Gooseberry Dreams

You and I live in shabby little homes. I hate to break it to you, but when you have just toured a $3 million dollar 5600 square foot new home, EVERYONE’S homes look shabby and run down by comparison. As cute or nice as we think our little houses are, all freshly decorated and repainted, seeing everything all new, state-of-the-art, and of the finest quality makes one put their own home into perspective. With that said, be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. And I know most of your homes really are more lovely and so much more charming than this chateau.


Gooseberry Dreams

The houses on The Street of Dreams are definitely something. I could probably make myself drive up to this little number every night and not complain TOO much. Here are a couple of the more reasonable rooms from the inside, just to give you a little peek:

Gooseberry Dreams

Gooseberry Dreams

While I could probably get used to the idea of having NOTHING left to do around my house, somehow the idea of actually plunking down 3 million for one of these pre-decorated houses on a street of six other similar houses just makes me a little nauseous. I mean, please, really, who buys those houses? I can’t fault them, though, now that I think of it. In fact, they are pretty smart.

If I had one of those houses, I could play golf with the kids in my backyard. Or read a book out on the patio by the fireplace and waterfall. Send my dog Winston down to take a bath in his own automatic dog shower. Or host movie nights for thirty close friends in my own surround sound home theater with the jumbo screen and fully stocked beverage kitchen. I’d have time for important things. Leisurely things. Fun things. Things people in houses like that can do. But, no. Instead, I bought a “fixer-upper” and I know exactly what I will be doing for the next 20 years.

Gooseberry Dreams

On the way home from dreaming, we stopped at the new Sofa Table Chair store in West Linn and drooled over some more stuff. Love it, check it out online and if you want to buy a special order sofa by the end of August, here is a coupon.

And then, we stopped at a little market for a few things, including GOOSEBERRY Jam! Ok, it doesn’t sound as beautiful as Cloudberry Preserves, but still…Gooseberry! I even tried my own little Alicia-esque photo shoot of the jar when I got home, to practice my technique. I know. I definitely need more practice. I think I need more props. And maybe I need to get that rim a little gooey and sticky first. But, oh, Gooseberry Preserves and English Muffins!

Gooseberry Dreams

Alright, so, I had a couple of nice comments regarding my monkey fabric. Most of you look and just move on. I understand, it seems a little weird. And if you didn’t understand it or like it, it was nice of you to just accept the coffee and not comment at all about the monkey fabric. We can move on and not mention it again.

DISCLAIMER: In case you were wondering, I am not going to put any other “monkey” things in the room, so don’t worry about the tacky theme room thing. The fabric will be all scrunched up, like a valance, and only if you look closely will you notice that there are monkeys on it. Just to clear up any worries you might have had.

Well, I don’t feel like I have offered much of value here. I am sorry. Pretty much just shamelessly ripped off Alicia’s Cloudberry Ultimatum post title and made a fool of myself trying to take an equally dreamy picture of Gooseberry Preserves. No worries, though. I won’t be making handbags next week. You can buy hers here and they are infinitely more lovely than anything I could dream of making. I might want one, come to think of it.

I reveal to you today …

I got myself some monkey fabric! I almost wasn’t going to share this little happy moment in my day yesterday, because I generally have a policy of not asking friends what they think of my new things. I show, but more in a matter of fact way, like:

Hey, friend, oh, yes, I bought some new fabric, [head turns away from fabric to indicate change of subject] would you like some coffee?” sort of way.

That way if they like it, great! If not, they aren’t left standing there with their eyes bulging and jaw slowly falling to the floor. The topic is over — I like my monkey fabric and of course, I really do hope you like it too. But if you don’t, that is because you don’t understand my style or how it will work with my stuff. Or you might say you like it, but inside you are making a mental note-to-self: do not hire this woman to decorate for me. And that is O.K. That is how I handle these things. And, I am sticking to it. I think we should all feel safe in our own decorating styles and not let others steal our joy.

However, with that said, I also believe in being authentic. Authenticity requires a certain amount of self-disclosure. And because I have had so many visitors lately, I want to welcome you into my home as friends. Hello! Welcome! I am so glad you are here! And as my new friends, I reveal to you today, my monkey fabric. Now, would you like some cream with your coffee?

I reveal to you today ...

OK, now stop laughing! I happen to think it is very cute. And I don’t mean cute in just a kid’s bedroom sort of way, although it would look absolutely adorable in a child’s room. I like it in that sort of whimsical way. I have a fairly formal old world English Tudor style house in its inside architecture, but I love to mix things up in a British Colonial way with things from all over the world. We have English cottage stuff and more formal antiques, French things, treasures from islands, things from Thailand and neat stuff from all sorts of interesting places. And with all of that I like a little whimsy and unexpected fun to keep it youthful and light-hearted.

I am thinking of using this fabric in a bathroom. Just for fun, like I said. It isn’t chic, but it is fun.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, I am getting ready to head out for a fun day with my girls. We are going to the Street of Dreams. If you are not from Portland and do not know what this is, you can guess by its name. It is a place you go to feel a bit depressed when you come home. We are really looking forward to it! I usually only like one or two of the houses, but it is fun to just hang out with the girls and ooo and ahhh over all the outdoor kitchens and spas.

Have a great day!