8 Favorite Dog Collars (For the Modern Pup)

8 Favorite Dog Collars (For the Modern Pup)

Oh, hello. I got a new collar. It’s red and I like it. I even got a new name tag…I needed a new one because when I was a young sprout I always tried to chew up my name tag so it was all scratched up.

My mom got me this collar because I’ve been a really good boy lately. I think I look so handsome in it that I asked her to take a glamour portrait of me with it on. Once I realized how wonderful I looked with my new duds, I decided I’d like to start a collar collection. Because come on, I am the Pup of the Year after all…

Here are 8 of my favorite dog collars. Which one do you think I should add next to my collection?

8 Favorite Dog Collars (For the Modern Pup)1. Arrowhead Dog Collar 2. Baseball Dog Collar 3. Green Leather Collar 4. Good Vibes Printed Collar 5. Girl Scout Green Canvas Dog Collar 6. Blue & White Stripe Collar 7. Red Triangles Dog Collar 8. Geoprint Orange Collar


  1. I’d go with number 6. Perfect for summer and Jack would be one stylish pup. I just wish it had a quick release…

  2. Karen on Bainbridge says

    Jack, you are dapper. I like number 5 because the color will go so nicely with your hair, but number 8 is such a summer look, you have to rock it while the sun is shining!

  3. jack you look so cute and if Mom gets to busy with you, lily and the rest of the family email me and I’ll get you those collars takes a little pressure of Mom.

  4. 5 would look soooo handsome on you Jack!

  5. Definitely #4 …
    The color would look good on you, Jack.
    Or maybe you should just start your own line of “Jack Collars”

  6. Hey jack- I think green would be good, you could use it for the Christmas holiday….and all thru the year;) what ever clor you choose, it will look great with your white coat! Lol

  7. Lynda crossman says

    Jack, did you ever get that collar collection going? I still wear a chain collar, I do like it. I have blue and purple collar/leash sets…but…I don’t really like to walk on lead! ;). Happy thanksgiving to you and your family…I am looking forward to see what mom and dad give me as a bonus food, I love holidays;). I really recommend the punkin bones they are so yummy for your tummy! I might knock my brother over to get them from him, even though I am a very gentle boy! Have fun.. Love mr. Sunshine

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