I wasn’t born yesterday.

Lily the 10 week old Australian Labradoodle and Jack the Goldendoodle from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.

Lily thinks she can take whatever she wants. She wants everything I have.

She took the toy I was playing with right before my mom started filming us.

At first, I was miffed that she took my toy.

But then, I had an idea.

I tricked Lily and got my toy back! TAKE THAT!

I wasn’t born yesterday.


  1. and that’s how it is done and no one got hurt…..YOU GO JACK :)

  2. And THAT’S how you do it!!! I love it and Jack and Lily!! I’m so glad I found the website!!

  3. Michele D says

    Haha!! Jack, you’re so clever!! ;))

  4. You lived there first, Jack! I think you showed amazing restraint for the little upstart in your life. It’s that adorable little face that prevents you from telling her off, right?

  5. Way to go Jack! Hang in there and teach her right.Love you both!

  6. What a great video!! We have a one year old Golden Doodle named Penny and she is a WINNER. We are so crazy in love with her. We took her to three sessions of dog training when she was younger, and there was an Australian Labradoodle in our class named Adelaide. She and Penny were big buddies. Adelaide had the most silky, wonderful coat. She was a real sweetie! Congrats on your newest addition. The Doodles are the best!!! :-)

  7. You are killing me! I want a Doodle so badly I am ready to move out of our condo where dogs aren’t allowed. If I move, will you give me complimentary color help?? LOL

  8. My maltipoo was relaxing on the other side of the couch until Jack started sqeaking the toy. Poor thing thought I was doing it and he couldn’t figure out where it was. :). Love your dogs.

  9. Oh my gosh they are both so adorable… And Jack is a genius! Thinking you should send this video to The Ellen Show!

  10. I love Jack! :) I think he’s the coolest blogger on the web.

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