10 Things We Love About Lily

10 Things We Love About Lily1) We loved Lily at first sight when her breeder sent us this video of her. We knew we needed to have her, and we knew her name was going to be Lily.


2) She’s a kisser. We learned this when we first picked her up and brought her to our house. She likes to get right up to your face and kiss you. She’s also a hugger. She likes to give me quick hugs with both of her arms as I run by.

3) Lily has a guilty conscience…unlike me. She gets a sad look on her face and tucks in her ears the moment she’s done something naughty.

10 Things We Love About Lily

4) Lily is quiet. She will avoid barking at all costs. Unless there is a cat or funny business going on outside.

5) Lily is tough…and fearless. Even though she’s smaller, she’s more brave than I am. We have found her on the dining table on more than one occasion, and she is usually the first one to attack when we play together.

10 Things We Love About Lily

6) Lily is my sidekick and my partner in crime. I teach her all my tricks and she follows me everywhere I go.

7) Sometimes I think Lily is actually a cat. She’s sneaky. She pounces. She sleeps on ledges. She likes small balls of yarn. Cat.

10 Things We Love About Lily

10 Things We Love About Lily

8) Sometimes if we are watching a movie she’ll tilt her head back, look at us upside down, open her mouth wide and give us a smile.

9) Lily likes to play with ice. Sometimes we get special water filled with crushed ice for a refreshing treat, and Lily sticks her paw into the bowl and picks out a select few ice cubes to chomp on and toss around.

10) My dad calls Lily “Pilly” sometimes. I don’t know why, but I think she likes that name.

We’re so glad Lily joined our family!