Fall Mantels: I Like ’em Simple

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

I like simple and subtle transitions between seasons.

September is early fall to me.

I like to see the warm fall light pouring in on my books and apples on the mantel.  That was my mantel last September.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

While I love simple, my style isn’t minimalist at all, but it isn’t fussy in a crafty sort of way either. Not that crafty is bad, it just isn’t me.

The fact that I have those shutters and lots of frames on the walls mean I need to be careful to not overdo the mantel.

So, I just stacked some fall looking books on the mantel and called it good. This is my mantel right now, in September, I know you’ve already seen it a couple of times. I might not have pumpkins yet, but books FEEL like fall to me so in my mind, that is enough for September.

Pumpkins and gourds might be set out in October. I love evolving through the seasons and keeping things fresh. Each month is almost like its own special season that way.

I’ve had that wreath up for two Fall seasons now. Maybe I’ll change it in a month or so, but maybe not. It still works.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

Before I painted my shutter green, I had another simple early fall mantel. I forgot to light the candles, but how pretty it would be with the candles flickering! I can easily add a white or colored pumpkin or gourds in October to let the mantel evolve.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

I saw this mantel over at Better Homes & Gardens. It isn’t really a fall mantel, but look how simple it is with just one large painting.  By putting a few twigs in a jar on the floor nearby and a warm fire in the fireplace, you get a sense of the season. Sometimes mantels feel a little overdone, so a few twigs in a jar on the hearth can be refreshing. Fall decor doesn’t have to mean orange pumpkins.

Fall Mantels: I Like 'em Simple

Or, what about this mantel from Better Homes & Gardens? Again, it is simple. The little bouquets of orange are just enough for this refreshing and subtle style. No pumpkins, no corn, no typical fall decor, but it is fresh and pretty. The logs in the fireplace signal the season in a simple and subtle way as well.

That is all I’ve got for now.

I have to get back to writing my 31 posts…see you October 1 for 31 Days of Autumn Bliss!

Do you put out all your Fall decor in September, or do you evolve a little each month?

There is no right or wrong way to do it!

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Behold! My Christmas Mantel

Behold! My Christmas Mantel

So last week I mentioned the other projects I decided I needed to do in the midst of holiday preparations. You know, all the things you’ve been putting off or didn’t even notice before they suddenly seem urgent. One of them was repainting my former kitchen cupboard door turned shutter above my fireplace.

You might remember that I had originally painted it blue because I didn’t have any primer. We were having company over that night and that was all I had on hand that would stick to the cabinet like primer. As luck would have it, I ran out of time to paint the third shutter a top coat of white like the others so it had to stay blue. Whatever.

So, while the middle shutter was a lovely shade of blue, after a few weeks of living with its blueness it just wasn’t working for me. I did like the idea of the third shutter being a color instead of white though. So, I got out my new favorite green paint mixed with some brown toner and voila, I now have an aged green shutter.

Behold! My Christmas Mantel

Still haven’t painted my swine walls (OINK!) and I am still considering fabric to possibly slipcover my chairs and ottomans, but I am much happier overall now just having my green shutter. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Decorating is definitely a slow process of pulling together what I have around my house. Picking out everything from scratch before I even began would be easier, but I enjoy the challenge of making things work as I go.

Behold! My Christmas Mantel

So, there you have it, the mantel and its touch of Christmas. To keep it inexpensive and simple, I used mostly things I already had…my HomeGoods lanterns, old garland, my Pier One apples from fall, and clear glass candlesticks to hold up my blue glass ornaments. And I finished it off with a natural twig wreath to balance out the pretty and round out the rectangular shapes. That wreath will work all winter.

Some of you asked about the stockings when I showed them last week. They are Pottery Barn but I added some of my grandma’s doilies to the girls’ stockings to pretty them up and make them unique. Easy peasy. No sewing either, just tucked them around the cuff.

Coming up, home tour and more Christmas decorating from around the house and around the web!