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A Holiday Scented Home

Cinnamon, vanilla, orange, clove, frankincense…mmmm, my house is smelling like the holidays! I love all of the cozy scents. Scents are extremely powerful, and this time of year (and yes, during this wild year in particular) they are even more significant to our well-being.

We are the gatekeepers of our home, what we bring into our home matters to the well-being of those inside. I think about that responsibility every day. The actions I take, the choices I make, the things I bring inside, the decisions I make, the mood I create, it all matters so much. It’s always mattered, of course (as I wrote in my book Dwelling and my journal, Dwelling Well), but now more than ever we must be extremely intentional in creating a safe and healthy home for our family, as well as do everything we can to create an uplifting mood for our home.

A Holiday Scented Home
Christmas Cleaner: 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaning Concentrate, 16 oz water, 15 drops Christmas Spirit

Scents have a profound impact on our emotions, so pure natural scents are a valuable tool in our health tool box. This time of year it’s particularly tempting to buy all of the holiday scented products: the candles, the hand soaps, the counter cleaners, the room sprays, the pine cones, the fragrance oils in order to scent our home and our bodies, too!

Which ones are safe?

Fragrance is an ingredient you’ll find listed on many scented household products, but it is actually a generic term that can apply to and cover up many toxic ingredients that are actually detrimental to our lungs and immune/endocrine/reproductive systems or can even contain known cancer-causing ingredients.

How we scent our home matters to our health and well-being. That’s why I use only the purest ingredients and essential oils for my cosmetics, room and linen sprays, diffusers, household cleaners, hand soaps, perfumes, health products, etc.

When you use pure and natural essential oils they come directly from nature’s plants and flowers, so they benefit your health! Pure essential oils help me to relax, feel less stress, feel more joy , support my health, as well as retain the good memories associated with their scents. It’s important to note that essential oils on the market aren’t pure, in fact, many contain synthetic preservatives and compromised or toxic ingredients!

A Holiday Scented Home

During the holiday season I am always well stocked on Christmas Spirit Oil! It is the most delightful scent. I use it to diffuse, add drops to my household cleaner, and make room sprays out of it!

A Holiday Scented Home

Click here for a list of my favorite essential oils for holiday scents! You can add or remove any of the oils from that list to your shopping cart.

A Holiday Scented Home

I love creating diffuser blends using pure essential oils so my home smells better than any candle!

My favorite oils are from Young Living, When you use my referral link (just make sure my referral number is there at checkout: 3731456) you also become a part of my home + wellness community called the Dwell Well Collective. We provide lots of recipes for your diffusers and room spray as well as support to make sure you feel confident in using oils and toxin-free products in your home!

A Holiday Scented Home

Making a room spray is easy! Add drops of essential oils of choice to a spray bottle and fill with water! Splash of witch hazel optional to help it mix together. My favorite festive room spray combines 20 drops Christmas Spirit + 10 drops Vanilla. I’ve linked those and some other favorite festive scents for you here! You can remove or add any items as you wish :)

Once you have your YL account set up, you’ll be able to get any of these oils and more (as well as 600 toxin free products) at a discount any time. There is never any obligation to buy more, but because you have your own account you can place an order any time!

Text me at 503-805-6457 if you have any questions or trouble ordering from Young Living!

A Holiday Scented Home

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