Use your own creativity!

Use your own creativity!

Upstairs hall, originally uploaded by Alicia Paulson. Photo used by permission.

I know I have been commenting on Posie Gets Cozy non-stop, but my oh my! I sure get inspired by looking at Alicia’s charming home, studio and life. I knew she was talented but I could just sit in awe for days looking at her lovely photographs. I promise to branch out and look at other people’s sites very soon (tell me where to look, I am new to this!), but for now I have been so content catching up on her life in photos. LOVELY! Even if you aren’t a craft person, you can learn something by observing her sense of color, placement and fresh ideas.

I wanted to share one of her photos with you (I think this is proper?) [note: Photo used by permission]. This is just too cute and charming for words. I actually recognize that second little flowered dress on the wall from my old Raggedy Ann Doll! The doll is missing right now (Alicia????) but it warms my heart to see her little dress hanging on Alicia’s wall.

This is a great example of how you can use things that you love to create art and interest in a room. Choose things that are lovely and arrange them in groups according to colors or common theme. You won’t be able to help but smile as you walk into this room. And that dog, how cute is he?

Color: You are so out you are in!

So you have a hunter green sofa and your friends tell you hunter green is so “over”. Like back in 1992 or something like that. What do your friends know? And who cares, really. Don’t ask your friends! This is your home! Friends mean well, but they often have no idea what they are talking about. Especially when it comes to YOUR style (or your budget!).

And to paraphrase Gretchen Schauffler of the Devine Color phenomenon (of whom I can say “I knew her before she was famous” if I wanted to drop names–eek! She is a famous entrepreneur now, but still a fun person to get insight from): “Does the forest ever say to the trees: Hunter Green is so out? Of course not!”

There are no “out” colors. It is all in how you present them that makes the difference. In the right doses, in the right places, all colors are still “in”. Look outside! What do you see? If you live in the northwest, I bet you see green. Every possible shade of green — even hunter green. All living happily together in 2007.

So, back in your house…don’t throw that hunter green sofa out and look for a new hipper color. How about adding that “new” (a new color?) hipper color on your walls or in some pillows, a throw, or in a new footstool? Added to your hunter green, you’ll have a lively new addition to your space and your room will feel totally new and updated.