Our Floor Plan

Our Floor Plan

Hallway inspiration from Atlanta Homes

Now that I’ve shared our idea for moving the kitchen to the dining room, and our plan for moving the dining area to the original kitchen, plus the vision for the “butler’s pantry” in the adjoining hall, today I thought we could come full circle and I could show you how all of these spaces are laid out and relate to each other. I know several of you asked to see a floor plan (to help you visualize) so I finally have a little sketch today!

A reader recently asked a very good question. What will the view be from the front door into the new kitchen? That is a question we’ve pondered a bit ourselves, too, so we are happy to share how it would be laid out (assuming we don’t change the entrance to the space, which of course, might be an option as well.)

Our Floor Plan

Here is the current view into the dining room (the eventual kitchen) from the front door. As you can see, right now, straight ahead is our current dining room. Which means, the new kitchen would be the room you would enter through the entry. Design-wise it’s not necessarily ideal to see a kitchen from the front door (hello, dirty dishes), but in our case the front door would only have a view of a smidgen of the kitchen (not a view of the sink until you fully entered the room).

I know there are many small or open concept homes that have a kitchen within view of the entry, and that layout isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is just what it is.

Our Floor Plan

Here is the little sketch of our main floor as it is now (not exactly to scale or proportion), so you can get a better idea of the circular floor plan and how the rooms relate. Obviously you can see the main rooms are all across the back to take advantage of the view. As we’ve been discussing, we are considering moving the kitchen to the current dining room.

This house is fairly compact, especially when you consider the main living areas and all of the bedrooms are on this one level. But we do have the bonus of a finished basement, which gives a really nice additional space to spread out. It’s clearly not a fancy layout or sprawling house, it’s pretty a basic floor plan.

Admittedly our bedrooms are pretty cozy and small, but other than the kitchen we are planning on relocating, it really functions well for our family so we are glad we don’t have to do a lot of major remodeling at this time.

We’ve explored other options for placement of the kitchen (as well as the idea of removing other walls, or even relocating a bedroom or the staircase to expand the space further). But so far our current plan to just remove the wall between the current kitchen and dining room seems to make the most sense, as well as being a more economical option than say, adding on or gutting the whole house!

Once we consult and finalize our plans with a contractor or designer, we will know for sure what works best, but this plan feels simple enough and right to us at this time.

Our Floor Plan

So back to the question of what would be visible from the entry if the entrance stays the same, since we have the opportunity to design the space, we would definitely take advantage of designing the view to the kitchen that we want to see from the front door. That means we’d opt for a built-in closed cabinet in this visible corner (above) rather than putting appliances there or a kitchen countertop in that location. We would want to avoid the potential for clutter or dishes in that area and a floor to ceiling closed cabinet would give a more streamlined look from the front door.

As a reminder, our idea is that the sink would be positioned under the window seen above, looking out at the view (and not visible from the entry). (If you missed our original discussion of the kitchen layout, you can see that here!)

Our Floor Plan

Our Floor Plan

We have been chugging along, making slow progress in painting the long hallway that leads to the kitchen, bedrooms and the entry hall. When I last updated you on it, we had painted the swine-ish walls white. Finally, we almost have the first coat of paint on the built-ins, too. They are still in progress, but progress is good. This is the humble built-in that I am going to consider (in fancy-pants terms) our “butler’s pantry.” It’s convenient location near the kitchen will make it useful for extra serving dishes, small appliances or even extra pantry items, whatever we need.

Our Floor PlanBefore

It feels SO MUCH BETTER already in this hall (see the before shot, above) just by painting everything white, even though we still have more to do. Paint really can refresh a space, not only in how it looks but just how the space feels. It really makes me feel more connected to the house each time we make a change.

We haven’t yet selected new hardware, but at this moment we are thinking a classic pull (big enough to hide the previous hardware holes) with perhaps a hint of modern or even a subtle mid-century vibe to keep it feeling fresh and updated.

Our immediate goal in the hall is to enjoy the refreshed paint, add new hardware on the built-ins, and new flush mount light fixtures. Beyond that, we can continue to refine it with the addition of white paneling (see our front entry inspiration post here), the new Dutch door, new hardware on the interior doors and creating a new entrance for the bedroom.

So, I hope it helps to see the floor plan! If you look to the right side of the floor plan you can see the location of the new side yard area, too, and how it fits in to our plans. If you are behind on what’s going on, you can check out the latest here!

Our Floor PlanZoldan Interiors – High Gloss Magazine

I can’t wait to start planning out the finer details of the kitchen plans, like the cabinet colors, appliances, what to do with the flooring and countertop materials. I already have some ideas brewing and can’t wait to share them!

Speaking of gathering kitchen ideas, I absolutely love that kitchen (above)!

