Love the Home You Have Book Trailer!

Love The Home You Have from The Inspired Room on Vimeo.

Isn’t this just the cutest little video? I still can’t even believe there is a BOOK, let alone a video TRAILER for it! WHO AM I? Honestly, it’s all kind of surreal. Whether you live in your dream house or not, this book is about what it really means to create a home and life you love, right where you are.

Love the Home You Have Book Trailer!

Love the Home You Have Book Trailer!Don’t forget you can pre-order the book at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and it will be delivered to you as soon as the book is released. Just two more weeks! I can’t wait to share it with you!

Happy Monday!

Spring Decluttering

Spring Decluttering

Hello, friends! Brace yourself. It’s been a little crazy around my place. But come on in anyway. :) I haven’t had much time for slowing down and just enjoying my home lately. The past few months have been pretty busy. Fun stuff, but still, I miss puttering around the house just to tidy things up for ME. The truth is, I’m DYING to just do normal things like spring cleaning. I know you probably have times like that, too, when you are so busy that even having an afternoon to clean sounds like a good time. Or maybe that’s just me.

When I emerged from my office the other day after hours and hours of hard work and noticed that after neglecting our house for awhile (with good reason, of course, but still…) it was looking a little crazy up in here, I knew it was time for a spring cleaning intervention. My husband is great about helping me and keeping up with our dishes and laundry when I’m facing a lot of deadlines, but when it comes to STUFF, a lot of times it’s mine and I need to just deal with it.

I mean, the truth was, as I looked around EVERY surface had things on it that didn’t belong, whether it was my stuff or not. I’m gonna show you all, so you can see what I mean. Ha! Sometimes I just have to put blinders on and ignore it, but I can’t just keep it that way forever or I start losing my sanity.

Just a few weeks ago I was feeling pretty accomplished because I had put away the last bits of the Christmas. Or so I thought. Until I found some stragglers that are now sitting on my dining room table. Yay me. Crunchy small trees, anyone? Christmas is over. Winter is over (at least here in the Pacific NW, it’s been sunny!). Bring on spring!

It always feels so great to say goodbye to winter and start focusing on spring cleaning and decluttering, so I’m definitely on a mission to get the house freshened up. It does wonders for my well-being. When my house gets out of control and I just can’t even deal with it, it’s time to reset the house back to order.

Spring Decluttering

I mean, honestly. I don’t want to have to ask myself random questions like why is there a bookmark made out of my daughter’s 3rd grade school picture sitting in a bowl on my counter right now. She graduated from college and I haven’t seen that 3rd grade bookmark for years. That bookmark should be neatly tucked into a memory album or in a book, but instead it is just sitting in a random bowl next to our kitchen knives. Why? We may never know.

Our kitchen also looks like we went to Costco, unloaded our purchases onto the counter and moved on to something else.

Oh and then there are pinecones. Jumbo pinecones.

Spring Decluttering

It just keeps going. There’s a paint brush that we used a few weeks ago to touch up our railing. And Doc Martens shoelaces. Those are my husband’s, I don’t take responsibility for them nor do I know why they are sitting there. A random little drawer thingy. A plastic wrapper from….? I got some Clorox spray disinfectant bottles in the mail a week ago, I heard they will disinfect the flu germs that are going around. So, we’re prepared. You know, right by the front door. Just in case.

Spring Decluttering

Even my office has some stray items on the floor. I have hooks for bags and yet, they are on the floor. But as you can see, I am using my oils in here to cope. That’s how I survived writing three books in a year. Inhaling oils. People always ask me how I keep up the house and write the books and the blog and help at the church and keep my sanity. Well, now you know.

The truth is, I can let parts of my house go to shambles for a little while in busy seasons. But then, it has to be restored to at least some sense of order in a reasonable period of time or I WILL LOSE MY MIND. And nobody enjoys that. I actually wrote quite a bit in my book about my lessons learned in housekeeping, my crazy methods and the whys of how I feel the way I do about the state of my home, but suffice it to say here in this post, putting my home back to order when it starts to get out of control is really important to my overall sense of well-being and balance.

There will always be times when things will get a little crazy with my schedule. There are times when I have to do unusual things like take 1,000 photos all over my house (does anyone know how many dust bunnies come out when you are trying to take house photos for a book? A LOT), but then when I get a breather I have to take the time to restore my life back to less crazy. The truth is, it’s SO much easier to consistently maintain and enjoy a clean room than it is to deal with all this STUFF and ask yourself where it all belongs.

So here is my spring decluttering ritual.

I will be going around each room, clearing the surfaces, wiping them down with a dust rag, and then only put back what is meaningful, pretty, or necessary. It’s amazing how much stuff just ends up everywhere but when I take the time to put it back, I’m a happier camper! There can be so much random stuff, you know, clothes laying over railings and chairs and ALL THE THINGS you wonder about. It doesn’t even have to be garbage or clutter, just every day things that were set down and not returned to their proper home! Y’all. We have closets. We have drawers. We have systems for organization. But we still end up with random stuff laying around because we get too busy. But mostly, we just get out of the habit of keeping up.

But the good news is, with regular times to reset your home, you’ll never be far from restoring most of it back to a relatively tidy or at least somewhat manageable house. And that makes mama happy.

So, that’s my goal this week. I’m clearing the surfaces and restoring back my sanity.

What’s your spring mission?

Spring Decluttering

PS. My book, Love the Home You Have is 50% off at Barnes & Noble today only! And you guys, it reached the #1 best selling book OF ALL BOOKS yesterday on Barnes & Noble. I know! Isn’t that craziness? I seriously just can’t even. THANK YOU. Right now I’m just so excited for March 31 when you all can see it and we can talk about it. And while being the #1 book yesterday is of course a great thing, my biggest hope of all is that this book will be encouraging, inspiring or helpful even in some small way to you or someone you know. Thanks for all of your help in getting the word out, I so appreciate it!