10 Things We Love About Bella

10 Things We Love About BellaYou’ve heard the 10 Things We Love About Lily, the 10 Things Lily Loves About Me, and now you can hear about Bella…our cousin, the newest member of our family. We love her. Here are ten reasons why.

10 Things We Love About Bella

1) Her lips. I mean, look at them. She’s smiling.

10 Things We Love About Bella

2) She has a spring in her step. She doesn’t just walk places. Sometimes she frolicks. Prances. Leaps.

10 Things We Love About Bella

3. She loves to take baths.

10 Things We Love About Bella

She dunks her head underwater, splashes around…she can’t get enough. When I was a pup I was scared of baths, but Bella is not afraid. Sometimes she even takes naps in the bathtub too.

10 Things We Love About Bella

4) She looks really cute in her magenta harness. She likes to go on long walks in Seattle, now that she’s old enough to be out and about. She’s an adventurer.

10 Things We Love About Bella

6) She goes to work with her mom and dad 5 days a week. She’s a good pup. She plays, sits nicely, and keeps the workers company throughout the day. Everyone loves her.

10 Things We Love About Bella

7) She can be a rebel rouser…kind of like me. Here she is going crazy with someone’s toothbrush.

10 Things We Love About Bella

8) She’s really good at sitting down nicely to say hello. She’s very polite. I’m still working on my manners.

10 Things We Love About Bella

9) One of her favorite toys is this gorilla. She found this at my house when she was a tiny pup and it was her favorite toy to play with because it was her size…and she could pin him down without him fighting back. We let Bella take the gorilla to her house since she loved him so much.

10 Things We Love About Bella

10) …that face.

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  1. That face indeed!! So adorable, no wonder you love her Jack! I’m sure she lives you too :)

  2. Oops…I meant ‘love’ you too

  3. Rosemary says

    Adorable, delightful, fun, darling, JOY!!! She is all that!!! Love it!

  4. I love your blog Jack. It looks like Bella fits in very nicely!

  5. What breed is she?

  6. She sure is cute what a great family you guys are so cute together bet you will be having great adventures. Jack you can be the teacher since your the oldest and the pup of the year, lily your next in line for teaching bella have fun you guys. Love following your adventures you brkng a smile to my face and I could use it just had total knee replacement which I might add is no fun. Well have a great day say hi to your human family.xoxo

  7. Could I ask you where you got her? What breeder? We’ve been looking for aussie labradoodle. ADORABLE.

  8. andrine swensen says

    Who is Bella’s breeder?

  9. Kathleen Smalley says

    I love, love, love your doggies. We have two king charles cavaliers that are seniors now and have sick hearts and will be in doggy heaven soon. I know we will need new love in the house. Do your guys shed? Very much? How much do they weigh? They are simply precious!

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