Join the Dwell Well Collective

Join the Dwell Well Collective

You are invited to join us in The Dwell Well Collective!

My girls and I started this wellness community over two years ago to gather like-minded friends who want to pursue wellness and create happier, healthier homes!

The Dwell Well Collective is a free wholesale members-only wellness community. To become a member, simply follow these instructions using my referral link. You can order ANYTHING you’d like to get started—NO starter kit required!

That’s it! Once you set up our account with these instructionst, you’ll have 24% off everything at Young Living, plus access to our wellness group and have everything you need to get started!

As a Dwell Well Collective member, you’ll feel equipped and empowered to begin transforming your home (and your life!) immediately!

Learn more about the Dwell Well Collective and join this special community below.

Join the Dwell Well Collective

The Dwell Well Collective is an inspiring community of friends who will walk with you every step of the way.

We provide the support and encouragement you need to get started transforming your home as well as to make the positive changes that will impact your family for a lifetime.

We offer education, a life-changing vault of wellness testimonials, super fun giveaways, DIY recipes, exclusive classes, personal support, a wealth of wonderful resources, and creative inspiration so everyone thrives!

You’ll receive our favorite recipes for scenting your home without toxins, tips for detoxing your cleaning and personal care routines, learn the basics of how to use essential oils for a happier home and greater well-being, discover DIY ideas and exclusive videos and content.

Make your home the safe, clean and nurturing sanctuary you’ve always wanted it to be!

We want you to feel WELCOME and WELL, so you’ll love being in our friendly community.

Let’s get started!

Join the Dwell Well Collective

Already an active Young Living member with another community, or not quite ready to get started?

That’s OK! We are still here for you!

NOTE: if your YL account is inactive, just log into your account and make sure my member number #3731456 is in the sponsor and enroller boxes.

Join the Dwell Well Collective
Join the Dwell Well Collective

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Join the Dwell Well Collective

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If you don’t yet have my book, Dwelling, it’s a great way to get inspired for living well with simple ways to nourish your home, body & soul. Grab your copy here.

Join the Dwell Well Collective

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