Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Remember way back months ago when I mentioned we were painting our bedroom? Well, we did. And finally I took a few pics so I could show you the color! Painting a dark color with white trim color is a painstakingly slow process, so it took a bit longer than I expected for my extremely perfectionistic painter, i.e. my husband, to finish, but I think the result was worth the wait! We absolutely love it.

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

See the before photos here

Our bedroom still has some finishing touches to install, such as blinds (*check out the bottom of this post for a discount code on window coverings, by the way!), but it is nearly done so I thought today I could at least talk about our paint color.

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

This room is small (no grand master suite in this house!) but it has become my favorite master bedroom we’ve ever had. Rather than going with the light vibe of our other rooms in the house we decided to really play up the cozy factor in here with a rather unexpected color for the walls (see our before photos and vision and inspiration for dark bedroom walls in this post).

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}See how I made the artwork above here!

The paint color we chose is Black Frosted Plum by Glidden. It’s like a mix of charcoal and a really pretty but unexpected plum hue that I find just so intriguing. The walls help set a wonderful romantic and moody ambience both day and night, yet it isn’t so dark and brooding that the room is not inviting. We also have the benefit of plenty of morning sun coming in the windows, so the room is very cheery in the mornings! The color varies throughout the day and is really dark charcoal at night, but it’s always pleasant. The existing white crown molding, ceilings and trim added a nice contrast, too.

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Plum is a tricky color that I feared could go so wrong if we didn’t find just the right mix of materials to set the mood we wanted. We brought in feminine touches like a mirrored glass nightstand and a sparkly crystal and gold chandelier, but it all mellowed out with a cozy fur throw and our more masculine traditional dark wood sleigh bed. It really is a “his and hers” room!

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

The duvet is a soft pale gray and white background with charcoal toile details and gold stitching. The reverse is white with sketched feathers. The pattern is a fun quirky twist on a classic romantic toile. It is so pretty, but the description of the bedding on Anthropologie is what sealed the deal for me.

“This delightful bedding features top-hat-clad foxes keeping watch in the foreground of a toile thicket.”

How could I not fall head over heels in love with that? I absolutely love the unexpected whimsy it brings to the otherwise more serious room. Since the Anthro bedding and the dark gray Pottery Barn velvet quilt were more of a splurge, the other soft neutral shams and linen drapes from HomeGoods were a more affordable compromise. I’m pretty excited to try mixing in other color options on the bed for summer, too.

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

While I admit I would never have imagined myself choosing plum walls (or plum anything, to be honest!), I can now say I have never been so in love with a bedroom. The touches of white and charcoal in this room tie in well with the rest of the house and the hallway walls and slate floors that are just outside the bedroom, too.

I love to curl up in this room every night, it is truly our retreat and we both love it!

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

I’ll share more angles and ideas from this room in a future post! 

Have a great day!

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek! {Black Frosted Plum Walls}

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Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

This little room here is our master bedroom! I think this room being so small and not being directly connected to the bathroom was one of this house’s initial limitations. Many people prefer a master suite and this house not only didn’t have one but it wasn’t all that easy to imagine how to create one.

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

The master is right next to a bathroom, though, through a small hall that leads to the master from the entry. We’ve considered connecting this room to the bathroom by changing the placement of the bedroom door to the end of the hall where the entry is.

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}Atlanta Homes

Down the road if we add a new door to the master from the hall, it might even be something like the sliding barn door, above, (as long as it is nice and pretty flush with the wall so it doesn’t take up too much room). You can see where the current bedroom hallway starts with the opening on the left side of the hall photo, below. To the right goes to the other bedroom and office and straight ahead is the dining room and living room.

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

See the swine paint in the hall? :)

While it would still be a small master bedroom and bathroom if we put the doorway at the end of hall, it would definitely make the room feel more like a master suite. The downside with that plan is that it effectively removes public access to the only bathroom on the main floor. With the new master door on the other side of the hall, guests wanting to use the restroom would have to enter the master bedroom, but at least the bathroom would be the first door in the hallway so you wouldn’t actually have to go through a bedroom to get to it.

