How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Kylee’s Coffee Station with Ikea Mug Hooks

I feel like I might have invented the coffee station. I mean, I’m sure I didn’t actually invent it, ha, but I’ve been sharing my coffee stations since there was no such thing as Instagram so that has to count for something! Feeling like I was ahead of the curve here.

So now that everyone has a coffee station, this year I thought I’d mix it up and give the ol‘ coffee station a festive new name. Cozy Sips Station was the best I could do. Sounds festive? (Maybe I stole that name from somewhere, I have no idea.) But we’ll go with it, a Cozy Sips Station sounds like a place I’d like to hang out all fall and winter.

True confessions. Sometimes I try to quit coffee and be a tea drinker. I have tried, I should say. I want to love tea. I actually do enjoy the flavor of some teas. But I can’t seem to quit coffee. Not because I’m addicted to it. I’m not. I drink a cup a day or less. Caffeine doesn’t seem to impact me like it does other people, but with Hashimoto’s I wonder if eliminating coffee might be a good idea (I’ve heard it might). That’s what prompts me to want to try tea!

I drink coffee because it feels so cozy to drink it. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love the taste and the whole ritual of having coffee. Creating a special station for the daily ritual makes it a special experience.

I know if I want to be a tea drinker I just need to make a new ritual out of drinking tea. My husband drinks tea, so maybe I just need to make it our daily tea date!

Tell me what tea I need to drink to make myself a tea lover? Is there a secret to great tea? What teas do you like? I like tea, I just am not obsessed with it yet, so tell me your ways!


I want to be a tea drinker.

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
from The Inspired Room book

You’ll find some coffee station inspiration ideas from my home and my daughters’ homes (Kylee and Courtney) in this post. You’ll see my coffee stations a few times with different styling, so hopefully you’ll find some ideas that might inspire you!

At our house choosing the mug for our coffee has always been part of our morning ritual. It’s a fun tradition for guests, too.

Scroll to the end of the post for coffee station styling sources and a cute mug roundup! This homebody mug is calling my name.

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Courtney’s Coffee Station (find sources at the end of the post!)
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Similar Coffee Maker / Copper Moscow Mule Mugs / Kitchen Details
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Wood and Metal 2 Tiered Serving Stand
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Metal Mug Tree / Similar Coffee Maker
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Kitchen Details / Wall Sconce
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Stovetop espresso / percolator

I no longer have my big espresso machine in my kitchen (it needs a repair), but I have used this little stove top percolator espresso maker for a couple of years now and it makes yummy coffee (use a coarse ground organic high quality coffee!)! If you have a small kitchen, it’s a great option.

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
Coffee Maker

It’s fun to have coffee stations for different spaces in your home, too. The one above was in my old office!

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)

This coffee station was set up in our dining room when we first moved in!

Sometimes with a smaller kitchen or for entertaining guests, you might need to find a little cart or table to set up your station (or an extra one!) in a nearby space. Moving the station out of your kitchen for the holidays can help make more room!

It’s also fun to style your station differently for the seasons. Be sure to make it feel extra cozy in fall and winter!

See the coffee station in my old house in all the seasons here.

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)
How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)

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PS…Below are some cozy sips recipes for fall! If you’re my Young Living member, I posted a printable download of this card and other fall recipe cards in our private group Dwell Well Collective! If you aren’t sure how to access them, shoot me an email at If you’re not a member yet, new members can still get my Fall Scent Bundle with my favorite autumn oil samples–click here for details!

How to Create a Cozy Sips Station (+ Mug Roundup)

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  1. We have a small amount of counter space so it feels crowded when I have a coffee/tea station out – but I love all the cute accessories! Haha. This made me think maybe I can rearrange some things today in the cabinet above our coffee make to make a little tucked away station. :) I love coffee too but feel like I need to experiment with exactly what method of brewing it I like. You really can’t beat the smell of coffee :) but lately I’ve been doing a cup of tea in the morning and it’s pretty great and jitter- free! Haha.

