Yesterday Lily and I spent most of the day running around outside. The other part of the day we took naps. We like to run really fast outside and frolick through the bushes. Sometimes we wrestle. Sometimes I run so fast and do such crazy maneuvers that I trip and fall a little bit. But I quickly recover and act like nothing happened. Usually I can do wild jumps and twists and turns that you would not expect from a fluffy pup like me.


Lily’s hair yesterday was weird. I don’t know why that part was sticking up, but it stayed like that most of the day. She’s cute still so it’s okay.


But let’s be honest, she looked like Alfalfa.


This is where Lily and I perch to check for funny business. If you were ever wondering what qualifies as funny business, it’s: dogs cats moms dads slugs kids wind squirrels bikers runners humans grandmas and sometimes there’s also just far off sounds that might become funny business. Lily and I know when funny business is near. But we take care of it with our fierce barks. Our family is lucky to have us around.


Lily loves running up the stairs.


And this is what our faces look like after a successful day.


  1. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    It’s quite a job for the two of you with that long, long list of funny business items.

  2. Beth Jones says

    I love to hear from the world of Jack. I am a mommy of two goldendoodles Always makes me smile.

  3. Heidi Bruns says

    I also have a golden doodle. Sula (a hawaiian name meaning little bear by the water) is a big girl. I need to replace my flooring. Do you have any advice/warnings about wood or engineered hardwood with two adorable dogs in your lovely home?

  4. Jack and Lilly, you’s have the smiliest faces!
    Sending puppy love your way…..

  5. I am in love with your dogs. From the first time I stumbled onto your blog, I have wanted a dog just like Jack. Where did you get Jack and Lily? Love your blog too.
    Thanks, Jennifer

  6. omg. Just so incredibly adorable! And the stream of consciousness retelling of their day is too perfect! What would we do without our dogs, right? :)

  7. Love your site and I am obsessed with the round rug in the above picture with Jack and Lilly. Can you tell me where you got it?

  8. Daralynn Lett says

    This is so stinking cute!

  9. I sure do like this site. I’m an Australian Labradoodle — like Lilly, but more the size of Jack. Ever since my human dad taught me how to use his Mac (do you believe that? No — I didn’t think so) I’ve been looking for blogs about doodles. I like all sorts of dogs, Jack and Lilly seem especially great. I like to pretend we’re hanging out together. As you can see, I have an avatar, but if you ell me how to post a photo, I’d be happy to.

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