Rate My Space Wisdom

Rate My Space Wisdom

I was thinking some more about Rate My Space (I know, I should get a life!) and after Penny‘s comment, I have some more thoughts to share! Imagine that, more thoughts from me! Penny shared yesterday that she had in fact put her rooms on Rate My Space, but had unique reasoning for it. She did it as a way to draw more traffic to her business website, and that is definitely an idea worth considering. I think sometimes in life you have to be willing to put yourself out there in order to achieve something important to you. Free advertising is nothing to pooh-pooh! She is one smart and creative lady, I’ll tell you!

As most of you shared, I think there is a certain vulnerability with sharing yourself or home in a way that invites comments or criticism. I usually tell people to NOT ask their friends what they think of their decor, because the answer isn’t one you can really draw any conclusions from. They may have different taste, little understanding of design, misunderstand your lifestyle, or not be aware of limitations or architectural problems you had to deal with. Or, they may say it is fabulous even if they hate it because they are wanting to encourage you or flatter you for some reason. Or they are just being nice and really have no opinion. Lots of things can make people give advice that really isn’t applicable or helpful.

Blogs are great because usually people are positive and genuine, but I still caution you with placing too much stock in what other people think of your photos, how many positive comments you got on your post, or whatever. More comments does not mean someone is better or more interesting, you just can’t judge blogs or people that way. Less comments doesn’t mean you were boring. Just be you, enjoy your life and sharing it with others. Comments or no comments, raves or not, you do your best with what you’ve got and that is what matters. It is not a popularity contest, although you may have your 15 minutes!

Of course we want other people to love our homes and what we’ve done with them as much as we do. We put our hearts into them and want to share a bit of our world. Yet, because of our fears we sometimes want to protect ourselves from criticism or judgment so we don’t share, or we don’t ask for help when we might need it.

Rate My Space Wisdom

I am certainly not opposed to asking for decorating advice, being that I am a decorating consultant! Good thing! I think if you are not comfortable in your home, if something doesn’t feel right or isn’t coming together, or you want to achieve something that is outside of your ability time-wise, financially or creativity-wise, you should not be afraid to ask someone you trust to give you an honest suggestion. And your blogging friends can certainly give you worthwhile suggestions or stretch you in new ways!

With professionals especially you should feel confident that they are there to help you create the best possible room for you, within your style and budget. What I personally think about your style isn’t as relevant to me as what matters to you!

I think asking for assistance is in no way a reflection on your own ability. I have people who are immensely creative and have lovely things that still call me for advice. We can’t or shouldn’t always feel we have to do everything ourselves. Even if we are talented or creative. Other people can bring new perspective and “I never thought of that” moments to your life! Just consider the source and your circumstances before you make significant changes that you might regret.

So, Rate My Space or blog a 10 or not, I think the underlying point here is create the kind of life you want to live and live it boldly with joy and confidence! Ask for help when you need it and share your life experience with others. You may inspire people who never even leave a comment, or by the thoughtful words you take time to express, so keep up the good work blogging friends!

photo: Martha Stewart online

Rate My Space

Rate My Space

What is the fascination with Rate My Space? Someone, please tell me! I know it is fun to look into other people’s homes, I get that. I love to peek inside myself if given the chance! I am the kind of person who will drive around a neighborhood at night so I can see your beautiful rooms! Yep, I’ll admit it. I’m a beautiful room stalker.

But for those of you who have put yourself through the torture of having people you don’t even know rate your space, and tell you what is good or bad about your decorating or remodeling from a postage sized photo, what is the appeal? WHO is rating your space and why do you care what the world thinks? What is in it for you?

Perhaps it is just all in good fun, but the people rating your space might have horrible taste! They have never been in your home or stood in your room. They probably have no idea what they are talking about! Most of them seem nice enough, but still!

I’ve read through some of the comments on these poor folks rooms and can’t believe some of the stuff people say. Some of it is fine advice, some of it STINKS!

Please, help me! I am just a bit out of the loop on why people do this. Enlighten me, dear readers! I know some of you may have your rooms listed and will be able to tell me your experience with this phenomenon. If you think it is the funnest, greatest experience ever, let me know! Does anyone regret being on there?

I have helped people with their decorating dilemmas from photos before and I don’t find it the best way to really solve issues. Remember my sweet cherubs, your home is more than what you can see in a photo. Photos can be very deceiving and I don’t want any of you being misled or getting your feelings hurt over some odd comment on Rate My Space.

I don’t like ratings for anything (including blog directories — mean people can give you a thumbs down for no reason, so you really can’t trust those ratings!), unless it is something I am going to buy. Then I want to know what Consumer Reports thinks! I don’t trust movie ratings either.

Ok, enough ranting about Rate My Space from me. I want to know, what do YOU think? How do you rate Rate My Space and why?

photo from my visit to the Street Of Dreams Portland 2007