    Looking forward to seeing if anyone recommends some good teas here!

  2. Team Tea here! Favorite black tea is the Ahmad Tea brand, English Tea No. 1. It is the yellow label. It has a nice taste when enjoyed black but I love it with a dash of milk. At night I like Yogi brand tea, Soothing Caramel Bedtime. I don’t typically like chamomile tea but this one has a nice flavor, relaxes me, and helps me get to sleep quickly.

  3. I am a big tea and coffee lover but I do not have the counter space for a station. Your coffee station is probably my favorite thing in your blogs! A girl can dream.

  4. I’m a tea, not coffee drinker! I love a good, black tea. Buy quality (Yorkshire Gold is wonderful) tea, use cold water to boil, and steep it for the appropriate time. There is a tea for all tastes, and many blends with delightful flavors. I recently drank a white tea with white chocolate at a tea room!

    Don’t be afraid to give it a try! Tea is delightful, and the rituals of tea are fun!

  5. I feel about tea like you feel about coffee, but I don’t want to be a coffee drinker. :) If you aren’t an ice tea drinker, maybe start there. Locally made teas tend to be better quality and therefore you may find their flavor more palatable. One of my favorite mugs I picked up at The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile – Canvas Home Tinware Mug. They look like tinware but are ceramic and most importantly, hold alot of tea.

  6. Tea is okay but i am 100% team coffee! We have a Keurig and I am always trying different flavors, but I have been wanting to get a Nespresso. The only thing holding be back is the limited flavors. Cant see myself ever quitting coffee….

  7. Brittany Romero says

    What a cozy coffee spot!! I’m a coffee drinker through and through, but when it’s cold out, I like tea in the afternoon. Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice is so good!!!

  8. I always love and look forward to your coffee station posts! I adore the cheerful mugs with so much personality. We go through phases with coffee and tea – coffee with espresso machine for awhile, then back to hot tea. I’m fortunate to hang out with refugees as a part of a ministry and have discovered how much better other cultures are at tea! So my favorite is my friend’s Yemeni tea boiled with cardamom and cloves, serve with milk and ( plenty of – lol) sugar. And my go to favorite tea bag is Stash Chai Spice. When I host teas for refugees I use 3 or 4 green tea bags and one chai spice with the cardamom and cloves.

  9. These coffee stations are so visually appealing that I wish I liked coffee or at least tea. While I love the smell of coffee being brewed, I don’t like the taste. Tea doesn’t do much for me either so I stick to water and milk. As I think ahead to the cold winter months though, setting up a hot chocolate station would be ideal. Thank you for including photos of all the beautiful items; I enjoyed looking at them.

  10. Ah, you’re right… Mom’s coffee station had no name 50 years ago and neither did my Grandma”s tea station, but both were so cozy to come and get a cup of favorite beverage at the extra wide kitchen range. Everything you needed in one place including some not so pretty mugs. Cozy practicality. That included cocoa with real milk and sugar made in the sauce pan. But yours are SO beautiful!! As is your home!

  11. Coffee drinker here! Thanks for sharing your “cozy sips” recipes….will need to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  12. Visit some tea rooms in your area. They should be able to help you make a selection of teas, based on your likes and dislikes of flavors. The teas may be a bit more expensive, but consider it a treat for your body.

    I use the cabinet above my coffee pot to store coffees, cocoas, flavorings, cups, etc. The small cabinet above my refrigerator has extra cups which I trade out every now and then. It’s time to get out some of the fall inspired cups as well as check the supplies for fall and winter drinks.

  13. Cozy Sips is now my new favorite! And it totally works all year long! I agree that a good beverage can be enticed with a good routine. Thanks for all the fun pics to look at and enjoy!!!

  14. I prefer herbal tea and hot chocolate and cider. I love a pretty mug though. I also really love Courtney’s wall clock. Any idea where it’s from?

