Sometimes I take things that aren’t mine.

Sometimes I like to take things that don’t belong to me.

I get bored with my regular toys and I know that if I take something of mommy’s I can cause a crazy commotion and everyone will come running to play.

Sometimes I take things that aren't mine.

Hangers are a little bit awkward to carry though…and I probably just looked silly.

Sometimes I take things that aren't mine. Sometimes I take things that aren't mine.


  1. You are so silly, Jack! Were you trying to take the saying “a smile as wide as a coat hanger” literally?

  2. Alison Connors says

    HI Melissa, We have a Shepadoodle ( half German Shepherd ,half Standard Poodle), her name is Casey. She looks just like Jack except she is black with touches of gray. Jack reminds me so much of Casey in the way that they are both such characters! My husband and I often say that she is the goofiest dog we have ever known. Like Jack, she brings us much joy and entertainment to our lives. We can be having a ruff day and she will come up, lick our hands, or any other part of our person she can lick ( this dog is a licker), flop down on the floor and show us her belly. We can’t help but laugh. Thank you for sharing Jack with us!

  3. mcgreathinnola says

    Hang in there, Jack! LOL :)

  4. Jack you are so adorable just hangin around lol

  5. Our Jack look a like, Cooper, does the same thing. He used to chew on the things he took but now that he is “grown-up” (not quite) he usually carries whatever he has and stands in front of us to make us chase him. He is such a clown and we love him!

  6. Hi Melissa
    We have “Doodle Zahn” the golden doodle….original huh? I didn’t name him. Do you mind if Doodle sends Jack a friend request….They can chat about coat hangers….and other silly games they like to play…Like eating mommies flip flops. I love Doodle Zahn so much he keeps me smiling.

  7. Hi Jack – please don’t chew on your mommie’s stuff. She will scold you and then you’ll put on your sad face. I don’t like your sad face …. Your smiley face is much nicer!

  8. Too cute. My Doodle is 4 and has been jumping up on the lever door handles and letting herself out…watch for that trick!

  9. He is SO cute!! This makes me so happy to read, because our chocolate Labradoodle, Polly, is/was our first child and has so much personality, too. They are the best!!!

  10. Just adore Jack and his cute little sister! We have a golden retriever named Daisy, who is 12 and sadly won’t be with us much longer due to a malignant tumor. We can’t bear to think of losing her, but someday we will bring another sweet pup into our lives. I’d love to find a “Doodle” like one of these!

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