness. Every time I visit friends who have them in their backyard, I put this on my wish list. The conversations and the snacks/drinks that go with having friends and family over are what bring everyone closer together. I hope you build your dream fire pit.

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    I love, love, love the fire pit and the whole setting in #2! I can just picture myself there!

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    Just stumbled across this post. What you’ve written here feels like home to me. (I’ve already spent a few minutes poking around your blog…Lovely!)

    Sometimes I think we use our fire pit as much for maintenance as for enjoyment. Seems like there’s so much we trim off trees and bushes, and once it dries out it makes great fire material.

    We’re path ppl as well. :)

    I will enjoy following your projects. Always fun to get a new inspiration!

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    Nothing like a fire pit on a crisp fall night. We had one in a previous house we lived in for nine years. We had so many parties for our kids in our big back yard and they’d roast hot dogs and make s’mores. Wonderful memories. We used pavers in the grass to make ours and it was so pretty. I know our lawn company tired of moving those Adirondack chairs to weed eat each of those pavers though!

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    Notice the metal firepits you buy usually have openings down low. Love that the heat comes out there and warms your feet! I love our built-in pit but wish I had left openings around the bottom so some heat comes out down by my feet instead of all in my face.


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