Observation: Checkerboard Kitchen

Observation: Checkerboard Kitchen

Greetings! Thank you all so much for checking in on me over the weekend. My daughters wedding was absolutely lovely. There were so many special things about it I cannot wait to share once I can get back into Portland and load some photos and gather my thoughts. An unbelievable amount of detail and coordination went in to this event (which was actually designed to be “a simple beach wedding” but yet still took a lot of thought!) so my brain has been on overload. Meanwhile, I kind of left you all hanging there without any posts so I am going to put in another observation post so we can have a little fun while I am getting myself back into gear.

For those of you new to this game we’ve been playing, here are some ideas to jump start the conversation, but feel free to share on anything about the room:

  • How would you describe this style?
  • What is the mood of the room?
  • Describe the personality of people who might live in a room like this?
  • What are the main things you notice when you first look at this photo?
  • What are some subtle features that you notice when you look more closely?
  • Notice things like the shapes, the textures, the colors, the proportions, patterns, etc.
  • What is something you can learn from this style or how the room is put together?
  • What role does the architecture play in this room?
  • If someone wanted to create a room like this, what are some of the significant things they should incorporate?

Enjoy observing, and don’t forget to share with us what you noticed. Many of you have commented how much you are learning by both sharing AND reading what others share. I agree this is a great way to learn about design!

“Observation” is a new series of posts where we will all share our observations on the day’s photo. There is no expected, right or wrong comment. Just share what you see, what you notice, what is unique, what you love, what strikes you, or what is something you might have learned about design from this photo.

You don’t have to love the room to observe things about it. We’ll study all kinds of rooms (don’t worry, we’ll do other posts too, not only these!)

This exercise is both to stretch our own creativity and to help ourselves and others see from a new perspective.

Need more help with what to look for? Read the explanation post here. Have fun observing!

Photo: Southern Living

Outdoor Rooms: Kitchen Gardens

Outdoor Rooms: Kitchen Gardens

A wonderful idea for an outdoor room is what is known as a “kitchen garden.” Filled with yummy herbs and vegetables for cooking, this outdoor room is typically located outside of a kitchen for easy access. I myself only have a very TINY courtyard outside of our kitchen, barely big enough for our barbeque. But, I could probably manage a small tomato plant or some basil. The rest would have to go in the backyard.

I love the idea of a large kitchen garden filled to the brim with great stuff for cooking. I’m not even much of a chef, but having access to all of that organic and healthy fixings just outside more door sounds just delightful. Because I don’t love to cook and I have never had a real vegetable garden (yes, it is true), I’m going to turn the discussion over to YOU dear readers.

Do you have a vegetable or herb garden? What do you grow? What is EASY to grow in most climates? What would be the best things to grow yourself in a vegetable or herb kitchen garden? What would be a good way to start a small kitchen garden? Pots, in the ground, special planters? Any special tips for growing or maintaining your own kitchen garden?

My biggest objection to a kitchen garden right now is that we have raccoons that sometimes wander through our yard. How can you keep critters like that from munching on your lettuce?

If you have any kitchen garden tips, feel free to share! I’m completely a novice yet am always fascinated to hear from those who grow their own vegetables! Especially these days when so many are suffering financially and every dollar counts, it seems to make sense to grow your own herbs and vegetables if you can! Not to mention the nutritional value of eating healthy organic foods straight from our own garden. Eating healthy foods is so important to our well being! I’d love to grow some lettuce for salad, and top it with tomatoes and veggies I grew myself.

Speaking of eating healthy foods, you’ll think this is funny, but my 16 year old daughter asked for a juicer for Christmas. I kid you not. She is the same kid who was happy to receive a new toilet seat for her birthday. I love that girl! And now that she has a juicer, I need to start getting serious about using it. Two of my BBFF (best blogging friends forever), Shelbi and Julia, have been a great inspiration to me to get going with the juicer.

Ok, so on the topic of kitchen gardens and growing healthy foods, bestow on me your knowledge, dear readers! I’m all ears (oops, I made a corn pun, LOL!).

Southern Accents, photo Roger Foley, designer Donna Hackman