Visual Serenity Now!

Do you find yourself chanting this mantra several times a day: “serenity now, serenity now”! Then you need to think about this next statement. As important as it is to make visual statements in your home, the ta da! moments we all seem to strive for, it is also very important to create places of calm to counteract the chaos of life. The more you have going on in your life, the more this will resonate with you. Having a home that reflects serenity can truly give you a sense of peace.

The best way to create serenity for your eyes is to clear the clutter and visual chaos. When your home is filled with stuff, be it clutter, piles of papers, dirty dishes, projects, or even too many accessories or an abundance of furnishings, your eye has no where to rest. You want to allow breathing room for your own sanity! Most of us could do with about half as much stuff in our house and things would feel a lot calmer.

Visual Serenity Now!

If you struggle with a lack of routine, disorder, or just general chaos in your life, I highly recommend the Fly Lady as a great online resource. I first stumbled upon her site about 6 or 7 years ago and she was a lifesaver for me! I was not good at routines and easily felt overwhelmed with a new baby and two other children to care for while working from my teeny tiny home. I could not figure out how to do it all, but Fly Lady came to the rescue. Her methods will really help you to focus each day on your routines to combat chaos.

In your decor, you can do a number of things to create a more visually serene environment. Including getting rid of excess stuff, some people just feel better in their home with more soft and soothing color palettes. It is amazing what a difference a color scheme can make in how a room feels, so be sure to consider this if you are a highly stressed person. If you just want to feel at peace, with nothing jarring your eyes, soft colors and faded or muted fabrics will make your home the oasis you are looking for.

Visual Serenity Now!

Even if you like a more lively happy color scheme, you can still find a sense of calm in your home. Give yourself permission to enjoy peace & quiet every day! If you take care of yourself you will be better equipped to face the day’s challenges. Create a small corner where you can think (preferably in a locked room if you have children!). See my post from last week on my Sweet Escape. Put in a comfy chair, soft lighting, a candle, and have your favorite books or magazines at the ready for some quiet time. Visual Serenity Now!

Buy a special pillow that you just adore and set it on the chair. Just seeing your Sweet Escape waiting there for you will lower your heart rate, I promise.

Some people find their bathrooms are their calm destination during the storms of life. Creating a spa-like environment to shower, bathe, or pamper yourself as you get ready each day or evening can make a real difference in your attitude! I love having a luxurious faucet, a big bowl of yummy soaps, and fluffy towels.

Visual Serenity Now!

Just a side note on using your bathroom as an oasis: if you are a mom, make sure you have a way to play music in the bathroom. I am telling you, kids will find you even if you are locked away in the bathroom. Turn your soothing music up a bit and blast it away from you and out the door so it drowns out the sounds of the family. Either than or put your earphones in! Let children and husbands know you will not be able to hear them, so unless it is a life-threatening emergency (i.e. someone is unconscious) you will talk to them later! More on using music in your home when we get to the “sound” part of our series…

Visual Serenity Now!

You deserve to see things in your home that just really say to you “Life is OK, I love my life, I can handle it” or whatever you need to have peace. If your house is in a jumble or things are just not visually working for you, you are going to feel stressed. And who needs added stress? Do yourself a favor and clear out your visual clutter and replace it with visual serenity.

Now I can let you in on a little secret. Well, on second thought, I will save it for another post. I am SO EXCITED about it I can hardly wait to talk about it! But, it is so fun and so exciting it deserves its very own post. Just you wait, it is a very exciting thought, you’ll see! And no, I am not going to Hawaii. Darn! I wish! It has to do with serenity in our homes, so I think it will blend in quite well to our discussions on the senses. So, sorry to keep you in suspense, but stick around and you’ll be the first to find out!

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Eye Candy: Girls Rooms




As a part of our series on appealing to our all of senses in decorating, we have been focusing first on our sense of sight. While we are stimulating our thinking on this topic, I wanted to include a quick post on creating bedrooms with visual interest for children. As a mom of two of them, I can say there is no more fun than creating a bedroom for girlie girls! My daughters are teenagers now, but they still love doing their rooms.

As I have said before, children’s rooms should be magical places where they begin to learn about taste and style. Now, of course, all of that must be interpreted through the eyes of a child — what they consider tasteful and what you might love could possibly be two different things! But it is possible to merge the two and shape their sense of style in a room that oozes creativity and imagination, but doesn’t make you want to keep the door shut. Taste and whimsy are the perfect combination for a child’s room.

Children love color, detail and fantasy, so this is the room to go crazy with fun ideas!

Eye Candy: Girls Rooms

These are darling 8 x 10 wall cards, frame them or hang them from ribbons and painted clothes pins for a fun look that teaches numbers and birds at the same time.

Eye Candy: Girls Rooms Eye Candy: Girls Rooms

Growth charts are always wonderful for children’s rooms! These are extra nice, personalized and printed on canvas. Or the pink daisy one is laminated and hangs from a ribbon. You could always make your own and laminate it!

Eye Candy: Girls RoomsEye Candy: Girls Rooms

Just like adults, kids need lamps that say Ta Da! and not yawn! Target (the lamp on the right) has some fun kids lamps at a more reasonable price. However, you can make or embellish them yourself! If you are not terribly artistic, you can buy self-adhesive wallies like those in the above picture (they are like pre-pasted wallpaper) and stick them on objects like lampshades, furniture or walls to create something wonderful! This is a great way to involve children in room decor, place pencil marks where the wallies go and let them stick ’em down!

Let no detail be missed. Bunny curtain rods. Most precious! The little visual details really make a difference.

Eye Candy: Girls Rooms

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on children’s rooms, although what little girl wouldn’t like a bunny bed to go with her bunny curtain rods? Why not? For the lamp, you could paint subtle stripes in pale pink on a white wood lamp and and add some fancy ruffle trim to a plain shade. Details, it is all in the details.

Eye Candy: Girls Rooms

Make every accessory eye candy for your little ones. Pay attention to color and pattern. Color and pattern can make ordinary accessories like bulletin boards all the more special. You can paint bulletin boards, or cover them with fabric to embellish inexpensive ones.

Eye Candy: Girls Rooms

When you do spend some money on accessories, make sure they are timeless so they can grow with your child. Or go a more inexpensive route and find cute throw rugs through Homegoods, Target or IKEA. Then you can just replace them when unavoidable “accidents” occur!

I prefer to keep my children’s bedding classic in detail but big on fun! Lively colors, fun youthful patterns and layers of coordinating sheets and blankets look good even if your child doesn’t make her bed!

One of my favorite things to do in little girl rooms is give them grown up furniture but painted in little girl style. A coat of creamy paint, new sparkly pink glass knobs for a little bling, or a few different colors on a piece can really grow with her into young adulthood.

If you want your daughter to have a say in the room, as she rightly should, but are afraid of what she will choose, make it easy on both of you and give her choices you have pre-approved. The old “do you want the pink one or the yellow one?” concept! Let her choose the wall color from out of one of the fabrics and find other ways for her to be involved in making good choices. Her sense of taste will begin to be shaped by involvement in decorating, so do what you can to help foster enjoyment in the process.

Most of all, have fun in creating the room! She won’t be little for long. Trust me on that one if you are still knee deep in toys. My oldest is going to back to college on Saturday. Sniff!

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