  15. As the type of family that has three different types of coffee makers out I really appreciate this. Plus love that you provide links as I was able to get the white wire rack for my daughter and the fantastic two tier round shelf for myself last year. I like how both are easy to switch things out on with the seasons keeping looks fresh and fun . Thanks!

  16. I’m totally with you on wanting to be a tea drinker. I like to hold it, and smell it, but I haven’t found much I actually enjoy drinking. I drink coffee or homemade hot chocolate. I’m very excited that it’s just about cider season!

  17. Veronica Nightingale says

    I have coffee just about every morning but I also love tea! I have a teapot collection and a stash of teabags as well as loose tea. Loose tea takes a little more trouble but is definitely worth it! However to start you off I would recommend Yorkshire Gold. An afternoon or evening cup(or two) of tea is relaxing. I drink mine with honey and lemon. Try it different ways and see what you prefer.

  18. I am totally with you, I want to drink tea instead, but it’s not as cozy to me. I don’t actually drink coffee every day any more, here is how I transitioned: First I found a tea I really enjoy. For me it is Lady Grey, it’s a black tea with citrus and bergamot (I think they have it at Trader Joes). Also, I still let myself drink coffee as a treat sometimes. But it’s just a treat, I don’t want to feel like I HAVE to have it every day. Have you tried Tumeric Lattes? I haven’t yet but ran across a tasty looking recipe the other day and want to give it a try! I’ve also heard of Crio Bru as a substitute but haven’t tried it yet.

    • That sounds like a good way to transition (thanks, I’ll check Trader Joe’s for that tea!). Sometimes I’ll go a week without coffee and think I CAN DO THIS no big deal! And then I suddenly miss the taste and have to go back haha. I have had a Tumeric Latte and it was pretty good. Different, but good. Kylee makes Matcha lattes. I think there are quite a few ways to make a unique hot beverage, so I just need to experiment a bit more!

  19. Go to Teavana or someplace that sells fresh, loose-leaf tea. Smell them and ask lots of questions to find one that seems to suit you and then brew it according to the instructions they give. You may have to try a couple different ones until you find your favorite but now that I drink tea this way I will not drink tea any other way.

  20. I totally credit you, Melissa, with my coffee station! I love having everything handy the different coffees, filters, scoop right next to the coffee maker – plus it keeps my counters neat and organized. Since I’m the only one in the house who drinks tea I just keep my teas in a pretty canister on my hutch. And I totally got the idea for a mugs rack from you as well!

  21. I love coffee too .But for many reasons I have gingery green tea twice a day when I really want to feel awake .But my morning coffee is much needed too.

  22. We have a shelf in the pantry that is dedicated to tea. Then we put in honey if we decide if the tea needs a bit of sweetness to it. We do have a coffee maker but it is the teapot that gets more use. I love your set up.

  23. I wish I could have a coffee station in my kitchen but it is way too small and doesn’t even have enough cabinet space to store plates, cups, etc. as well as food items (canned and boxed goods). I have an underactive thyroid and still drink a cup of coffee in the morning. However, when I’m done flying around doing housework or something else, I will relax with a cup of tea later on. I like P and G tips British tea. I have several different kinds of tea including herbal ones. I got a nice Earl Grey from an English Tea Room in Arizona. That was a nice trip and the shop is also a restaurant where you can sit and have tea and something to eat. All the teas are served in elegant tea pots with dainty tea cups, along with strainers that fit over the cups. It was lovely.

  24. I’m with you – I feel like I should drink more tea, but I LOVE coffee! Cute stations!!

  25. I also love the taste of coffee but only in the good old USA. We travel to Eastern Europe 2 x a year for mission trips and I had to find a hot drink that I could enjoy and take with me. I have found two teas I love, earl gray and English breakfast tea. Give them a try. The key is to use boiling hot water and only steep the bags for five minutes or it gets bitter.

