My Friend Earl

My Friend Earl

Earl and I have been pals for awhile now. I met him in Portland last winter (I wrote a post about it here) and he has been one of my most faithful and sturdy toys. Tug of war, flinging him across the room, digging my teeth into his skin…he’s been through it all and stayed by my side loving every minute of it. But I’m here to tell you about an unfortunate incident that happened recently. His foot is now no longer attached. I would go into depth about how it occurred, but I can truthfully say that I do not know the circumstances in how this happened. Could it have been Lily? Maybe. Could it have been the cat across the street that I’m terribly afraid of? Unlikely.

The fact of the matter is that we will never know…but what I DO know is that Earl and I are still friends despite the unfortunate foot amputation. And that’s what I call a good friend.

My Friend Earl


  1. When Tara first came to be with us she was afraid of everything. Spent a lot of time in her crate (safe place)After about two weeks she went with us to the pet shop where we had adopted her. Very quickly she realized she was the boss there . What ever she wanted within reason was hers. She picked an Earl, although we called her Chicken, as in get the chicken ,where’s the chicken , find the chicken. In the four years we have loved Tara, she has had about 6 or 7 Chickens. There are two in the drawer now ,just in case.

  2. It is SO wonderful to see Jack again………….I was getting worried!!!!!


  3. Lynda crossman says

    Oh dear jack…I am so sorry earl has yet another injury! I thought you might be lucky enough that someone might get you a new one with school shopping. I am so glad to know that his disability doesn’t get in the way of your friendship, yeah you! You are so sweet! My guy is too…you keep up the good work. I have missed jack…I love your posts. ;)

  4. Hi Jack, so happy to see you on your blog its been a long time I thought maybe you had writers block or no new adventures to tell us about. It is indeed unfortunate about Earl but he remains a true friend thru thick and thin foot or no foot you have a great day Jack and play nice with Lily. I loved waking up on Sunday and seeing your blog and your adorable face :)

  5. My dog, Jack Goldendoodle (yes, a lot like you) Simpson, does not play with toys. Sometimes he will Play “hide the golfball” from the golfers that come down the fairway behind our backyard fence. He has a big brother, Mp, that does like to play and fetch with tennis balls and sticks.

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