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My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining SpaceBanquette inspiration photo: BHG

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend! Last week I shared a new idea for our kitchen that I’m pretty intrigued with! If you missed the post, you can find the inspiration photos and thoughts here.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

Our current kitchen is tucked into the small back corner of the house, with the sink below a small window overlooking our neighbor’s new house and our side-yard, which is currently getting a fun makeover of its own (see that project here).

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

My plan is for this door to become a Dutch Door, no matter what. I’m going to try to make it happen soon, in conjunction with our side-yard makeover! Right now I’m on the hunt for the right door and getting the contractor on board with my visions :). You can find some inspiration photos for what I envision, here.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

As I mentioned in my last post about the kitchen, right now I’m picturing moving the kitchen to the dining room so the sink can be oriented to face the backyard to take advantage of the view. The stove and fridge could be on the opposite wall (behind that wall is our basement staircase, so moving that wall would create more complications).

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

One possibility would be to open up the wall between the current kitchen and the dining room to create more flow between those two spaces. We could add the arch we originally envisioned (remember our painter’s tape archway?) for the dining room, or for a more wide open layout, we could actually take the entire wall out.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

If the kitchen was going to remain where it is, that wall was needed for the stove so removing it wasn’t ideal, but if we move the stove to the dining room, that in-between wall could be opened up to make the two rooms feel more like one space (although the kitchen actually extends beyond that wall towards our fridge and the outside door, I’ll have to draw out the room floor plan so you can visualize better).

There are several possible dining room options, including the possibility of creating one bigger eat-in kitchen with the outer perimeter of the space lined with counters and the dining table across from the sink.

There are definitely pros and cons to that plan (as there is for every configuration so far, but that’s often how it goes unless you are going to rip the roof off and expand the house! It seems you always have to get creative with the space available to you!). I can share inspiration photos and do a floor plan for that full ‘eat in kitchen’ soon so you can see how that could look.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

But the idea I thought I’d show today is the possibility of creating a dining banquette (one way or another I feel like I’m determined to find a space for a banquette!) right in this corner.

It would still essentially be an “eat-in kitchen” but the table could be nestled comfortably into one corner of the room, rather than out in the open workspace (with a bench along the wall under the corner window and around where the sink and dishwasher currently are). Paired with a narrow movable farm table and chairs, I think it would be very a intimate and inviting space without feeling too crowded or confining.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining SpaceBanquette inspiration photo: Amber Interiors via My Domaine photography by Tessa Neustadt

Now, I realize with a corner banquette that you will have a couple of seats in the middle that require you to scoot to get in and out, but the view from the bench would be worth it. You could see right out the back window to the view in the day or into the new kitchen and through to the living space. Plus, banquettes are just so charming and space saving, that it would be worth the extra scoot. If you didn’t want to scoot or couldn’t scoot, there would be chairs! Our bench wouldn’t be that long anyway, so I’m not really worried about it. There wouldn’t be enough room for a full table with chairs all around it, anyway, so the built in seating would be the best solution in this small-space situation.

We would have to give up a formal separate dining room but we would be gaining a bigger remodeled kitchen with a view. I can live with that! I think the updates we would make would appeal to future buyers, too. The more casual and open but very charming dining space would be great for the way many people live and entertain these days. And if we (or future owners) wanted a separate formal dining room down the road, a nearby bedroom could be easily converted to a dining room.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

We could add built-in dish storage cabinets and even a serving buffet on the back wall of the existing kitchen, where the fridge is currently located, to give it a charming dining room vibe. With the stove wall removed on the right of this photo above, there would be room to pass through the kitchen out to the Dutch door as well as to get around the table even if people were sitting there.

There is also another entrance to this space (to the right of the existing fridge) from the hallway so guests could enter and exit the dining area without going through the kitchen! It’s nice to have a floor plan that flows well so you don’t have bottlenecks.

So, that’s pretty much what I’m thinking, at least for the moment! You never know what idea might pop into my head next (I can’t help it!!), but so far this is the idea we feel the most comfortable with and seems to make the most sense both financially and space-wise. Now that we’ve lived here for a few months, I really feel like I’m becoming more certain of what works and doesn’t work and what would be the best improvements for this house.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

I love the idea of making the most of our water, mountain, sky and sunset views, so doing dishes while looking outside seems pretty much like a dream to me!

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space

We love the generous size of our current living room so we don’t want to cut it up to expand the kitchen or dining room into that space at all. We definitely have some plans to update that room so it will all feel cohesive, though.

My Kitchen Remodel: Visualizing a New Dining Space
Dining nook inspiration via BHG

It’s fun to reimagine a space, isn’t it?

More inspiration: My Lifelong Dream of a Banquette