I see

I see

Oh, friends, I am so sorry for being late with my posting. I had one of “those” days. Son’s first full day of school, work to be done, clients to call, carpool lines, things to catch up on, bills to pay, phones ringing, emails. Life! I couldn‘t do it all today! But, oh! Today was quite wonderful in spite of being one of “those” days! Why you ask? I cannot tell you, but good things happened. Very good things indeed! I will reveal it all, all in good time. I love my job!

Now, I have to make this quick because my husband is downstairs waiting for his blogging wife. THE BLOG will become a sore spot if I don’t hustle down there. But I have a real treat for you! Nothing but the best for my blog readers!

I was talking to my sister today and found out that she too sees in pictures (she sees in photographs like I see in Magazine Cover shots!). We have strange eyesight. This was so interesting, I had never heard her say this before! She showed me some of her photographs from her garden and I almost fell over! WOW! Does she ever see in pictures! I had no idea. Makes me a tad bit embarrassed that I put my slide show out on the internet for the world to see. She could’ve done so much better. Next time she is doing the photos!

While I see how things should be, in my magazine-cover way of seeing the world, she can actually translate what she sees to a real photograph that is quite magical. My photographs never look nearly as good as the real thing, due to my technical limitations. Remember my pathetic attempt at photographing the jar of Gooseberry Jam (I think that was back before I had any readers, and I was just filling time talking to myself and taking random photos of jam)? Well, just as my friend Alica’s photo of the Cloudberry Preserves blew mine away, my sister’s pictures are in a league of their own. Mine need some serious Photoshop work, and who has time for that? Not me!

So, as a part of our series on the senses, feast your eyes on these glorious God-made textures and living things found all around our gardens, just outside our doors! If nature doesn’t inspire you to add beauty and texture to the INSIDE of your home, nothing will. I know none of us really want spiders or webs in our house, but outside they are so beautiful! Just by looking at beauty in nature, and by studying colors and textures, your eyes will be trained to see things in new ways. Beauty is meant to be savored!

I see

I see

I see

I see

I see

I see

Yes, that photo of the poppies is real, and not altered in any way! Cool, huh?

UPDATE: These images were shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMS FC8K 7.2 Megapixel camera.

For more information on her photography or to order prints, contact Heather.

All images copyright 2007 Heather Doornink.

Top Ten Pillow Fluffer Ideas

Top Ten Pillow Fluffer Ideas

My mom was at a party the other day and happened to be describing to a woman she just met about a job I was working on in the woman’s hometown. Just making small talk about interior design, their children, whatever — as women often do. Little did she know, the woman was an Interior Designer herself. And she had an ATTITUDE! She made light of the kind of interior design I do, by referring to my work by saying “Oh, she is a “pillow fluffer”. Well, if that doesn’t put a girl in her place, I don’t know what will! Clearly that was her intent. Actually, it inspired me.

In fact, The Pillow Fluffer would be a charming name for a business, but it is probably already spoken for. Maybe I will use it for my title from now on. I love it! Just call me The Pillow Fluffer at The Inspired Room. I love it, because I love what I do.

I think everyone deserves to have a lovely home, and I like to find beauty in every opportunity. I rarely come across a room I cannot find hope for! Most people have great stuff. They just feel stuck about what to do with it to bring it all together. Or what to buy next, when you cannot afford much, or are smart and don’t WANT to spend a lot. Or they just aren’t accustomed to thinking like I do, with my Magazine Cover-itis mind which I discussed here and here (for better or for worse). Everywhere I look in people’s homes I see potential for a magazine cover, it just requires a little pillow fluffing to get there.

Reality is, it is hard to be your own interior designer. Even if you are talented and have the eye of an artist, your own home is so personal to you that you can easily become either paralyzed or unable to see your home with fresh ideas and a new perspective on your style.

When stuff has been there forever, it is hard to imagine it any other way. That is the great thing about having someone else look at your space. It isn’t that you DON’T have the potential or skill, it sometimes just takes a new set of eyes to see what could be out of what is.

So today, I offer you the following Top Ten Pillow Fluffing Ideas:

10. Take a picture of the area you are struggling with. Study it like it was a magazine cover. Is it boring? Is there something ugly in the way? Does it need a punch of color or a bit of texture to liven it up? Not sure? Ask a professional Pillow Fluffer for a consultation. Sure, send the photo to me. Why not. For a limited time I will look at them and give a quick consultation if I can just based on a picture. For free. Offer expires September 20 so act now. Send them to: info@theinspiredroom.com. I don’t know how to create a link for that, sorry.

9. Empty the space entirely. Add things back in one by one if you find they are needed, helpful or lovely.

8. You don’t have to love everything in your home. Sorry, if you do, you might want to look at your room again. It might be TOO much of a good thing! Every room needs some filler pieces to rest your eyes. If everything is eye candy, you might get a tummy ache.

7. Color can unite. And it doesn’t have to be on your walls. Try a neutral background with a punch of color in accessories or fabrics.

6. Texture can be more interesting and subtle than color.

5. An element of surprise or whimsy will take the stuffy factor out of an overly designed room.

4. Trinkets don’t make a room. Statements will make the room. Give something a ta-da factor, but not EVERYTHING. Let some things take center stage.

3. Mix things up a bit. If your style is easily identifiable by one name (contemporary, shabby chic, Victorian, or whatever), maybe mix things up a bit. You might be too trendy or predictable. Or dull and in a rut. Maybe, it is worth considering anyways. Maybe add a more contemporary lamp to your shabby chic to add that new dimension.

2. Don’t ask your friends what they think. If you like something, it is your authentic style. No one should be allowed to rain on your parade.

1. Make the most of what you have. Don’t let a snooty interior designer tell you that you need all new stuff. Or that you are just a Pillow Fluffer. Pillow Fluffers make the world a better place, so be proud of Fluffing Your Stuff!

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