My sister Lily and I like to take naps. She always comes up to lay right by me. I love my sister.


  1. Lunda crossman says

    Jack I bet you make Lilly brave… You two are adorable! Love your posts!

  2. karen on bainbridge island says

    There are almost no words to describe how sweet these photos of the pups are. How wonderful that they each have a friend.

  3. just so darn cute

  4. Oh my goodness…the cuteness factor is off the chart on this one…:)

  5. You two are precious. I love it that you love each other. Because sometimes bringing a new member into the family can get a little dicey. You’re a good boy, Jack.

  6. Jack…Lily and you are so lucky to have each other! Love the pictures! Sweetness that fills my heart!

  7. All the trouble they get into …. is made worth it by this ….. (well, maybe all). Love the way Lily gets right up to Jack’s face.

  8. That’s the cutest thing ever!

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