Chocolate goodness for all of your senses

WOW! Thank you Kim for your kindness in featuring me on Today’s Creative Blog. To say that I am honored would be an understatement. She has a fantastic site. Thank you for including me, Kim! I met (virtually) her for the first time today and we are already planning a Northwest outing. Blogging friends are so great! I am humbled to be among such creative people. Thank you to each person who has taken the time to stop by, say hello, or comment. I really do appreciate you!

Here, have some chocolate…

Chocolate goodness for all of your senses

Have you ever heard of Moonstruck Chocolates? They are a fabulous hand-crafted artisan chocolate company based in my hometown, Portland, Oregon. Lucky me! From their website: Specialty chocolate and espresso drinks partnered with hand crafted artisan chocolates for an experience that can alter the course of your day for the better, in a setting that inspires you to linger. Now that I like!

And what’s more: Moonstruck Chocolates was founded on the premise that chocolate is not simply a candy, but an experience to be enjoyed by all the senses! Now that’s what WE’RE talking about! Oh yeah.

So, grab a mug and drink up! When we get to my 100th post, we’ll do a little giveaway and I will really send you some of this stuff, some Moonstruck chocolate goodness. My treat! We’ve got a ways to go, but it will be worth the wait! This stuff is divine.

Thanks again for all your kind words and reaching out a hand in friendship! You are all inspiring to me!

If you can’t wait for my 100th post, find Moonstruck here!

Textures in My Home — The Slideshow

Textures in My Home -- The Slideshow

Hello! Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more exciting, I am trying a little fancy thing for you all. It relates to our “Five Senses” series. Yippee!

Now, I know I said I was going to be clearing out the clutter in my house. And I did, really I did! Boy did I ever! A whole carload. But, that gets kind of boring after awhile, so I found myself day dreaming and looking around my house at all the textures.

I thought to myself, “Self, you could take some pictures of what you are seeing and share them with your blog friends…” So, I picked up my camera and took some pictures. Not the best pictures in the world, I have no idea how to use my camera. Some of them got some weird water color effect going on. Guess that just adds to the texture!

So, then I thought about how cool it would be to make one of those Flickr badges with the photos of all the textures. So I did that too. BUT, sadly, I cannot post in here due to some limitations with my blog.

However, I was able to make a slideshow of textures in my home for your enjoyment! That is right! We are going hi-tech today. So grab yourself some popcorn and head on over to the link I will provide below. If all goes according to plan, you’ll get the flavor of my house through the textures shown in the photos. Not everything with texture is shown, obviously, but enough. I even showed some dust, that is texture, right? I think it is kind of cool to see all the textures because I bet if you took pictures of the textures in YOUR house, your home’s personality would emerge as well. Textures can change how your home looks and feels.

Many of these photos are new to you, but a few I just used from the past.

Ok, so grab that popcorn and enjoy! Let me know if it worked, be sure to push “fast” when you get there to make things move along a little quicker! CLICK HERE: Roll ’em! (if this doesn’t work I will be SO embarrassed…)

UPDATE: Technical difficulties I believe have been fixed…Click on Roll ’em link above…