Conversation Starter Printables: Delicious & Fun Holiday Traditions

Conversation Starter Printables: Delicious & Fun Holiday Traditions

Conversation Starter Printables

I really look forward to our traditions during the holidays! Even though I am not really a big fan of the cooking part, I do enjoy preparing simple favorites, trying a few new recipes, and setting the tone for the holiday with a pretty table and decor. But in addition to the food and decor, I like to make sure that conversations flow and people connect. All those delicious moments with friends and family can be easy to create with a little advance preparation!

12 Great Conversation Starters

We have a fun tradition we use regularly when we host any type of gathering or event. You could use it as a holiday game! We have a stack of “great conversation starter” cards. Each card holds a simple but fun question sure to break the ice and get people past the typical, “It sure has been cold and rainy lately!” types of dinner conversations.

Conversation Starter Printables: Delicious & Fun Holiday Traditions

I don’t know how you feel, but small talk can be awkward and a little bit dull. Having something interesting to discuss can be a fun way to start out the meal or a great way to rally people over after dinner drinks or dessert. Those little cards help create the moments we remember the most!

For families who already know each other well or get together regularly, conversation starter cards can liven up the meal with more smiles, laughs and thought provoking topics than reliving the painful details of Aunt Milly’s bunion surgery and Tom’s latest run-in with the law.

I’m just sayin’ some topics are more fun to discuss around the table than others. Am I right? Yeah. And for some families, avoiding controversial topics is pretty much a necessity to keep the family peace. If you have guests of varied ages joining you for the holidays this year, these cards are so helpful to bridge the generation gap with conversations everyone can participate in!

I have a sweet little FREE gift for you, my readers, today! Downloadable printables of some of my favorite conversation starters! Just click the links below and print these sheets out on heavier stock paper. Cut them up and you can let people draw cards to keep the conversation flowing!

Conversation Starter Printables: Delicious & Fun Holiday Traditions

Free printables!

CLICK HERE for 6 Great Conversation Starters Cards, Set 1!

CLICK HERE for 6 Great Conversation Starters Cards, Set 2!

Conversation Starter Printables: Delicious & Fun Holiday Traditions

And because the best holiday moments include delicious food and fun traditions, here are a few of my family’s old and new favorites!

  • This year my daughter is making a new stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving! Check it out at her blog, it sounds delicious to me! Cranberry, Apple, Sausage & Pecan Stuffing
  • My parents make a delicious turkey outside on their BBQ! Keeps the mess outside and the flavor is divine!
  • My dad’s favorite after the holiday treat is an Italian soda made with San Pellegrino, cream and a couple of pumps of flavored syrup. It’s become a tradition!
  • I made a delicious new appetizer last New Years Eve, Baked Brie, via Living Locurto. It was FABULOUS, so easy too! I will make it again this year!
  • Every Thanksgiving we prepare my husband’s family’s favorite sweet potatoes or yams, they are very simple and tasty, much like this recipe! Although THIS PIE from Bake at 350 might be calling my name this year, Sweet Potato Pie!
  • My sister loves to make mimosas the morning of Thanksgiving and Christmas! You can add a little fruit nectar or raspberry soda for a flavor twist (or use non-alcoholic sparkling water in place of champagne!)! So good while we are waiting for our family favorite, Puff Pancakes!
  • We love going to a movie the day after Thanksgiving. While the rest of the world might be shopping or decorating a tree, we’ll be cracking up at The Muppet’s new movie!

What are the holiday moments you look forward to the most? Share your traditions in the comments!

*Don’t forget to download your free Great Conversation Starter printables!