A Thundershirt

A Thundershirt

I want a thundershirt.

Also known as a calming vest. Also known as an anxiety shirt.

My mom saw this one and told me I might be getting one.

I guess I do get a little wild and crazy when there’s funny business outside.

I do what my family calls my ‘heavy breathing’ when I’m stressed.

Sometimes I’m afraid to go new places so I tip-toe and peek around the corners with deep concern in my eyes…

Sometimes when friends come over to visit, I lose my self control and the next thing I know I’m causing all sorts of commotion.

And sometimes I’m really brave. And sometimes I’m just happy and smiling and as calm as a graceful swan. Are swans graceful?

I haven’t seen a swan. But I think seeing one would be a scary experience.

I think I would look handsome in a thunder shirt sometimes, do you think?


  1. Oh Jack,I think you are just a bit high strung.A thunder shirt might make you feel a bit more sure of yourself.I think you are enjoying your life and want everyone to know that.I also know how”funny business”can be hard on your people,but they know ya just can’t help it…:)

  2. We own a 9 yr old Goldendoodle & a Westie/Scottie mix. Our Goldendoodle is unaffected by thunderstorms & fireworks. Our Westie/Scottie mix has had a thundershirt for 3 years. The best $40 I gave ever spent. Has worked splendidly from the first time he wore it. The calming effect is amazing. I highly endorse this product. :)

  3. Hi Jack! I definitely think you should get a Thundershirt! My little girl (Eisley) wears hers during thunderstorms and fireworks and it helps her tremendously. Hope you have good results as well!

  4. Hi! Just a heads up that your latest post isn’t showing up on your website. It came up on my Bloglovin’ feed, but when I went to your website later to show it to my daughter (she LOVES your posts, Jack!), it wasn’t posted. It might just be a computer glitch on our end, but we thought we’d let you know.

    Love all your posts, Jack! You remind us our of goldendoodle, who also likes to bark incessantly at all the “funny business” outside!

  5. I found that my little dog, Maddie (a rescue) would cry when there was thunder. She is not a girl that enjoys clothing at all. It seems to paralyze her. In reading, I found that dogs are most vulnerable in their chest region. Every time I could, when thunder started, I would sit her next to me-sometimes all evening and put one hand across her chest and support her (using some force). I am happy to say that she no longer needs me to do this and her crying has pretty much ceased. Try it!

  6. Cynthia Lamb says

    The Thundershirt is amazing. Our dog Samuel absolutely freaks out when our neighbors fire up the fireworks (no occasion is really necessary – this past Monday – was that a “day”?) With the TS Sam is much calmer and doesn’t try to hide under my desk or in the bathroom. Get it!

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