Only at Our House:: The Week Before Holidays

Only at Our House:: The Week Before Holidays

the new paint (Behr All in One Studio Taupe):: one less room with swine!


Am I the only insane person who tears apart her house to paint walls just before the holidays?

Only at Our House:: The Week Before Holidays

Kind of like the week before Thanksgiving in 2007 when I was preparing to have guests over for Thanksgiving at our house. Suddenly I had a desire to do a little mini-makeover on our bathroom (not to mention that a rat decided to die in our wall and my son was running around with undies on his head.)

Then of course two years ago, our Christmas looked like this. Moving during the holidays is always fun. Especially in a snowstorm.

Apparently we like our holidays CRAZY at our house.

Right about now most people are thinking about setting their Thanksgiving tables and decorating their Christmas mantel. Most normal people.

Me, I’m just hoping to put my house back together again. I must thrive on insanity. I’m sorry people, I know I’m always a mess before the holidays. Right when you really want to see something PRETTY.

But I am looking forward to decorating my freshly painted dining room. It will be worth it, right?

Twenty Little Things I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas

Twenty Little Things I'm Looking Forward to This Christmas

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So how are you all doing? Are you all ready for Christmas? Suddenly it hit me that we only have one week left. ONE WEEK. Our family gets together on Tuesday next week. Yeah. Better get my act together in the next couple of days, eh?

It is about this time of the season that I need to start switching gears from decorating and preparing for the holidays, to finishing last minute tasks and then finally switching to the best part of Christmas, just ENJOYING the holidays with my family. I really enjoy the preparation time too, but I really look forward to just sitting back and treasuring it all.

One of the things I like to do to slow myself down and refocus is make a list of all that I love about this time of year. If you’ve been around awhile, you know I love making my 20 Little Things lists several times a year because it takes the pressure away from working on amazing BIG ideas and BIG accomplishments and BIG plans. Making my list gets me FOCUSED on what really matters. Many of the things on my list I have already done this season, and seeing these things in a list reminds me that I am living a wonderful life, even when it feels busy or overwhelming!

That is the beauty of the little things in life. They are easy to enjoy, but even easier to miss if we don’t take the time to notice. A 20 Little Things list is about treasuring what matters.

20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas (in no particular order!)

  1. Wrapping special little gifts for my kids because I love to surprise them. I {heart} my kids.
  2. Putting on Winston’s holiday sweater. He likes to be festive too.
  3. Piling in the car to go look at Christmas lights.
  4. Baking cookies with the kids and eating them. The cookies, I mean.
  5. Hoping for snow.
  6. Looking at Christmas photos from years past.
  7. The smell of hot cranberry cider filling the air.
  8. The gifts kids make me at school. (Just one child left in grade school. (SNIFF.)
  9. Watching Charlie Brown Christmas all wrapped up in blankets.
  10. Candlelight Christmas eve services.
  11. The beauty of the Christmas lights on our tree every evening.
  12. Planning Christmas breakfast.
  13. Watching Christmas movies.
  14. Driving by “Rudolf” with the kids (lighted sign with deer with a red nose).
  15. Getting Christmas photos from friends.
  16. Christmas morning opening stockings and reading notes from Santa.
  17. Sitting around in our new jammies on Christmas.
  18. The days after Christmas when the rush is over and family can really relax together.
  19. Realizing how very blessed we are and helping others to have a merrier Christmas.
  20. Refocusing our attention from all the decorating and shopping to what Christmas is all about.

If you are feeling the pressure of the upcoming holidays, or are just wanting to enjoy it all, sit down for a few minutes and make your own list.

What are YOU most looking forward to next week?
Share your ideas in the comments (or make your own 20 Little Things List)!

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