Bing, photos, and fortunately, donuts

Bing, photos, and fortunately, donuts

Still working on my holiday photos…I ate a lot of powdered sugar donuts today. You know, when you are working on a display you want to make sure that things taste just right. For the photo. That and you don’t have time to fix anything better. And what is better than a powdered sugar donut, anyways? It helps the photos to look less staged, too, with all of those crumbs all over the tablecloth.

The little things in the star dish above are not donuts, though. You wouldn’t want to eat those. They are shells. Aren’t they pretty?



So between Bing Crosby and my donuts, I am making some progress. You can’t get into the holiday spirit without Bing.

I will be back with more photos tomorrow (I will show you a several a week for the next few months!) and we can start talking about how to scent our homes for everyday and the holidays. I’m counting on all of you to pitch in on this one. Start thinking now (but don’t post it yet, we want to do it all on ONE post!) about your favorite home scents, favorite candles (brands and scents) or methods to scent the house, favorite laundry soaps, cleaning products, non-allergenic ways to scent the home (or keep it from smelling at all), things you bake or boil to get things smelling nice, tips, tricks, whatever! As long as it helps your home to smell good and not bad, we are going to list it all! Then when we need to know what the best smelling candles are, the best smelling laundry soaps, non-allergenic products, or potions to boil on the stove to scent the air, we will have to look no further than our own resident blog readers and all of their informative comments.

You’re the best! I really appreciate all of your comments and emails. Thanks to each one of you who has stopped in! You are always welcome here.

Bing, photos, and fortunately, donuts

Christmastime is here…

Christmastime is here...

Christmastime is here. Bringing lots of cheer…

Well, not really. But you would have to wonder if you looked around my house! Boxes of decorations are strewn about, wreaths are being hung from ribbons and stockings already adorn the fireplace. Just like the chaos that usually happens in late November, only it isn’t November! It is kind of exciting in a way, the thought that my house could be fully decorated for the holidays and it is only September! All of October, November and December I could focus on baking, entertaining and gift wrapping?!!! How fun that will be! No mad scramble around here this year! Of course, we will still have to get our tree…

I love to do holiday decorating that can last from early fall right on through spring just with a few quick changes here and there. I like to do lots of greenery and garden decor as a backdrop so you can just add some pumpkins or gourds in fall; twinkly lights and red berries in winter; and early flowering blooms when spring arrives. That is my favorite, natural backdrops with holiday touches.

Tomorrow is picture taking day, so I don’t have photos yet to share. But soon I will have holiday ideas and photos for those of you who are chomping at the bit to get going on the holiday season! I know a few of you have asked for ideas so we will definitely need to talk about holiday decor. Happily, most of you are enjoying one season at a time and are in no rush to move on!

In addition to maybe showing a bit of my holiday preparations, I want to talk starting this week about the scented home! We are ready to continue in our Five Senses series and I think next we will talk about the sense of smell — fall has such a delicious scent, don’t you think? I can’t wait to talk about some of our everyday favorite scents, as well as all the wonderful smells of the holidays. I think we should do another group effort on our favorite ways to scent our home. Favorite candles, favorite scents, favorite homemade ways to add deliciousness to the air. Oh, I can’t wait! Maybe we will do that on Wednesday, so tune in because we will need everyone’s input! I do hope you will join me!

I am off to say good night to my son and watch a movie with my husband! Winston has already dozed off on my chair. It is definitely getting darker earlier, have you noticed?!

Thanks so much for checking in and I look forward to spending some time chatting and catching up with you all this week! Be sure to say hello if you stop in!

Christmastime is here...