Earl the Shrimp and Other Random Thoughts

Earl the Shrimp and Other Random Thoughts

Hey guys. It’s me, Jack. I found this picture of myself and I thought…hey. I’m pretty cute. And fluffy.

Then I found a picture of someone else cute and fluffy. My little sister Lily.

Earl the Shrimp and Other Random Thoughts

Here’s us with Earl. Earl isn’t fluffy, and to be honest, I don’t think many would say he’s cute. His shirt is too short and there are flames on his shorts. And he has chest hair. It’s weird. But we accept him the way he is.

Earl the Shrimp and Other Random Thoughts

When Lily first met Earl, they were the same size. Lily was a pipsqueak. A shrimp. Now Earl’s the shrimp.

Earl the Shrimp and Other Random Thoughts

One of the last things I want to say today is…do you like my Facebook page and my Instagram? I post pictures there a lot that you don’t see on my blog. Lily doesn’t have one but I post pictures of her too.

Here’s my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jack.goldendoodle.

And here’s my Instagram: http://instagram.com/jacktheinspiredgoldendoodle

Thanks for being my fans :)

PS: The previous photos were shot in Earl’s prime…before the unfortunate incident with his foot. You can read about Earl’s foot here.


  1. for a second there I thought you had a new Earl. They don’t make em’ like they used to

  2. I love the picture of Jack and Lily in the chair together. What cute sibs they make!

  3. Jack, you’re the only dog I follow on Facebook!

  4. Of course I follow you jack! You’re the only doggy I follow. My granddog has a FB page but his mommy doesn’t keep it up. He’s all black so he doesn’t look great in pics.


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