This is {not} glamorous

Do we look ready for Thanksgiving at our house?

My nephew and son have been busy helping out.

This is {not} glamorous

Our bathroom cabinet is painted but nothing is put back. We’d work on it but…

This is {not} glamorous

We’ve had a little situation.

This is {not} glamorous

Ignore the child wearing the undies on his head.

See the vacuum? That is next to my mom, who is trying to vacuum up the DEAD MOUSE! The one we can smell but cannot see. Yep, right on cue. Just in time for Thanksgiving. I am a dead rodent magnet right before parties and holidays. I am not kidding you, my friends will all attest to this. If anything can go wrong just before a party at my house, it will. And it oftentimes involves unpleasantness. Unfortunately, he did not get sucked up by the vacuum so we have to search elsewhere.

While we cannot see him we do see some droppings in our game closet. Yes, where our kids’ games are kept. So sanitary. Knight in shining armor has arrived home and will be searching through Disney Monopoly and The Game of Life very soon.

We will resume our regularly scheduled beautiful inspiring design blog after this brief interlude. I hope. In less than 48 hours I will be serving Thanksgiving in this house. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

PS. Now you have had a glimpse in to our hallway, Project #431 on my To Do list for the next year!