  26. I love coffee in the morning. We make ours in a pour over and LOVE IT. But when the weather changes we love a good cuppa tea early afternoon. We like it with honey and cream; Red Rose black tea, English Breakfast, Tipps, basic black tea is our preference. So, we are not tea snobs BUT mug snobs; our mugs must have a lip, a curved lip. Straight mugs won’t work with us. I love coffee stations but with a pour over you really don’t need much space!

  27. I always tell myself to switch to tea, since it seems to be so sophisticated and European. Alas, the allure of coffee is too strong.

    Now to add some coziness to my coffee station…

  28. Love your cozy sips idea! We are not tea drinkers at our house, I don’t even own a coffee pot! I do keep coffee bags(like tea bags) for company.

  29. I love Twinnings English Breakfast tea. I drink it almost everyday, but some days I drink coffee instead. I love the aroma of coffee brewing.
    I’ve had a coffee/tea station since 1975 and my mother before me. :)

  30. Coffee. . . Yum! We use a stovetop esspesso maker each morning. I make our coffee mugs from clay, so each one is unique. Guests enjoy picking their own mug.

  31. I like both coffee and tea but when I am not feeling well I always reach for tea. My Mom would give it to us when we were children so it is always comforting now. Bigelow’s Constant Comment is my go to. Twinnings Nightly Calm is great before bed. Sometimes I fall asleep before I can finish it!
    Now really exciting news- my book was delivered today and I am loving it. Thanks.

  32. I love Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Sachets from Caribou Coffee in the fall and winter.
    A blend of black teas, this tea contains three different types of cinnamon infused with orange peel and sweet cloves. It is so yum! I order their tins online.

  33. I have been lusting over that mug tree since forever! Sadly, I have no counter space for it. Also, I don’t use my mugs. I brew from the Keurig directly into my large travel mug. It keeps my coffee at the prefect drinking temperature (for me) until gone. I do prefer herbal tea when under the weather, and green tea on chilly evenings.

  34. I’m just the opposite, in that I’ve never liked coffee. I stumble out of bed every morning and the world isn’t right until my cup of tea is ready to sip. I love Stash brand Chai Spice black tea (with milk and raw sugar), but my absolute favorite is a chocolate/caramel flavored black tea that I serve in my tea room.

  35. I have to have my morning coffee, although I do agree with Tina (in the comments above), hot tea is comforting when I’m sick, My mom would make a nice hot cup of tea sweetened just right when we were not feeling well, so I guess that’s why tea is my go to when I’m sick.

  36. I never became a coffee drinker; however, I do love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I love tea, but I must have creamer. I love Earl Gray and a Chai tea latte.

  37. I enjoy tea on occasion but coffee is my preferred drink. I have a keurig, coffee press, and a regular coffee maker. I enjoy the smell of fresh brewed coffee when I wake up. ( coffee pot has a timer). Not usually a coffee creamer person but will be getting some sugar free pumpkin flavored creamer soon!

  38. About a year ago I created two coffee stations …. one inside the house and one on the back porch!

  39. I love it when you do a blog about coffee stations since the one you set up in your previous kitchen was the inspiration for me to set mine up. That kitchen was comparable to mine in that it was u-shaped but much, much smaller. The stove was on the same wall but I have a corner sink (very small) with two windows whereas you had normal sink with a window above it and counterspace to the right. I always laughed when I saw your remodel because you took out the peninsula and I’ve regretted that Del Webb didn’t bother to build a peninsula at all so I had to create a faux one. Back to the coffee station – could afford the counterspace to set it up to the right of the sink as you did but I realized that since it was just a small Mr. Coffee, it could fit in that almost useless bit of space between the stove and the left wing of the sink so that’s where it went. First resolution was to replace the black one when it died with a small white one. It doesn’t come out very far and there’s room beside it for an old silver latch-top box which hold tea bags and my Serenity Cup (no mugs) and a color-coordinated small pic hides a light switch. It’s one of my favorite spots in my kitchen. The rest of the kitchen is still a work in progress with the challenge of where to put things I use daily, particularly at the sink, but don’t want to leave on the counter and don’t have any convenient closed areas to store plus feeding two cats plus no place to store the trashcan or the recycle bin (hence the faux peninsula so they can sit inside it and out of view) and … whine, whine, whine … but I’m determined, and I do love everything else I’ve accomplished. I do think of you every time I walk over to my station and pour a cup of coffee, and I’ll always be indebted to your for so much inspiration and the excitement of thinking outside the box.

