Finally! Fab 40

Finally! Fab 40

Thank you to the four wonderful people who presented me with this award. I really am greatly touched to be thought of and enjoy each of your blogs, and you, so much. You are all special and deserve the award back again:

Kathy’s Cottage

Lavender Hills Studio

Pear Street Studio

Vintage Pastiche

Ok, there is no way to choose people for these awards. I would make a lousy judge on American Idol. I’d pick everyone. How can you decide who makes you smile? Well, the truth is, you all do. And many times with these awards I have just given it back to everyone because everyone deserves it.

This time, since I was honored to receive this award four times, I am taking advantage of how many people I can nominate and I decided to make a list. And while there are DOZENS more that make me smile, I had to think of a way to stop at 40! That was really tough, so I decided that at the moment I started this post on Sunday, I would look back at the 40 previous commenters on my blog. Sure enough, each of them had made me smile! Perfect!

I took just that list of 40, minus the four ladies who gave me the award, and used that for my list. The people on the list made me smile because not only did they take time out of of their day to say nice things (and we all like nice comments!) but I have visited their blogs and been touched or inspired by what they do. Yes, they all made me smile. Those 40 and so many more.

Commenters are special and when you do leave a note, you not only brighten someone’s day but you show your caring heart and allow the blogger to know you are out there hearing them. You are all commended today for being people who do that!

I want to honor these 40 here, for each of them has something special and unique to offer. And in turn, I hope you will visit them and encourage them. And I hope they will pass on the award to 10 others.

If you have just received this award, as many of you have, you can just let people know in your post that you received another one (you still deserve to mention it, it is still an award no matter how many times you receive it!), but don’t feel an obligation to pass it on again unless you want to.

Lastly, I am also touched by people who left comments but did not share a blog address. They are not included in my list but they have not gone without notice. I appreciate each one.

Here we go! Be sure to visit them and congratulate ’em for being smile-inducing commenters!

  1. A Haven For Vee

  2. Esther Sunday

  3. Neutral Dwelling

  4. Sweet Cottage Dreams

  5. Cre8tiva

  6. Sophie Honeysuckle

  7. A Nurse’s Walk

  8. Flea Market Queen

  9. An Indian Summer

  10. Photos-City-Mine

  11. My Bella Colle

  12. Somewhere in Time

  13. Little Red House

  14. Scrap To My Lu

  15. Reflections on Radiance

  16. The Feathered Nest — Manuela

  17. Rang-decor

  18. A Thing For Roses

  19. McMaster & Storm

  20. Poof You’re A Frog

  21. This is Glamorous

  22. Design for Mankind

  23. Moonlight Musings

  24. Paris in Autumn

  25. Becoming Home

  26. Sophie Rose Designs

  27. Cozy Egg

  28. Nunnie’s Attic

  29. Back Porch Musings

  30. Essemia

  31. Celebrate Creativity

  32. Artful Creations

  33. I’m A Little Teapot

  34. Bittersweet Punkin

  35. Eight Crazy

  36. Farmhouse Style

  37. Ramblings From An English Garden

  38. Counting Your Blessings

  39. Brilliant Asylum

  40. Bunny Rose Cottage

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day

Monday October 15 is Blog Action Day, a day to voice your concern about the environment in a way that is meaningful to you. So how do I do my part to consume less? Among my own efforts to recycle, I encourage people to consider the possibility of not redecorating with new things, but to use what you already have!

I encourage you to find new ways to use existing furnishings and accessories. Find things second hand, quality antiques or even better, use stuff from your own home rather than starting over with all new furnishings. Keep things longer and buy less. Not only will the earth thank you, but your pocketbook will too.

If you need help figuring out how to pull things you already own together to create a comfortable and lovely home, call in a professional who is trained in the Use What You HaveĀ® methods of redesign! This is the premier founding organization for earth and budget friendly redecorating services, encouraging and inspiring clients to buy less and re-use what they already have. Click here to be directed to media articles describing how an Interior Refiner can help you.

Usually it is not what we don’t have, but how we use what we do have that makes a difference in our life. With some creativity, clever tricks and tried and true principles, your home can get a whole new look without a bank loan and a truck load of new stuff! If something doesn’t feel right about your home, chances are you just need to re-arrange or re-purpose something!

Go forth and consume less!