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

I did a post a few months ago about remodeling a bathroom to have two entrances to create a bit of a guest entrance if you only have one bathroom on a floor, but I’m not sure there’s enough room here to do that. We could perhaps add a powder room where the current office is, but for now that is not on our radar. We have a second bathroom downstairs so we’re fine with that!

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

Right now, reconfiguring the room and bathroom isn’t a top priority so I’ll circle back to these ideas later. Right now, we’re just wanting to make this bedroom feel more like us in easy ways :). So often for people the master bedroom is the last on the list to improve, but we’ve decided that to really feel at home here we want to improve this space now and not wait for the ideal. Plus since so many of our other projects will require a bigger budget, a room that can be transformed just with paint seems like a great project to start on! I’ve already selected the color and have the paint so I’m ready to go!

As you can see, the room is currently yellow, or what I lovingly call a “lemon chiffon” color. Along with the “swine/hog” paint colors elsewhere in some areas of the house, it just won’t quite feel right to me until we get the walls painted!

Since our master is a fairly small room (at least compared to the big master suites often found in homes!), I’m thinking to play up the cozy factor. So instead of trying to make it seem bigger, I’m going to make it a cozy nest with dark walls!

Sometimes that’s the best plan for a small bedroom, just embrace it and make it cozy.

You can see some photos of dark walled rooms below, not necessarily the styles or colors we are thinking (and we aren’t doing black walls…or navy!) but it’s fun to gather some dark room inspiration!

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}Lonny

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
original source unknown, anyone know it?

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
Our Fifth House

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
House and Leisure

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
House Beautiful

To contrast with the dark walls, I’ll keep the white trim and likely have some white bedding or other elements to keep the room from feeling too overly dark. Fortunately the room gets a lot of morning sun through the windows so it’s a great room to be dark as it will still feel bright in the morning and definitely dark and romantic at night.

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
Elle Decor

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
Rue Mag

Vision for the Master Bedroom {My New House!}
Design Sponge

We are keeping our current bed (my mom’s wood sleigh bed that we had in our old house) at least for the time being, so I think the dark walls will make the bed look rich and very cozy. The bed fits perfectly under the windows so it will look great with curtains on either side to nestle it in. The far wall opposite the windows will have a dresser and a TV. Even though we don’t watch a lot of TV in our room, when we do want to curl up on a winter’s night and watch something it’s nice to have it there. For family shows we have a TV downstairs, but no TV in our living room or anywhere else on the main floor (I like peace and quiet in the house so having the TV downstairs keeps the loud shows away from my quiet zone, ha).

I will need new nightstands because this room is not as wide as our old room and my previous dresser/nightstands won’t fit (but I will use them in other rooms). The closet doors are currently mirrored which is nice as far as checking out your outfit and reflecting light, but stylewise, I’m thinking down the road to replace them with something else undetermined.

My first goal with this room is to paint, and then we will start rearranging and moving furniture into place and trying to get it finished up with new curtains (still undecided on what those will be) and other details. I also have a new semi-flush mount light fixture I want to install in the room that I think will add a bit of sparkle and romance! I’m really excited to see how this room will come together, it will be quite a different vibe than our old bedroom but since I don’t have each element planned out it already will be a surprise even to me how it comes together. :) Aren’t those surprise rooms fun?

So, that’s what we are working on right now! We are just about ready to start painting! I’ll share the progress on it of course, as well as catch you up and explain what other projects have been going on or not going on here, as the case might be :). I know you’ve been wondering so I’ll have some answers soon.

Be watching for updates on this room and the reveal of the new paint color!

In case you are wondering, I haven’t started Christmas decorating yet (some years I’ve started earlier just for fun, but this year I have had my hands full just getting settled here and with work projects so I don’t feel as prepared as I normally would be). While my home is still in its “before” state, I do plan to still put up my usual two trees and decorate the house. I’m definitely not waiting for a perfect house to enjoy the season! :) I’ll be sure to share anything I do in the upcoming weeks!

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