  40. I’m a tea girl all the time. I prefer black teas – I see someone else recommended Yorkshire Gold and I love that one. Earl Grey with a bit of milk is also delicious. The key to making good tea is using a teapot, NOT making it in a mug or teacup. The tea needs time to brew and release its flavours. I don’t like my tea very strong so I let it steep just a few minutes. I take the tea leaves (best) or bags out and then I have tea at just the right strength for a second cup.
    Love all the cozy sip stations pictured. I have a small kitchen and don’t like too many things out, so I prefer having my tea making things mostly hidden away.

  41. I don’t drink coffee, but I have a coffee station for my husband and guests.

  42. Melanie Plumb says

    One of the best things about Fall, warm drinks! I love the cozy sip station ideas :)

  43. I love coffee but I also love tea too. Tazo has a delicious vanilla macaroon tea and a caramel chai. Chai tea is a good place to start with fall. I like my coffee with cream and sugar but I usually drink my tea unadulterated. I do add a touch of honey sometimes.

  44. Ginger Varner says

    Thank you for the enjoyable blog on coffee stations! I extra love the natural dish towel rod! That will be a definite addition to my station when it is finished. We removed the upper cabinet and will replace with open shelves (love this idea!) and the cabinet below has all my coffee/tea supplies. Looking forward to it getting finished but in the meantime we are using the area for coffee & tea! I am a Jasmine Green tea drinker first thing in the morning, one cup then on to delicious freshly ground coffee-black, so I can enjoy the taste

  45. Harney and Sons tea has a huge selection of teas from all over the world and they are all full of flavor. I can often use the tea bags twice in a mug if it’s a black tea. Many of the teas come in a beautiful, colorful tin that can be reused as a planter, pencil holder, etc. You can find them online.

  46. Have you tried Market Spice Tea from Pike Place Market? Lots of delicious varieties available!

  47. Most people don’t brew tea properly. THAT is the problem – tea bags and overbrewing – blech,

    Don’t use tea bags, buy the nylon tea sachets to start. MY advice is to always brew loose leaf tea – it is the best because it is leaves, not dust. BUT the sachets are a good compromise – it’s leaves, and there’s room for the tea leaves to expand…leading to a much better flavor! Bring water to a boil, pour over your sachet and brew for 4 minutes. Don’t overbrew or it gets bitter.

    If you opt for green or white teas (not my thing, I like a strong black tea,) keep in mind to not boil your water – but bring to almost a boil for these tender teas…..too hot and it will “burn” the leaves and leave you with a bitter cup.

    Get Harney and Sons. My all time favorite is called “Paris,” but a great daily tea, just tea – I suggest Oolong.
    They have a great web site and there are ample choices to try samples, too.
    Have fun exploring new flavors and strengths.

  48. Tea tastes are too personal to be able to know yours, but I would think it might be more in the having a super cute new tea pot and a cup for only tea at Sips Station; maybe a basket to use fresh tea leaves not bags (better no matter what flavor you prefer!)…

  49. Sharon Campbell says

    I love having my Nespresso machine next to all the coffee things!

  50. Shari Schempp says

    I want to be a tea drinker, but I hate it. I keep trying different kinds, but I actually hate every single one I’ve tried. Hate it so much I can’t take more than a couple of sips. I guess it’s just not meant to be. 🤷‍♀️

  51. Lorraine Johnson says

    We’re not coffee drinkers but do love other hot drinks – anyone else drink Pero? I’ve never thought to have a “cozy sips station” before the holidays and love the inspiration to enjoy it now.

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