An apology to Big Red

Dear Big Red,

I remember the day my brother brought you home for the first time. We hit it off immediately.

An apology to Big Red

We snuggled often (you’re more cuddly than Earl)…

An apology to Big Red

An apology to Big Red

We posed for pictures together.

I like how our ears matched in this one. You taught me so many fun tricks:

An apology to Big Red

And I like how happy we look here:

An apology to Big Red

We also played lots of fun games together…

But then during a fun wrestling match, I accidentally bit your head off…

An apology to Big Red

An apology to Big Red

An apology to Big Red

I’m sorry I did this to you, Big Red. I’m very sad about it.

An apology to Big Red

Love, Jack

P.S. Mom’s going to sew your head back on so we can still play together.


  1. Oh Jack! These things happen, I should know. But from one dog to another, Big Red didn’t feel any pain, and your mom will make him all better again!

  2. Oh Jack!!! You always make me smile! I love your facial expressions and the pics your mom manages to capture! You are so precious, I just wish you were mine :(. I think out of all the hundreds and thousands and trillions of blogs out there, yours is my absolute fav! Don’t worry about your buddy. Mom will fix him up. Tell her to use heavy duty thread or embroidery thread so Big Reds head stays on for good.

  3. Cooper has had many such “accidents” and I know he was remorseful just like sweet Jack. Not to worry…

  4. Adorable!

  5. Even when sad things happen to you….you have a way to brighten my day!

  6. karenonbainbridge says

    I shared this Big Red Blog post with all my dog loving friends. Cutest story ever. I hope Big Red is now on the mend.

  7. Oh my goodness. This made me literally laugh out loud. So true and so funny!

  8. Every toy deserves a proper beheading

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