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I have been asked by two very nice people to participate in two games! And because I have been swamped with work and life, I haven’t had a chance to play. WAHAAAHAA!!!! But, it is Saturday morning and if you can’t play on a Saturday morning you are just no fun at all. So I want to play right now! See, I am fun!


First of all, Brandie of Organize Simplify has so kindly asked me to play a game listing my top favorite websites. Now, this is funny. I am not a web surfer. Other than for specific needs (for a job, when I have to find a light fixture or book about something, or directions someplace, stuff like that), I just don’t like sitting at the computer surfing the web. I have to sit here enough as it is. So, as far as any fun websites, I am not the one to ask.

But I will point you to one practical one everyone should know about. Powell’s Books. We all probably are familiar with amazon.com, another great place, but I hope you are familiar with Powell’s Books! I will brag about them because they are based in Portland, Oregon, they have been called one of the world’s largest independent bookstores, and Michael Powell, the owner, is on the Board of Directors of my family’s publishing company, which is also based in Portland. Here is a snippet about them from their website:

From humble storefront beginnings in 1971 on a derelict corner of northwest Portland, Oregon, Powell’s Books has grown into one of the world’s great bookstores, with seven locations in the Portland metropolitan area, and one of the book world’s most successful dot-coms (www.powells.com), serving customers worldwide.

If you come to Portland, you simply MUST visit Powell’s. You will be blown away. This place is HUGE and so cool. It takes up an entire block in the Pearl District. It has become a real tourist destination, as well as a local hangout.

If you don’t live in Portland, go to their webstore at www.powells.com. You can sell them books, order used books. find signed copies of books, buy new books. FUN STUFF for book lovers!


You think that game was fun, here is something you are going to love! Cherry of Cherry’s Jubilee so sweetly tagged me to play this one, she is so nice. Woohoo! Fascinating facts about me! Now, I am supposed to use my middle name, but I am going to cheat and just give you a list of ten things, way longer than my middle name (I know, every party needs a pooper…).

1. I was born in Minnesota and lived there until I was seven years old! Yep, I went to first grade during the winter with snow drifts higher than my head and tornadoes whirling around my house. Makes for good stories about “when I was a girl…” to share with my kids.

2. As I mentioned above, my family is in publishing. We have a bindery and printing company as well. So, I have spent a fair amount of my adult life working with books, among other careers!

3. My husband was a teen idol when I met him. I guess I should clarify that, he was a LOCAL teen idol, in a popular local band during the 80s. Yeah, the new wave, Boy George, Duran Duran days — and without going into too much shocking detail, he looked the part. I was a proper girlie girl who wore pearls and designer clothes to my private high school. Needless to say, it was an interesting match up between us. Enough said. But we are happily married, much to the surprise of those who saw us together back then.

4. I am a morning and a night person. My disposition is pretty mellow so I can be pleasant any time of day. Unlike Cherry, who you have to stay away from in the morning, or so she says! I start talking or thinking the moment my eyes open in the morning. Drives my husband nuts.

5. When I turned 40 I joined a marathon training group. Just to commit myself to walk regularly with a friend, not run. When you turn 40, you do all sorts of crazy things to turn back the clock. But I didn’t go get a tattoo or any body piercings, so I guess I am still pretty conservative.

6. Even though I was a proper girlie girl in high school, and still am to some degree, I loathe spending lots of time primping. I do not color my hair (lucky for me I have no gray yet!). I do not get manicures. I do not wear a ton of makeup or spent much time worrying about my clothes. I have nice things, I try to be somewhat stylish, but it is not a big deal to me to have tons of clothes.

7. I drive a mini-van and I cannot wait to get rid of it. It was wonderful when I had four or more children (my own and my nephew or friends) in my car all of the time, but now it is mostly just me or one or two kids. It feels like a giant boat. I want something sporty and zippy! But, on the other hand, it carries loads of furniture and I can’t imagine how I would fit a table or chair in a smaller car. That is a predicament for me.

8. I spent five years as a Creative Memories scrapbook consultant. I loved it, but decided my real love was in Interior Design, not scrap booking, for a career.

9. I don’t watch much TV, except for shows like The Office, American Idol, The Bachelor (some of the seasons more than others), Dateline, 48 hour mysteries, What Not To Wear, as well as anything about home decorating. Most anything else will have me snoring. I’d rather sleep than watch TV.

10. I work very hard in life and I need to play more. But I am glad the fun and games are over so I can get back to work! Thanks Cherry and Brandie for asking me to play!

Sweet Escape

Every Friday I take a moment to create a little sweet escape in my mind for the weekend, just for fun and to dream. Maybe for some inspiration! Whether it is my own chair where I can sip coffee and read a book, a fairytale castle in Scotland, or a horse farm in South Carolina, the feeling is the same. BLISS! Wouldn’t this be nice to escape to for your weekend home? And I don’t even particularly like horses, but I think I could grow to love them if they lived here…

Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

If you think you can afford this property and would like to have an equestrian estate in South Carolina, visit the webpage and find out more… maybe if we all went in on it together! yeah